What’s Up Fox? – Episode 4 Recap

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h28m20s168Recap by Jomo

Ahh, the face. I can’t resist this face.

Our Accidental Couple find it difficult keeping what happened in Oido staying in Oido.  The event affects how they interact now, and the unsteady new ground they are walking keeps everyone off balance.

 ✿ ❁ ❁ ✿

A hopeful? curious? asks Chul-su a vague “How did you do it that night?”

His clarifying “What?” brings a more spirited, read louder, yet still ambiguous, “How did you manage it?”

Chul-su then brings the volume of his “WHAT?” up a notch to match.

“Birth control!  Did you use anything?”


Chul-su doesn’t reply. He looks down, shifts his weight, then looks back up at Byung-hee’s angry face.

“Did you use contraception?  I was completely out of it. You should have taken care of it.”

Still no words leave his lips, and he can’t look her in the eyes.


(Note Chul-su is playing with a model car and wearing a T-shirt that may as well have a Gap Kids tag on it. He looks about fourteen with his face in rest position, throw in guilt and we have stepped him back to seventh grade.)

“You didn’t, did you?” she hollers.

vlcsnap-2013-05-26-16h16m24s84Mom is home watching one of the videos Sung-hee gave her, totally into it, yelling at the screen and looking away at the scary parts.

An alarm goes off and Mom calls for Byung-hee to get the clothes out of the washing machine.

At Chul-su’s apartment, Byung-hee is squirming, biting her thumb, and processing the news that no contraception was used that night.


Chul-su’s response to the crisis is to get them beer from the fridge.  He offers her one, and she shoots him a look.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h29m16s217 He tells her they don’t know for sure if she is pregnant, and to look at the positive side.  She wonders how he can be this calm, to which he replies “Why worry?” She punches him,

vlcsnap-2013-05-26-16h19m07s180 he offers his arm for more blows and tells her to hit till she’s satisfied, but she says once is enough.  That if she is pregnant then they both have to go jump in the Han River together. She leaves him  – he expression shows he actually is worried.


Once she gets home, she fetal positions on her bed, and lets out a big sigh.

Chul-su sits on his bed as well, bathed in eerie green light, head in one hand.


Byung-hee is suffering from insomnia and tries counting sheep. It doesn’t work, so she substitutes rats. Too funny!

We see the accused rat, Chul-su, also unable to sleep. (Maybe it’s the green light?  Studies show it makes you more alert…just saying…)

He gets up suddenly, goes to his mini fridge throwing all the contents (beer) onto floor and lays his head inside.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h31m17s143 My favorite OST song plays.(Aju Chamchiman – Singer: Han Kyung Hun (duet with An Mi Seo))

He looks at his cars hanging from the ceiling.

We see Byung-hee’s womb float out to sea, then out into space, and disappear to the sound of an infant’s cry.


This wakes up Byung-hee who was “working” at her desk at the office. She looks around confused. Sung-ran wonders why she’s napping at work and her boss, who is doing bench presses with not that much weight, says it’s because she’s tired from chasing all those men.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h31m59s57Byung-hee goes worst-case scenario deciding hearing a baby is a sign that she’s preggers, and rushes out with her purse.  Leaving a startled Boss with the weight bar at his chest and a useless Sung-ran to help him.

Byung-hee sits down across from the (least busy in the history of time) gynecologist, and confesses she took the doctor’s advice and had sex. Doc hopes it was with a man she loves, right? and congratulates her. Byung-hee assures her it was, and says she wants a pregnancy test.

Chul-su is diagnosing something of the auto kind at his garage, talking with his friend, Kang-tae, about gears and stuff.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h32m28s93Afterwards, they take a break. Kang-tae has a baby at home. Chul-su chides him for getting married without his permission; in turn, Kang-tae accuses Chul-su of running around everywhere.  Kang-tae wonders why hasn’t Chul-su gotten his military service letter yet.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h32m53s81 Chul-su does the math from the spring wedding, and realizes the bride was with child. Kang-tae jokes that’s because he does everything fast. When Chul-su asks how his friend felt when he heard the news from the girlfriend, Kang-tae says with honesty it was like getting hit the on the back of the head. Chul-su seems to agree, and takes a sip of water contemplating his own possible future with a baby.

Byung-hee comes out of the doctor’s office and leans sadly? against the wall of the

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h33m26s157 staircase, then straightens up and cheers. No baby!!

Jun-hee and her model friend shop at the knock-off clothes market.  Jung-hee remarks she can wear cheap clothes, but not shoes and bags. They window shop at a fancy designer shoe store. Jun-hee identifies a pair of shoes would cost $800 – half a year’s rent!


They lament that you need money to make money, and discuss a girl who can afford expensive things because of some rich Ahjussi. This brings Jun-hee to ask about Kang Eun-bi, the girl Jun-hee resembles. But even the sunbaes don’t know the story in much detail. Just that she retired after being famous for a little. The friend asks why she wants to know, and as Jun-hee replies “Just because…”

Her phone rings and I am guessing it is Bulldog since she turns it off and calls him a “good for nothing.”

Cut to Bulldog redecorating his apartment with only the best of everything including books and magazines…He orders up issues for “the one with the yellow border…you know where they publish all the reporters’ photos?”

“National Geographic?” his assistant asks.

“Nation, Nation. That’s the one.” He wants everything yesterday, and will only accept first editions.

He surveys his penthouse view from the balcony and assures himself the most satisfying place in Seoul is the Han River…(Kdrama fans beg to differ, Ahjussi.)


Chul-su rides his little motorbike across a bridge, getting beeped at and passed, as usual.

Byung-hee shows up at Chul-su’s apartment door, knocking, to no avail. The sign on the horn part of the steering wheel doorbell says, “Kiss me.” So she tries.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h34m44s170 Cute, but it doesn’t work. She tries again, this time pressing harder.

Of course this is the exact time Chul-su shows up and calls her stupid. He pushes it with more effort, and we hear Beethoven’s Für Elise music play.  She’s mad now and yells at him for not labeling it “Push me” or “Touch me” or something that everyone would understand. Chul-su counters by saying this is not a place for everyone.  He unlocks the door, goes in, and lets the door close behind him. Byung-hee is now more angry, laughing cynically and noting “The newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger,”  Chul-su shows no respect for her at all.  Fine. Today will be the day she drinks his wine.


She goes down the stairs, and Chul-su wants all the news, not leaving anything out, all at once.


Instead of conceding, she orders him to open the wine, though he refuses – it isn’t for causal drinking. He settles himself into one of his car seat/arm chairs and starts reading a magazine.

When is he going to drink it? When he wins the lottery?

He tells her it’s none of her business.

You can tell this bothers Byung-hee. If he said, “Go ahead and drink it!” she would have little or no interest in it.

Sitting down, she tells him, “Well, today is important. Open a bottle.”

He looks up from his reading, and tells her to open one of the other bottles.

vlcsnap-2013-05-26-18h07m49s82Byung-hee could have supermarket wine anytime. She wants the good stuff now.

He’s trying to read her expression –  which has “secret” written all over it.  He wonders what she came here to tell him.


She commands him to open one, and Chul-su agrees to if she tells him what’s the matter.

They go back and forth, Byung-hee adding now that she’s thirsty.  She is working this “is-she-or-isn’t-she?” for everything it is worth.

Finally he gets up and walks over and picks up one of the wooden boxes. Byung-hee’s face lights up.

He gets out the cork screw and she smiles – even bigger at the sound of victory, which in her case is the pop of the cork.

wine He, with a solemn expression, pours two glasses expertly.

When he comes back to where she is sitting, she has the good sense to hide her delight. They both take a sip, and it is gooooooood. She says as much.

Chul-su is fed up, and tells her just say it!

She doesn’t like his bossiness. “What?”

“You went to see the doctor, right? Pregnant?”

She pauses, her inner voice confesses she was just going to drink the wine and go, but he’s acting so intense, she decides to scare him. She sighs, looks down, and says nothing.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h37m47s205He takes this as a tacit confirmation.  Chul-su’s subdued reaction, taking a deep breath, and walking back and forth looking like Fate just placed the weight of the world on his shoulders, surprises her.


Her inner voice makes fun of him for acting so mature when he is only 24. Again, she accuses him of being false.

He recounts a story about when he went to Italy. A vineyard owner caught him stealing grapes, but by trading his mechanical skills of fixing a broken down truck, he managed to avoid being turned in to police.

Byung-hee is impressed but only makes remarks in her head rather than to him. “Guess you will survive anywhere.”

He also fixed other vehicles for the man, who let him stay, and when he left rewarded him these two bottles.

“He sure has his ways.” Byung-hee admits, to herself.

He had thought before turning 30, he would hit two bottoms, and open the wine then.

“Not just 2, maybe 20.  That ís why I say, why do you stir up trouble?”

Very seriously he asks, “Noona, what do you want to do?”

Byung-hee says,  “Geez! Pretending again. I just wanted to drink your wine…” She is about to confess she isn’t actually carrying his baby, when we hear Seung-hye calling for Chul-su.

They both look up in terror.


She’s banging on the door and calling, so Byung-hee takes her glass of wine and escapes out the other door, while Chul-su goes up and removes the screwdriver that was holding the door closed.

Seung-hye reproaches him for locking the door, and he says he has his own life.  Always suspicious, his sister says she heard voices, then gasps.

Chul-su is afraid to turn around to see what she found.

It’s the open bottle of precious wine.

“YOU!” She told him she wanted some, and he went ahead and drank it alone? He offers her a drink.


Her bloodhound senses alert her that a woman was here.  Byung-hee, who had been right outside the door, perks up and sneaks away, while Seung-hye explains her hunch that Chul-see has a girl. Her brother contests this: Why should he be afraid to tell her something like that?


We find out that she has never known if he were in love or not since he hid it from her too well. He changes the subject by calling her a nag. She taps him on the forehead telling him any girlfriend or even a friend who is a girl has to be pre-approved by her. Got it?

He agrees, and she complains it was too fast, strengthening her hunch that he does have a girl, pulling on his chin.

Finally, he lets his anger show, yelling for her to get out and stop bullying him.


Seung-hye has the good sense to back down and be apologetic.  She takes the wine and scurries off.  Chul-su picks up his glass, contemplates it, then smashes it against the cement wall.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h41m29s125Seung-hye on the other side of the door realizes she went too far. Then drinks the wine from the bottle, saying it is “Gooooooood.”

Byung-hee, holding her glass of wine, goes home asking herself how she got mixed up with that punk, who, poor thing, thinks she really is pregnant. Should she tell him the truth?

Her sister comes up behind her and startles her. She spots the glass of wine and asks about it. vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h42m15s70They head home together. Jun-hee knows her sister wants to talk to her about the condom. Byung-hee has decidedly old-fashioned ideas about premarital sex. She won’t believe that her sister would “do it” with someone she doesn’t love. They disagree.

Jun-hee says she can do it with whomever she wants, that she is all grown up. Byung-hee thinks she still has the right to discipline her sister, but the younger one tells her it is no use. They are just too different, but Byung-hee won’t let it go. “Being with someone you don’t love, is that good?” She wonders how her sister changed so much. Jun-hee responds it wasn’t a change, but an improvement, and by the way, she hates being treated like a child. “And at the moment, I love only him so it isn’t casual.” Jun-hee walks away.

Byung-hee has to run to catch up. She agrees to disagree, but she won’t accept everything her little sister does.  Right then, she is kinda embarrassed that she doesn’t know what to say to her sister about this, but she has one piece of advice: “Use contraception!” What’s that saying? Pot- kettle-black?

Chul-su plays with his globe light, spinning it, turning the light on and off.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h42m37s31He imagines Byung-hee going into labor.


She calls her Noona, he tells her to breathe. He screams he’s a jerk as they wheel her into delivery.  His nightmare only gets worse when he hears Byung-hee’s mother call his name threateningly.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h43m12s127He turns and finds she is wielding a bat:  “How DARE you touch my daughter?” Even with her tiny frame, she intimidates him.

Suddenly, his sister shows up to defend her little brother, saying it was Byung-hee who seduced Chul-su. Omani reminds Seung-hye that after their parents died, she took good care of them. Is this how she is to be repaid?  When Omani tells Chul-su to take responsibility, Seung-hye says “No way!” They start pushing on each other’s heads while he yells that he’ll figure it out for himself.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h43m26s13A pinging noise takes their attention.

The lights outside the delivery door that indicate boy or girl are illuminating.

(Chili pepper for boy, and flower for girl.)

One girl, two girls, one boy, two boys, THREE girls!


They looked shocked, and say “Quintuplets?!”

Chul-su looks guilty and proud at the same time.


They call him a rascal. LOL

He wakes up with his head in the fridge, sneezes, slams the door shut.  He crawls back under the covers.

Mom is in line at the movie concession stand, and  watches the movie alone.

Later, she’s driving to work. We see the things wrong with the car: window won’t go up or down,

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h44m01s106 the gas door won’t stay closed. She calls the car broken down and says without Chul-su around, nobody was taking care of it.

Inside the real estate office, her new employee is putting really pretty flowers in a vase. He’s playing opera and cleaned things up. They talk about the flowers.  Mom talks about her history as a cosmetics sales woman who had to carry a heavy sample case.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h44m15s249He remarks that must be why her shoulder is crooked surprising her with his keen observation skills. He noticed?  They talk about a contract, disagreeing. He did something wrong and she yells at him.

C’est Si Bon is doing a photoshoot  Their model decided she won’t participate if she has to show off her lower half naked, even though she already took the money. Byung-hee finds out it is because of the actress’s boyfriend. He’ll break up with her if she does the scene.   But Byung-hee remembers the guy said she could do it. The model explains it is a new Oppa. LOL.  The model has to choose to give the money back or do the shoot.


Sung-ran, who’s been prancing around in a leather cat woman mask, wants to know why they need her to do bottom photos when this edition will only print the top. Byung-hee explains they’ll use them later. (Using ‘every part of the buffalo’ works in soft-porn, too, I guess.) Byung-hee scolds her for calling it torture, that’s what work is.

Later, Byung-hee apologizes for going overboard, saying it’s her job.  Sung-ran needs the keys to the handcuffs.

Dr. Bae is seeing Bulldog as a patient. Bulldog complains about not feeling well nowadays.  They talk about dating, and his (dead) wife, that Bae still calls “sister-in-law.” There’s question and answer about bowel movements, and peeing.  Bulldog is subjected to an examination he is very uncomfortable with,

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h44m50s81and the nurse fulfills his worst fears by laughing at him. There is something hilarious about his bum, I guess.

To make it worse, she runs out of the room in hysterics.  The doctor follows her out of the examination room and fires her on the spot. Apparently it wasn’t the first time she did that. He goes back in and starts the rectal exam, but Bulldog stops him, getting dressed to leave.

The funny thing about his bum is the reason he won’t go to saunas with the boys. Bulldog threatens the doctor if he tells a soul.  Coming out of the examination room, Bulldog sees Byung-hee  sitting in the waiting room. They nod in greeting, and Bulldog leaves with Byung-hee ogling his fanny, wondering what the heck is wrong with him? Uneven sides? A duck’s bottom? Horns?

Bae returns to Byung-hee and explains why he fired his nurse.  Both the gynecologist and urologist are places where patients are embarrassed. They owe it to them to make them feel at ease.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h45m56s237Byung-hee agrees. He hands her the answers to the questions for the magazine’s men’s health column and tells her she needn’t come in person next time, he can just email her.  She speculates that this professional side to him must be the real him, and he is kinda cool.

Chul-su sees his friend walking home and demands they go out for drinks. Kang-tae says he should take care of his pregnant woman, but Chul-su begs him. He agrees as long as they have grilled pork.

The three older friends – Bulldog, Bae and Yong-gil are drinking together at the restaurant where you have to stand around a grill in a garbage can.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h46m02s39(It looks like fun, but tiring and it looks like it would be really smokey inside of one.) Yong-gil complains he doesn’t like standing when he eats. Ha! He complains about the smoke and that Bulldog is cheap bringing them there. Bulldog and he keep a steady stream of disagreement between them about each other’s profession, while Bae stands and listens. Yong-gil makes his magazine sound like an important national treasure because of its importance to the military.  Bulldog makes fun of his friend’s ignorance about economic terms.  Yong-gil tells them to order his magazines for their clients. Bae looks shocked, Bulldog runs away to pee.

When he’s gone, Yong-gil is about to spill the beans about their friend’s butt that he found out in high school, but Bae says he knows. They smile thinking about it.

On the way to the rest room, Bulldog passes our younger friends at the same bar.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h46m36s119Chul-su wants to know how Kang-tae came to decision to get married.  Just because she was pregnant didn’t mean they had to get married, did it?

Kang-tae declares a man who deserts his girl in that situation is a good-for-nothing, and that he will be responsible for his woman till death do they part.  It took him all of ten seconds to decide. (Awwww. I like this guy.)  This changes what Chul-su use to think about him. Kang-tae is actually a good guy.

Out of nowhere, he asks this one: Can a woman be a virgin in her 30’s? Kang-tae doesn’t know, but he thinks those women must be an endangered species. Chul-su agrees and wonders how that type of woman would feel. His friend says it doesn’t matter. He wants to meet her.

For some reason, maybe because he’s drunk, his friend brings up Chul-su’s sister, saying if he weren’t married, he’d “be responsible” for her, making it sound a little naughty. He isn’t paying attention to Chul-su’s affronted expression, because he jokingly says, after all, he’s the one who deflowered her! Chul-su throws his glass down and punches him over the flames  – calling him a bastard. He grabs his shirt collar and dares him to say that again.


Bulldog comes out of the men’s room and somehow gets caught in the scuffle.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h46m58s84Chul-su drags his friend out of the bar by the shirt, almost knocking Bulldog into one of the grills. Bulldog fulfills his old man status by  griping, “Oh kids nowadays…”

Yong-gil says kids’ll be kids just like they were. Maybe if they read his magazine, they would let out their stress instead of fighting.  (I’m pretty sure he thinks soft-porn could cure most diseases.)  Bae suddenly brings up Miss Go.  Yong-gil paints a picture of her as a wanton woman who writes these wild stories based on real life experiences. The doc’s not so sure, after all, she doesn’t really have the body for it…

We see Miss Go at a desk in the video store, working on a shopping list for the welcome home dinner with Seung-hye and Chul-su. She is not happy to have to shop special for that rascal. Customers come in and she greets them.

Outside the restaurant, Chul-su is checking out his friend’s injuries that he caused.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h47m10s210He says he is sorry, but if he jokes about this sister again, he stomp him to death. Ouch!

They reminisce about how much money they made in high school buying, repairing and reselling motorcycles. Kang-tae suggests they do it again since they’d make more that they’re making now. When he proposes they go to the noraebang, Chul-su reminds him his puppy’s waiting and tells him to go home.

Chul-su, drunk, sings and dances on the way home. Something about a beanstalk.


He goes into the video store and announces to his sister in a very dramatic way not to worry, he’s got her back. She can believe in Park Chul-su. Got it?

Nobody’s there to listen to his rousing speech, though. He looks around and scratches his head.

“Noonah, are you there?”

Byong-hee comes over instead, carrying videos. “Did you drink?”

“Yes, I drank.”

She instructs him to go quietly and sleep.

He looks intently at her,

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h47m50s94 “Hey, Go Byung-hee!”

What? (He used her name!)


“Are you going to watch over my puppy?”

She’s angry about him using casual language so she forgets she supposed to be pregnant, until he calls her “mother of my puppy. I’ll be responsible for the puppy.”

She clues in, kinda laughs, and tells him not to over react. She starts to tell him the truth, that the other day it was only because she was mad at him that she pretended – then it occurs to her what he just said, “Wait a minute, you’ll be responsible for what?”

“The baby.”

She stares at him trying to take it in and tells him how out of control he sounds. He says he knows.

She shakes it off, telling him he’s drunk, he needs to brush his teeth and go bed and turns her back on him.

He keeps talking, saying it’s the best he can do for her.


She faces him, scrutinizing his very serious expression.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h49m20s228vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h49m03s59It throws her a little off balance to see him look like…that.

“Look, are you playing the ‘good guy’? Don’t say what you don’t mean. Stop playing around.” Even if it were true, she wouldn’t let a kid like him take on the responsibility of raising a child.

But, he adds, he won’t take care of her.

She lets that sink in, and it seems she doesn’t like hearing that, walks up real close and says, “What? Why not take responsibility for me, too?”  Why is he only accepting half of the burden?


His response is logical –  that she made half the mistake, too, she has to share half of the burden.  After all, it’s her life, she can take care of herself.

She agrees. The exchange that follows is really funny considering she is talking about this situation in purely hypothetical terms, but it irks her that he isn’t offering to take care of her.


❀ = Byung-hee  and  π = Chul-su   (I couldn’t find a pepper, and π makes more sense.)

❀    Well, the baby is mine, too, and I will be responsible for it.

π   Then you’re taking the baby along when you marry?

❀   Then you’re taking the baby along when you find a wife?

π   I’m young.

❀   I’m young too.

π   You’re 33. How can you get married with a baby?

❀  What about you then? Only 24. Do you know how to take care of babies?

π   Like you know how?

❀   Why wouldn’t I? I brought up Jun-hee. Not just Jun-hee. Your sister and I raised you, too.

π   That’s why I said I’ll bring up the child! (He’s shouting now.)

❀  What about the army? You’ll bring the baby to the camp and feed her milk there?  Are you gonna feed a baby with canned army food, too?

π  If that’s what I have to do. You worry about yourself.

❀  That’s my line. The baby’s mine. I’ll be fully responsible. Don’t even think of touching her!!

A customer comes in the midst of their quarrel to return a dvd.  This gives Chul-su the out he needs, and he leaves.  Byung-hee feels like this is unfinished business, and goes to his door to talk to him. He’s either not there or not answering.

We see he’s not there, but at a pojangmacha looking for more drinks.

Byung-hee realizes the situation has gotten out of hand, that it needs to stop, and writes him a note revealing she isn’t pregnant; she leaves it in the door. (I have a bad feeling about that note. What if his sister finds it?!)


On the way home, she thinks about how weird the it all seems. She never imagined he would say that he would take responsibility for the baby, when he’s just a kid himself. Why did it make her feel awful?  She swears that from now on, she won’t treat Chul-su as a man, but as a friend’s little brother.  Still, the fact that he wouldn’t offer to take care of her, though it sounds strange, upsets her. She passes him without seeing him.


Mom, Sis and Byung-hee prepare food in their kitchen. Byung-hee’s the bossy one, ordering everyone around. They talk about Chul-su’s likes and dislikes, obviously they all care about pleasing him. Mom can’t do any of the tasks correctly, so she is left with the easiest one, peeling garlic.


Mom starts to object to them bullying her, she reminds them she birthed them, and suffered so much hardship because they were so tall. The sisters want to trade 5cm of height between them. Byung-hee because she’s too tall to date most men, and Jun-hee wants to be taller to help her career.

Chul-su shaves getting ready for the welcome dinner. He puts on a suit. As he goes out his door, the “I’m not pregnant” note falls out of his door to the ground without him seeing it.  On the way over to the Go’s house, Seung-hye makes fun of him “What? Are you going to see your mother-in-law?”

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h51m34s30Why is he wearing a suit? She offers to buy him a new one since this one is no longer fashionable.

They arrive at their friends’ green door. He pauses and swallows hard before going in. His sister remarks on his reluctance. Isn’t he coming in?

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-00h39m03s28Poor baby looks scared to death, then goes in with a resolute air.  Mom flutters about the scarf Chul-su bought her and they compliment him on his fashion sense.

Mom says he needs to tell them all about his travels after dinner. He is preoccupied, Byung-hee notices, and he looks bad.

Suddenly he says, “Omani I have something to tell you.” Byung-hee goes on high-alert – Defcon 5.  Mom tells him he seems so serious. Everyone wants to know what’s up with him.


Byung-hee, in a preemptive strike, jumps up and asks Chul-su if his stomach hurts. Before she can drag him out, he drops down in the supplicant position confessing:


“Omani, I have committed an unforgivable sin.”

They’re all shocked. What could he have done?

He tells them they’ll find out soon, Byung-hee covers his mouth, then covers his story by saying he wants to say he’s sorry for not calling all those years he was gone.


She pulls him off his knees, and offers to prick his finger to get rid of his indigestion, pulling him into her bedroom.
She hits him in the upper arm – Didn’t he see her note?  Why’d he wear a suit? You don’t even know the truth. Why are you messing around?

He says it’s better to be honest, and turns to go back and confess. She grabs him again and tells him testily she’s not pregnant.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h52m58s100He looks shocked.

He had his phone off so she couldn’t call him.

He repeats: Not pregnant? Really? REALLY?

She makes it clear to him that she never really said she was. That it was all his imagination. He looks angry? Sad?

He stares at her as something fights for control over his heart. She tells him not to look at her like that, it’s scaring her.


He frowns a big longer. She instructs him not to blow, or everyone will know something’s up. (As if they don’t already know something is up.)

She winces in anticipation of his explosion.

good newsHe scrunches up his face, smiles LARGE and shouts “MANSEH!” which the subtitles explain is a Korean victory cheer. He dances like a crazy person out of the room towards the kitchen, still yelling, MANSEH! Then back into Byung-hee’s room. He graciously places one hand on her head and tells her in very formal words, that he forgives her.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-12h54m15s102Laughing mouth wide open. He runs screaming back into the kitchen

relief telling each one of the ladies that he loves them, hugging and/or kissing them.


When he turns towards Byung-hee, she smiles expectantly, but he turns his back on her, throws his arms wide and shouts, “It’s really a beautiful night!” cackling and saying he’s starving, repeating what a beautiful night it is, and how he will live well from now on. He offers to do whatever Omani needs. They look suspiciously at Byung-hee for the explanation for his bizarre behavior.

After dinner, the girls are doing dishes, Seung-hye and Jun-hee have picked up on the strange vibe between Chul-su and Byung-hee, and comment to each other about it.


Byung-hee takes the trash out and finds Chul-su fixing the broken car window. He’s holding a flashlight in his mouth. At first, she ignored him, then turns and goes over to him, “Are you that happy?”

He tells her to hold the flashlight. (Why do I love that little familiarity so much?) She reminds him to be careful in the future. The cat was almost out of the bag.

He tells her, “Noonah, you’re the one who should be careful. This is already the second time.”

She’s says, not me, YOU almost spilled it.

Tentatively she asks, “What you said earlier, did you mean it?”


She looks around to make sure nobody is listening.

“The baby. That you’ll be responsible?”

He’s rolling up the window, concentrating on the job at hand.

She’s like, “No, right? You were just pulling my leg, right?”

He shakes his head.

“Then why were you like that then?”

He doesn’t say anything.

“Well?” she pushes him to speak.

“I wanted to be responsible for you, too.”


She is shocked.

He looks up from where he is working.

vlcsnap-2013-05-27-01h14m30s100“I wanted to be able to take care of you, too, however little I could offer you.”

Her mouth stays open in surprise. Chul-su stands up and takes the flashlight out of her hands and stares at her.


Jomo’s Comments

There is a conflict going on in my brain about Chul-su, and I realize it has to do with how Byung-hee sees and describes him versus how he acts. The idea that Byung-hee is about as unreliable a narrator as they come gets stronger over this episode.  If I watch him with his friend, and listen to his words, I hear and see someone striving to be a mature and respected man.  Yes, it is two steps forward one step back most of the time, and yes, he wears children’s fashion and has a aggy* face, but his looks don’t tell the whole story.


The creative team knows how to present these two Chul-su’s, too. Check out the first and the last photo of this post.  The first kid is the one painting your neighbor’s house, and the last? He’s the owner of the company that hired him.

They say a coward dies a thousand times, but a brave man only once. Chul-su offered himself to the lionesses in this episode; I think that makes him the most courageous first lead male EVER. He faced the biggest crisis a young man can with a strength we are starting to see behind his large doe eyes. Byung-hee is rightfully impressed, even if she would die before admitting that to him.

EE’s Comments

Thus far in the series, Chul Soo has done everything to insist he is all grown up, and should be treated like a man. When cornered with the pressure of an adult situation (unplanned pregnancy and all related effects of that), he clearly panicked and thought “whoa! I AM just a kid. I am not ready for this yet!” To his credit, he did not let that show in front of Byung Hee. I think I fell in love with Chul Soo the minute Byung Hee admitted she was NOT pregnant and he danced about the house cheering. Chun Jung Myung is amazing with the range of emotions in that moment: stunned, pissed, then ZOOM to elation. And he broods like a master.
Chul Soo is a “fly by the seat of his pants” type. He’s not a planner, he’s a dreamer. He wandered Europe without even constructing a way to feed himself (hence stealing the grapes), he just trusts that in some way his charm and skills will get him by. And he has survived like that. I think the possibility of caring for another person who is totally dependent on you (like a baby) makes him realize he HAS to do something. He came to the Go house that night ready to present a plan to buckle down and provide for his wife and child. He knows Byung Hee’s mom well enough and respects her as an adult to present himself as an honorable person. And for her part, Byung Hee is a bit of a dreamer too. She wants to travel or even experience the types of things she writes about in C’est Si Bon, but can’t seem to make the steps towards these ambitions. Just like her model uterus, she is adrift at sea, practically waiting for the water to sweep her in any direction. Will it be a wave like Dr. Bae or maybe a tsunami like Chul Soo?

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5 Responses to What’s Up Fox? – Episode 4 Recap

  1. nomad says:

    Byung Hee keeps on telling how much a “baby” Chul Soo is, but I love that the writer makes him the world-traveler, because I think people who have stepped out of their comfort zones are forced to grow up *that* much faster. It shows in how Chul Soo is, and we’ll see that more later. Oh, I also think the call to Jun Hee from the “good for nothing” is from her sex partner, not from Bulldog. Not that it matters… Chul Soo’s “manseh” is forever grained in my head. That was funny, BEYOND!

  2. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    “I wanted to be responsible for you too” Chul-Soo melts my heart. I believe him. So many of CS looks just kill me. The intent soulful drunk in the video store. The young man who is really facing what becoming a father will mean to his life. The suitor kneeling before his soon to be mother in law. Awww.

    Your 4 square screen captures of his “Manseh!” moment were priceless. You are right, he really conveys emotions. I think BH better feel satisfied with her revenge after making the poor boy suffer thinking she was pregnant. That he forgives her … just add it to my long list of reasons I love CS.

  3. total_newbie_to_k says:

    So, a reasonable post that dares to mention the rape in this show and suggests to educate South Koreans about STDs gets deleated on this blog? Quite interesting mindset.

  4. elvirae575 says:

    He himself is a puppy.
    Oh, I love Chul su!

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