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Kill Me, Heal Me: All for One

Poem for Week 2 It’s a trick. These faces. We get to taste each one separately. Like picking out ingredients of a dish one at a time, Or trying out a Chinese dim sum feast on the turntable before us. … Continue reading

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How Revenge Drama Characters Do Not Actually Represent Real People

Some of the revenge plots in dramas are impressive. I don’t think a real person is capable of focussing that sharply or for that long to actually succeed. Real life has too many distractions. 🙂 Thanks again to my children … Continue reading

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Oh, So You Watch Asian Dramas? Really? That’s….um…interesting…

I know you all have encountered the same reaction that I get when I tell folks I watch television from Asia with subtitles. My response, thanks to my daughter, LB, is here.

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Heartless City: Jinjeong Soo – It’s the Clothes

All the articles about the actor playing Soo, Yoon Hyun-min, say “former baseball player…” and I wonder how many extra female fans his team had because of all his pretty. Just the idea of watching him crouch and swing makes … Continue reading

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What’s Up Fox? – Episode 16 Recap Final

Recap by Jomo I really don’t look forward to final episodes of dramas – whether I have liked the story or not.  Leaving characters that I have grown fond of makes me sad. They are like my children who I … Continue reading

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What’s Up Fox – Episode 15 Recap

Recap by EE And we have reached the point of fear and angst in our drama.  Fear of the future, military service, family dynamics, change, growth . . . basically things not staying in that cozy spot you have carved … Continue reading

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What’s Up Fox? – Episode 14 Recap

Recap by EE There is a tradition in Korea of offering those released from prison a block of tofu.  It is meant to provide nourishment: during the Japanese invasion, political prisoners often went on hunger strike and the meals provided … Continue reading

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