Pomes and Odes

Over the years, I have amused myself greatly by coming up with rhymes about shows and folks.  Here are some for you to peruse. Maybe you watched the show it’s about, maybe not.

While dancing around a site called Hulu
I read Dramafever was addicting.
I thought I’d seen ALL from Alpha to Zulu
But this rabbit hole? No predicting.

I doggedly watched a number of shows
Till I ran out of hours to sleep
From tudou, mysoju, rutube and more
I never looked back from my leap.

But questions, I had them, like “what’s with the “Oppa?”
Do they teach the “wrist grab” to their young?
Are all the rich moms in Korea insane?
Why’s everyone “Noonah” and “Hyung?”

I finally found a place with the answers.
Dramabeans explained it all to me.
Slowly I read and I read and I read
And I ogled and I giggled with much glee.

I cannot say thanks with half-enough force.
In my life, you play a big part.
It’s not just your words that go into my brain;
Y’all found a way into my heart.

Pick ‘n choose

Up to now, I’ve lived my life sober,
have overcome failure – just barely survived.
Then he shows up and offered me clover
and handed me roses to keep me alive.

But someone’s already grabbed hold of me tight,
across my hand, he scribbled his name.
He’s rooted inside me a bond that I can’t fight.
He tends to the scars I earned with my fame.

Why is my heart telling me two things
Roses? Azaleas? Which one do I choose?
The path I’m on is leading me two ways
Whose heart do I step on? Which heart can’t I lose?

A kiss: a plea
The Best Love crew has given us lots:
Pens, chickens, boiling pots,
Flowers, sneakers, cows and spuds
Frogs, watches, roots and buds.

I love the looks, the grabs, the winks
All of Dokku Jin’s hijinks,
And Ae-jung’s smiles sad and sweet
fueling DJ’s monumental heat.

But, listen, Writers, we need more:
A bed, a car, the wall, the floor.
Don’t care where – we’ve seen near misses.
Now it’s time to bring the kisses.

— Best Love


300 Years

I met a man hanbok – gatted.
And then again, beanie-hatted.
I told him that I was the Queen.
We even shared a shower scene.

He likes to read, oh, and hug.
I kissed him cause I felt a tug.
That pull stretched 300 years.
(That bond brought me many fears.)

Smart, broad shouldered, smiley, tall.
He answered cause I made a call.
A line that stretched 300 years.
A cell that’s not what it appears.

Together, now, we’re learning things.
We can’t see what tomorrow brings.
We’ll face the joy as well as tears.
With love that spanned 300 years.


HUG in an elevator
Hug in the stacks
Hug in an Audi with some pats on the backs

Smile from the crowd
Hug near the booth
Hug near the sunflowers
then one on the roof

The biggest hug I’ll send you is one on the screen
Tears dripping madly, the last to be seen…


Shin Shin Shin
Unmoving Man
Jealous scenery
is not a fan

Blends so well
Might not see ‘im.
Hard to tell –
that chair could be ‘im.



She’s the one. Don’t say she’s not
He’s loved her since she was a tot.

Then she grew and headed south.
She kissed another on the mouth

She fell in love, but not with Ryu.
(He should have reddeded up a hue)

His smile, too late. His laugh so cute.
Why did he spend his live on mute?

He gave her up and broke our hearts
on the ground are all the parts.

-Spy Myong Wol

Kim Hyung Joon  for YY

His yellow hair fills my mind
Violin strings begin to bind.
It don’t matter he don’t emote
I have jumped into KHJ’s boat…

I am one city he conquested.
My intelligence has been arrested.
You asked me once “Why don’t you get it?”
and I love ya, don’t forget it!


I’ve heard out there is a book about love
With a cover all covered with heart.
Perhaps if you read it, you’ll find out the fact
That love is both science and art.

That hormones a-buzzing like bees making honey
will make your pulse jump up and down,
and make dull days bright (even though it’s not sunny)
cause the guy that you like is around.

Among other things, you’ll learn in those pages:
the pain missing him when he’s out,
that tears and that rages are some of the stages
we really could do without.

Don’t try to fight when it hits you smack dab.
It’ll happen when you least expect it.
Love is a wonder that fills us up nice.
Just open your heart and accept it.

The Hand Towel Does Surgery

I’m Dr. McFly MacGuiver Quinn Towel
I’m here in Joseon fresh from the Future.
I brought nothing with me, except for these abs, but
I‘ll teach y’all medicine from aspirin to suture.

I’ll craft a rudimentary tool!
Let’s perform some surgeries!
Avert a few plagues!
Boil up some roots and extract penicillin!
Give that girl bark to fight off her ague!

And when my long days of doctoring finish.
I’ll retreat to my rooms – A shower calls!
What? No indoor plumbing? No problemo!
Take me to the river, I’ll stand in the falls.

My plea to Rat Bastard

O Joo Won, O Joo Won. To get a good woo on
Stop acting self-centered, you Rat Bastard jerk.
You’ve had hits and misses with insults and kisses,
But extravagant gifts for Key Lime just won’t work.

Give her a part of you, no, make that all of you.
When true love’s involved, nose high are the stakes.
You keep talking shellfish, or mermaids, it’s selfish!
Give up to her something, but this time, don’t take.

Kissing Me Like Binnie

I ordered me a latte, took a few quick sips.
I’m looking all around – got some foam on my lips.
Doesn’t matter if my drink is sugar free or skinny
What I want right now’s someone kissing me like Binnie.

My life seemed fine then I met Joo Won.
Didn’t think he could ever top my Sam Shik-on.
I can’t wait to see his sparkles ‘cause my body gets all grinny.
What I need right now’s someone kissing me like Binnie.

I’ve been to every café every coffee house in Seoul,
Drinking cappuccinos – mochas till my stomach’s got a whole
Yes, my hands are shaking; everything I hear sounds tinny.
But I won’t give up till someone’s kissing me like Binnie.

-Secret Garden

More Hand Towel

The Hand Towel is not the cure for all illness.
His dramas won’t lead to world peace.
He’s more like the sugar I put in my coffee.
Or that sofa throw made of soft fleece.

A little of him smoothes out my latte,
In the afternoon, sweetens my tea.
In the evening, seeing him warms me up nice
Just to think of him wrapped around me.

Jo Min Woo
his pretty little smiles flash, then are gone.
they don’t mean “I’m happy” at all.
he smiles in his grief, in his shame, as a plea
to be cherished, respected, to not be
the kid who cheated his way to the top
that nobody really can trust as a friend


1 Response to Pomes and Odes

  1. kfangurl says:

    Ok, I didn’t have time to read all of them, but your Dramabeans one is FANTASTIC! You certainly have a gift! ^^

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