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Saimdang Brings Back A Man

He glows and glowers; he has super powers. Smashing the mirror with wings of a dove. He stares and he’s sad, his Auntie won’t help him. He needs to forget his first and true love: Advertisements

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Valid Love: First Impressions

To balance out my thoughts, I have invited Carole McDonnell, poet, essayist, reviewer and everyone’s favorite commenter from Dramabeans, to give her take as well. Over the years, her analysis proved insightful about every drama that interests her. She sees … Continue reading

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Beautiful Days: Lee Byung-hun in 2001 – First Impressions

I have only begun this drama, Beautiful Days, and I am not sure how much I like Lee Byung-hun’s character, Min-chul. I really really like Ryu Shi-won’s character, Sun-jae. These two screen shots were within seconds of each other in … Continue reading

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Empire of Gold: First Impressions Sort Of

Go Soo is damn hot. Once I get a better read, I will update this.

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Empress Ki: First Impressions – Not a Recap

Empress Ki is good. Really really good. I had very low expectations going into the first episode, despite the talented cast and screenwriters, Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, who wrote shows I liked: Giant and History of a Salaryman. … Continue reading

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Goddess Of Marriage: First Impressions Score Card (This is not a Recap)

Raise your hand if you are watching this for Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Sang-woo. Yeah, me, too. Really. That is the only reason I even looked at the first episodes. All that pretty has to be watched. It’s a law. … Continue reading

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Heartless City – Episode 10 – Impressions (Not a Recap)

This is a frank discussion about adult relations, so be warned if this subject offends. That is why it is all behind the jump!

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