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Saimdang Brings Back A Man

He glows and glowers; he has super powers. Smashing the mirror with wings of a dove. He stares and he’s sad, his Auntie won’t help him. He needs to forget his first and true love: Advertisements

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Heartless City: Jinjeong Soo – It’s the Clothes

All the articles about the actor playing Soo, Yoon Hyun-min, say “former baseball player…” and I wonder how many extra female fans his team had because of all his pretty. Just the idea of watching him crouch and swing makes … Continue reading

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Supporting Hotties: Who Wears it Best?

Some posts are more fun than others to create…sigh…What a load of pretty this one is. This season Kdrama offers some very nice looking cast members. Not second leads, but those background faces that have such charisma, they force themselves … Continue reading

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Purple: Who wears it best?

Purple spotting this week. You know it is a regal color, as only the upper classes could afford fabric with such costly dies. My last poll put our handsome Terry way ahead. Will he win again?

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Lee Jin Wook: Why so $%#^ HOT?

Time for a poll. All 45 countries reading this have to vote. I wonder what exactly makes Lee Jin Wook so $%#^ hot other than a pure hotness that cannot be defined. You tell me.

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I Need Lee Jin Wook (2013)

So I started I Need Romance (2012) with very low expectations last night, but because of THIS guy stayed up until 4am watching. I haven’t done that is a looooooong time.

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