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Saimdang Brings Back A Man

He glows and glowers; he has super powers. Smashing the mirror with wings of a dove. He stares and he’s sad, his Auntie won’t help him. He needs to forget his first and true love: Advertisements

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Kill Me, Heal Me: All for One

Poem for Week 2 It’s a trick. These faces. We get to taste each one separately. Like picking out ingredients of a dish one at a time, Or trying out a Chinese dim sum feast on the turntable before us. … Continue reading

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The Hand Towel with a Pearl Earring a.k.a. Obsessed

The Hand Towel was never simply A Man. He’s much more; that’s why we’re devoted. He’s been Art Director, Diplomat, Brain Surgeon, Thug. Now I hear that he’s been promoted. He’s A Colonel Obsessed and soon we’ll be blessed to … Continue reading

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Dear Target: Is Wanting Better than Having?

Dear Target People, I return this defective product to you with a heavy heart. About two years ago, I spotted this lovely green umbrella in your store. It wasn’t one of those little cheap ones, either. It had a nice … Continue reading

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Reply 1994: It’s Over When Chilbongie Says It’s Over

It’s ain’t over till it’s over, that’s what Chilbongie claims, But Oppa holds the last gold medal of the NaJung Games. She loves Chilbongie not. No doubt. Oppa is her only. Refusing to see that truth now will surely make … Continue reading

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Reply 1994: Haitai’s Turn

You may not have seen me shirtless, but I’m still worth a look. Please check out my seashell curls! You know how long this took? OK, I  know. I have no theme song on the OST. Well, there’s the saying … Continue reading

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Reply 1994: The Heart Wants

The heart beats and we cannot control it. Just one look and, look, it’s pounding! The heart loves fast and we cannot hide it, Just for you and it’s astounding. I can survive sickness and hunger and storming I can … Continue reading

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