Heartless City: Jinjeong Soo – It’s the Clothes

shockingAll the articles about the actor playing Soo, Yoon Hyun-min, say “former baseball player…” and I wonder how many extra female fans his team had because of all his pretty. Just the idea of watching him crouch and swing makes me cry and swoon.

(I am not even thinking about how big his bat is, either.) (Ooops, just did.)

After reviewing some of the wardrobe choices for him, especially my absolute favorite below, a baseball connection makes sense.

whitepants                     This man was born to wear tight. gulp. white. gulp. pants.

                                              An ode

Sartorial gangster man pretty boy Soo blew into my life like a storm.

Whenever he’s up on my screen every week, my insides get crazy and warm.

The bad guys can’t beat him, even though they keep trying,

Though they stab and they hit,  Soo’s just not dying.

What in the heck is keeping him safe? It could be his fate, I suppose.

But week after week, the proof’s in the pictures. It isn’t his luck, it’s the clothes!

jinjeung soo1Jackets all stripey, or covered with boats. Cabbage rose vests float across moats

Slacks of the sky, Egyptian blue shoes: all wardrobe choices of our Jinjeong Soo’s.

jinjeung soo2Colors a – glow compete with the stars. Silk shirts and floral suits hide his deep scars.

Body intact – flying down stairs – his Super Plaid works like a cape.

Just when you think the big goons’ll get him, his green slacks abet his escape.

jinjeung soo3I’ll wait and watch what comes out of his closet, praying he stays free from pain

And hope that the fabric will protect and preserve in the few episodes that remain.

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6 Responses to Heartless City: Jinjeong Soo – It’s the Clothes

  1. Soori says:

    The ode is perfectly done…… expressing the thoughts of all of us lol that second picture is just dayyyuuum

  2. shelhass says:

    OMO! You expressed all my feeling darling. I even dare to say we thought the same thing about that freaking perfect tight white pants (also, I totally replayed that part, ha).

    I can’t believe we are almost at the end, what am I going to do?! *cries*

  3. slenger7 says:

    LOL this is so funny and good!! Very creative ! Hahah Cutie-Soo’s butt is so nice it makes me jealous! and you’re right.. it is the clothes!

  4. EE says:

    I am not watching Heartless City but I cannot just pass through here without shaking my fist at those white pants . . . .nooooo. So not right.

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