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Saimdang Brings Back A Man

He glows and glowers; he has super powers. Smashing the mirror with wings of a dove. He stares and he’s sad, his Auntie won’t help him. He needs to forget his first and true love:

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The Hand Towel with a Pearl Earring a.k.a. Obsessed

The Hand Towel was never simply A Man. He’s much more; that’s why we’re devoted. He’s been Art Director, Diplomat, Brain Surgeon, Thug. Now I hear that he’s been promoted. He’s A Colonel Obsessed and soon we’ll be blessed to … Continue reading

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When A Man…Ends on a Haiku

Han Tae-sang, you win. Everything ends on a high. Your mood, house and hair. (It’s a HIGH – Ku, get it?)

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Darkness: Who Wears it Best?

Gangster heroes fascinate us because of their willingness to do bad things. We are horrified by their actions, but maybe secretly we admire them for their courage and conviction. Behind every bad ass gangster, however, is a tale of desperation … Continue reading

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When A Man…Was Happy in My Princess

I needed a happy Hand Towel fix to balance the misery of poor Tae-sang. Here is an old fanvid I made during the My Princess fun. Those two were so dang cute! Come on, THT, do a romcom again!

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When A Man’s…Heart’s in Chains

As we go into the final week, I find it mildly amusing that none of the main characters, the ones whose antics we have been following closely over the last two months, will take part in saving our Hero.  Salvation … Continue reading

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When A Man…Tries and Tries

She flies, then falls. No recall?  She lies. He sees, won’t trust. She fears. He sighs. He sees she hugs not him. He cries. She walks, won’t tell. He sees from hell. Hyung fights, slips, dies. He’ll be blamed, I … Continue reading

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When A Man…Loves and Other Stuff

Don’t you love how all these people in this show are really quirky? And just when I think one’s good, she goes and acts a lotta jerky. I keep watching, changing sides. From LOVE to HATE from “Aww!” to “Ewww!” … Continue reading

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Kendo Mask: Who Wears it Best?

Is this also PPL? Two shows this week had Kendo fights in the exact same room. When A Man Loves took it seriously, while All About My Romance played it for laughs. No surprise there.

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When A Man….Glares

When A Man glares, and shoots cold stares, he both excites me and he scares. (But Oppa doesn’t hate, he cares.) When A Man looks like this, we hit pay dirt. Cause it’s GAME ON, Show, and Bye-bye shirt.

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