Saimdang Brings Back A Man


He glows and glowers; he has super powers.

Smashing the mirror with wings of a dove.

He stares and he’s sad, his Auntie won’t help him.

He needs to forget his first and true love:

The coupling bracelet they shared between them.

Playing the bipa, sitting on cliffs,

cliffThe deepening happiness – measured in minutes

minutesTheir separation made worse by what ifs.

So what’s A Man do now? Why he paints the ladies!

paint“Nothing in this world lasts forever,” he quotes.

But we get thirty episodes of this face!

this-faceThirty Plus hours. When A Man Emotes.

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14 Responses to Saimdang Brings Back A Man

  1. Thirty episodes? Uhm… should I commit? I found the first two episodes unique but still kinda meh. Glad to see you posting again.

    • jomo143 says:

      Helloooooo! How are you?
      I know, I know. But sometimes you watch just for the fun of it.
      Especially when you see the lighting director is in love with SSH, and he will not be anything but glorious the entire time.
      LYA is a lot less subdued than I expected, and holy door mat! Five years doing that jerk’s work and putting up with it?
      I don’t know exactly why, but I am excited about this show, and I haven’t been in a while. The Hand Towel does it to me.

      • How goes? How’s the family and your genius composer son? Hope all are well.
        Re: Big Bad.
        Yeah, jerk really got on my nerve. Some bad guys are so utterly callous. I faded in and out of the second episode so i’ll have to rewatch it. I so wish kdrama heroines would learn to whine and blab and tell their truth without nobly keeping silent. Question is: Can i endure 30 episodes of sneakiness from big bad professor? I suppose I can. My present drama crack is a daily called Still Loving You aka The shining Eun soo aka Bitnara Eunso. (Not to be confused with the lurid and downright feral First Love Again.) And it’s 120 episodes. So if i can wait for six months, I suppose I can wait 30 episodes. Especially since am seriously loving SLY because we have a Candy who is spunky and good and the show has a lot of lightness mixed in with its sorry. FLA is just waaaaaaaay too angsty for me to endure 100 episodes.)

  2. eva says:

    Enjoyed your blog. Seriously, why do you have to hide your obvious love of SSH in pretend irony/mockery? Let’s just out it, hahaha. He is smashing. I just adore him. Can’t just be his looks, right? The man is pushing 40 and still draws fangirls like you and me. Is it his winningly shy smile as well?

    • jomo143 says:

      Yes, I love him, but all the love in the world won’t make him a good actor. That is kinduv his charm.
      Here is an old pome:
      When a man looks like this, it’s not easy to resist him.
      Now I’m feeling kinda bad ’bout all the times I dissed him.
      He’s got such pretty eyes and lovely auburn tinted hair.
      Even if the show is awful, doesn’t matter. I’ll be there.

      Although I have to say I just couldn’t get past 20 episodes of East of Eden. But let’s face it, I did watch 20 episodes!

      • YY says:

        He is just so BAD, right. Seriously adorably bad. He hasn’t improved a bit in all these years. Why, I wonder? And he’s done a wide repertoire of roles – gangster, diplomat, gangster, painter, err, errr….well, you know what I mean. And now he’s going sageuk…the thought fills me with horror. But I do think he’s good in comedy, maybe a comedy cum musical? I wonder if he sings? He’d probably sing with the same dramatic antics he brings to his acting.

      • jomo143 says:

        YY – Promise me you’ll come back and write funny words on my pomes.

        We won’t have a place to on DB if they don’t recap!

  3. Flightey says:

    I love this!!!

  4. YY says:

    Hi, jomo! Such a funny, happy, sunshiny blog, brimming with beautiful pictures and witty ‘commentaries’. This is so awesome…I especially love the pic of him painting; it made me chortle…those eyes haha. Your poem captures what I feel perfectly; I feel bad for dissing him, but I can’t stop myself…it’s just so FUN.

    • jomo143 says:

      Welcome to my words! It is always wonderful to read yours.
      I don’t write that often for lack of time, but I do when A Man moves me.
      Not sure if the DB audience has enough interest in Saimdang for them to keep recapping. It is a 30 episode saguek drama, after all.
      This is sad sad sad.
      I keep tempting myself to write them myself, but I don’t have time for my life as it is. When I recapped in the past, I had to stop watching everything else.
      Sooo, I guess that means a pome a week here will have to suffice!
      By pome, I mean lots and lots of photos and a few words. 🙂

      • YY says:

        I am sad sad sad, too. I was so excited when the first recap came out; who knew that that recap would turn out to be the first, and the last of its kind, kinda like the Goblin’s bride.
        Oooo, a pome a week would be so fun. I promise I’ll be here to share the towelly love. Pics of our Towelling Inferno (he burns 24/7) will keep me happy.
        I’m rooting for him to become the next President – I know it’s a long shot, but hey, stranger things have happened – I have this image of him roaming the corridors of the Blue House in the late hours, clad in nothing but a white towel, with the word, TOWEL, emblazoned in gold at the edge.

  5. eva says:

    Jomo, have you been watching Saimdang? How do you feel about SSH in this role? I thought the first scene, when he marched along the corridor of that Italian mansion and shouted at the Renaissance crowd below, was really awkward, but since then he really grows into the role and was quite good in episode 12 (after Lee learned the truth). The writer seems to be giving Lee the best shots and best storyline, while Saimdang’s role is so one-dimensional (not helped by LYA’s rather indifferent acting). A bit strange that while before the show aired everyone was worried about SSH not on a par with LYA, now, based on the responses and reviews in Korea, it seems the other way round.

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