Heartless City: Finale


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9 Responses to Heartless City: Finale

  1. Aoiaheen says:

    Sigh! I’m right there with you crying all over my laptop.

    But this , unlike other drama endings, was a satisfying end. I think mainly because he knew that both js and HS forgive him.

    • jomo143 says:

      It was satisfying, I agree. I especially love how they wrote Jin-suk’s story.
      I really have to convince myself none of the folks are real to feel better.

  2. I feel abused with Heartless City, Shark, and I Hear Your Voice ending in the same week. IHYV was my favorite.

    • jomo143 says:

      Yes, I just just finished Voice. Very good vibe from that show and those characters.
      Queen of the Classroom ended, too. Loved seeing GHJ for 16 episodes on screen. I loved the kids!

  3. Same here all around. Man, I loved this show, so, so, soo well done!

  4. gora says:

    so true! such an amazing and absolutely awesome drama! beautiful, im totally ok with the ending, drama like this you have to expect and ending like this! anyway love it so much!

  5. epikish says:

    Will you be writing a final review. I would really love to hear your long thoughts on this drama like your previous post.
    I’m still suffering from withdrawals..

  6. BetsyHp says:

    Yup. That about covers it. 😦

    But man — it was good heart-destroying ending. I’m still wrapping my brain around it but… so, so heart breakingly good.

  7. crazynoona says:

    I just watched the finale a few mins ago…and it was good (to me) just as the whole drama (I don’t need a drama to make sense, I always left my logic at the door everytime I fall into a story). Loving the badassery since ep.1. The ost, the tone, the casts…everything. Who knew JKH with a guyliner could look so sexy?
    The bromance between Soo+Doc is way hotter than Doc+Soo Min. The only complain to the writers is that…WHY!? WHY do you have to kill Soo?? Chinjoong…I cried buckets!

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