Nine: Time Travel – Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 Written by EE


In gambling, they say you should never play with more than you are willing to lose.  Some games are strictly chance, while others benefit from some knowledge or skill.  For example, if you are playing a hand of Texas Hold ‘Em you might bet based what you see in the shared hand and what you are holding in your hand.  You have to know the ranking of poker hands (which is better? Full house or a straight flush?) as well as a sense of probability (if I am holding two Kings with one King on the table, is it possible for one of the other players to have a straight? Or four of a kind?).  Additionally, if you know the other players you might even respond based on their betting habits: someone who has been playing conservatively but makes a raise probably has something.  Sun Woo is putting all his chips into time travel but he doesn’t seem to know the rules of the game or fully understand the players at the table.  Can he walk away with a win?

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1At the hospital, recovering from his 1993 stabbing Sun Woo receives a call from Min Young. He answers with hesitation.  It is the nurse Young Hoon left with Min Young calling from Min Young’s phone.  The nurse calls him Samchoon. (sigh)


It’s 11:05 PM, Bum Suk (the little intern) comes in and tells him they moved him into another room to shield him from all the reporters.  Sun Woo was lucky, the knife missed all of his organs and he should be fine.  Bum Suk gets a call and leaves the room, Sun Woo immediately calls Hyung Jung Woo and asks why nothing has changed.


Jung Woo is at the police station to give a guardian statement about Sun Woo’s stabbing.  He is relieved that Sun Woo is okay.  Jung Woo tells Sun Woo what he is currently remembering: confessing to the police.

4After leaving the police station, 1993 Jung Woo comes home and sees Sun Woo, he tells his younger brother to not be bothered by things happening around him (like say, his brother confessing to murdering his father) but to be brave and find his own path.


It seems like he is about to confess his crimes to Sun Woo when Young Hoon comes out into the hallway, so it doesn’t seem like a good time to drag every skeleton out of the family closet.  Jung Woo goes into his room.  He starts another “Dear John” letter to future wife Yoo Jin, explaining that he cannot face her and say he is not worthy.


The Ajumma interrupts Jung Woo and tells him Choi is here to see him, Choi thanks her with his evil grinning face and locks the door behind her.  Jung Woo is clearly perplexed as to the purpose of Choi’s visit.

7Present day Jung Woo continues telling the story to Sun Woo.  Choi steps into the room and slaps a shocked Jung Woo.  Apparently the cop Jung Woo confessed to was in Choi’s pocket as well.  Choi brings the video cassette out of his pocket and tears the tape out of the plastic case, destroying Jung Woo’s only evidence right in front of him.


Choi stomps all over the remains of the cassette and attacks Jung Woo, wanting to know the identity of the stranger is who is helping him.  Like always, Choi sees himself as center of the universe here: he calls Jung Woo ungrateful for the sacrifices Choi made to help him get away with murder.


Jung Woo is clearly on the verge of a mental break down; did Choi pull similar shenanigans on Mom as well? As present day Jung Woo relays this story to Sun Woo, he tells him that going back to confront young Jung Woo would be pointless, as he is now completely terrified.


In the present day, Seo Joon is at the pongmacha with two friends. He is clearly dousing his sorrows in soju and whatever else may be handy.  One of his friends is checking his phone and sees the story about Sun Woo’s stabbing and asks if he is Min Young’s uncle.

11Seo Joon grabs a taxi (perhaps to check up on injured Sun Woo) when he receives a call from a friend saying they have traced Min Young’s phone, the friend reads him an address which he writes on his hand.  It seems familiar . . .

When he gets there, his suspicions are confirmed:  it is Sun Woo’s house. He rings the bell and the nurse recognizes him from the hospital.  She lets him in and he runs upstairs.

12Min Young is still semi-conscious and eyes closed she says something about “Sunbae,” (meaning Senior which is what Joo Min Young called Sun Woo in the original timeline,) “What took you so long?” (hey, at least it isn’t “yobo” which is a word for husband/wife used ONLY by their spouse).  He sees The Bodyguard album on the nightstand.  He also notices her clothes on the floor, and that she is wearing a man’s shirt.

14He leaves, but calls her phone from the taxi.  He has the nurse put Min Young on the phone and awkwardly she sits up.  He tells her he thinks SHE is the one who made a mistake, that it WAS her who wrote that inscription on the record.  And he thinks she wrote it for a “sunbae”, and that sunbae is Park Sun Woo.

13At the hospital, The Hussy walks in on Sun Woo getting dressed and lets out a little “omo!” and averts her eyes. (This is one more reason to hate The Hussy.  Us humans would take a good long look, jaw on the floor.  Just sayin’.)


Bum Suk is standing guard outside Sun Woo’s hospital room when the other interns show up.  They have a little giggle about the two reporters having private time.  Min Young calls Sun Woo’s phone, she starts to tell him she made a mistake when Seo Joon bursts in the door, looking for some two fisted retribution.

17It’s hard to explain to a guy that you aren’t really scooping up his girl when he walks in and you are on the phone with her.  Plus it’s not like Seo Joon was giving time for a Q&A session.  He gets in a few blows  – which Sun Woo just accepts, somewhat guiltily – before the nurse and news team pull him away.  (Show of hands, who was hoping The Hussy would accidentally get an elbow to the face?) (Jomo’s hand up.)

18One week later, Young Hoon and his wife are at a restaurant.  She is suggesting they return the jackets that Seo Joon and Min Young bought for Young Hoon as a thank you for introducing them.  It doesn’t seem right to keep them now that the wedding is cancelled.  Undoubtedly, Young Hoon’s wife is bringing this up to pump him for information about what REALLY happened.  Apparently the hospital is abuzz about Min Young having an affair.  Young Hoon drops his pastry, appetite clearly spent.

“You know what is even MORE scandalous?” his wife says,  “I heard Sun Woo . . .” and Young Hoon stands up “Drop it.  Drop it now or have a divorce.”  He leaves and she clucks mindlessly about how it IS a nice jacket, and she just wants the real story.

19Sun Woo leaves his house, still somewhat sore from his wounds.  He finds a driver sent by the news Director waiting to escort him to the CBM building.  The hospital isn’t the only hotbed of gossip, the CBM building is fully aware of the rumors too.

20The staff averts their eyes from Sun Woo and mumblings of “nasty” and “disgusting” can be heard.  The elevator opens and The Hussy is inside.  They exchange a bitter look before he steps in.  During the most awkward ride ever, she says he is not the one spreading rumors, because she is above talking about such sick things. She gets off at the 14th floor (Does this mean she will get off at the 14th episode? Please? Pretty Please?)

Everyone is a little surprised to see Sun Woo as he enters the newsroom.  The interns share a look and one steps forward to say he doesn’t believe the rumors.

21Min Young enters and they glance at each other.  Sun Woo asks the intern when Min Young came back to work, he says she took the time off originally planned for her honeymoon and came back three days ago.

22The Director talks to Sun Woo about the stabbing, despite the lack of evidence he is CONVINCED that Choi is behind it.

23Sun Woo turns in his resignation, explaining his personal life will soon reflect poorly on the image of the station.  The Director crumples it up, and jokes about what is wrong with him and his niece that they both resign.  Obviously, the Director is NOT in the loop.  He asks Sun Woo if it is gambling, if so he can help him out and clear things up.  Sun Woo is playing games alright, but it’s not the kind of gambling the Director is thinking of; Sun Woo says he will find out soon enough.

24bMin Young is in the office when Sun Woo texts her to come out.  I think she says people will talk if they are seen leaving together. They meet in the conference room, where everyone can see.

25She tells Sun Woo that she will act like she is taking notes; he should say what he wants to say.  He tells her she doesn’t need to quit, she says he is the goose that lays the golden eggs for the station, it doesn’t make sense for her to stay.

26She goes on to tell him that Young Hoon explained about the incense sticks.  We see her drinking a lot by herself, she says it was impossible yet possible all at once, she remembered that he was the one who saved her mother.

27Young Hoon also explained that the time travel takes its toll on Sun Woo, he will most likely die if he uses the last stick.  She also remembers Sun Woo’s offer to either 1) run away and be together openly 2) her uncle or 3) see her secretly when she wants.

28After thinking carefully, she decides the only option she can live with is if they maintain the uncle and niece relationship.  And they both pretend it is great.  Sun Woo tells her that he is dedicated to fixing things, and that nothing is settled yet.  Regardless of her decision, he WILL use that final stick.  They decide as of twelve o’clock they will go back to being family, Sun Woo tells her to dry her tears before leaving the room.

29She is in the parking lot, loading up her car and it is five minutes until twelve o’clock when he sends her a series of texts that say he has regrets since she became his niece, but his biggest regret is the fact that she loved him boundlessly for five years and he never gave her a proper response.  Even her wedding vows were made on her own.  He tells her he is sorry for that.  And that he loves her.  Forever.

31Min Young goes back to her apartment to find mom waiting.  Mom is livid about the broken engagement and is convinced that Seo Joon is lying about Min Young having another boyfriend, especially since he won’t name names.  In an attempt to change the subject, Min Young says something about being hungry and goes through a bunch of take-out menus.  Min Young comes back from getting take-out and her mom tries to use her phone, as Mom’s nearly out of battery, but Min Young wrestles it from her and gives her the cordless (btw: WHY does she have a landline? This occurred to me before, when Sun Woo tried calling both her cell and her home.)

34She runs into the bathroom to look at her precious texts. . .and deletes them one by one.  She can’t seem to part with the final text “I love you.  Forever” but mom shouts through the door asking if she is okay.  She claims she is fine, turns on the faucet to cover her sobs and deletes the final text.

32Sun Woo takes one last sad look at the newsroom.  The Director comes back from a dinner with the news room head and can’t look Sun Woo in the eye.  The Director says his resignation will just be announced as him not being ready to return for work due to his injuries.

33Sun Woo says thanks for the opportunity to save face and apologizes again.  The Director, who had been hoping for some defense or denial, flips his lid.  This time it is Sun Woo who can’t look at him.  The Director talks about all the time he spent with Sun Woo under his wing and now he is blowing it.  In a way, it is kind of like Choi at the beginning of the episode raining down on Jung Woo; only the Director isn’t talking about how this affects him.  He tells Sun Woo he is so disappointed, that he had such promise and that he meant so much to the station but doesn’t honor that relationship.  The Director screams and yells and kicks the set, but never touches Sun Woo.  Sun Woo sits in the studio alone and tears roll down his cheeks, while still in her bathroom the tears roll down Min Young’s as well.



Sun Woo has clearly lost this hand but he is not out of chips yet.  He is pot committed at this point, he refuses to grab the chips he has and just walk away.  He is playing for all or nothing, and I will be damned if those consequences aren’t killing me in the process.  I am still hoping our couple will opt for a secret getaway, and ultimately decide they MUST be together.  I think Sun Woo has been taking on far too much of this himself; his biggest strength is the support of his brother, and Young Hoon and Min Young.  If all of them are actively involved he might actually have a successful visit to the past.  He has 3 more weeks to formulate a plan of attack and carry it out.  No pressure, that last incense stick says he’s got time.

Jomo’s Comments

*Sob* cue Whitney to accompany my tears…

Despite the overwhelming wretchedness of how everyone feels in the episode, I did have a few giggle moments. When Young-hoon had his tantrum in front of his shocked wife, when Batsh^t Evil Choi was a-shakin’ and a-screamin’ at poor Young Hyung – Jung Dong-hwan, the actor playing him, is gobbling up the set whole and having a ball.  When OMG cute, Young Young-hoon came out of Sun-woo’s room with the roll…not sure if that interaction was scripted, but it really felt like two super goofy friends hanging out.

I am not rooting for Cute Hoobae at all, I was fine with his anger at Sun-woo. Maybe he shouldn’t have decked a stabbing victim, being a doctor and all, but it really couldn’t have been helped.

For the record – can you go back and undelete texts? I think she should have saved him under a different name and kept the text!!!!!!!!!!!!

One stick left and so much gymnasium floor to clean in the dark. What’s a Hero to do now?

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32 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 14 Recap

  1. Tammy says:

    I think the beauty of Nine is that we can’t guess what is going to happen next. The most unexpected thing up to now was that MY has become his niece on the second timeline. That one got me completely. Now we can’t not guess what is SW going to do in ep 15. Can he go back and return the incense sticks to where he found them. Then that would put back everything to it original timeline…but then this is too cruel and too tragic for both him and his brother, his brother would die as a wanderer and he would be dying with the brain tumor then….Arrggg I don’t know….I give up guessing.

  2. JoAnne says:

    Dr. Choi must die. By my hand. Right after I stop with the heavy sighing and the welling eyes. Can’t do more, since I’m at work. This one though…more than that sharp pang of sadness earlier episodes have given me, this one just filled me with shock, more than anything else. Like you just watched someone get hit by a truck, and you can’t believe it. One minute they were standing there next to you and now look at them. That’s what this feels like. CHOI MUST DIE.

  3. nomad says:

    Are you done drying y’all’s (yes, this is the correct word in TX :P) eyes yet? I watched GFB right before this one, the latest one..which ever it was. And after that, this. With GFB I was screaming my heart out to my monitor, this one…*sigh* Will there ever be a cute episode? Just the fan-service one, pleaseee…I need to recover from all of these heartbreaks!

  4. antoniazc says:

    Thanks for this recap!!!! i don’t know what would i do withouth them!!!
    This drama always fooled me… of all my theories of alternative presents… they decide not to change anything!!! what a blow!!!!
    Dr Choi is so creepy… poor JW i totally understand him, still i’m sad he didn’t try again with another cop (sigh)
    i never thought SJ would discover MY and SW!!! i didn’t like his reaction, how to beat a stabbed man??? and in public… i thought he would ask others to leave and then talk with SW… i know he was drunk…
    the last half of the episode had me crying nonstop, how sad and heartbreaking… you can see how wounded SW was when MY said she decides for option 2. you can see his heart breaking in little pieces and you can’t help feel the same.

    “After thinking carefully, she decides the only option she can live with is if they maintain the uncle and niece relationship. And they both pretend it is great. Sun Woo tells her that he is dedicated to fixing things, and that nothing is settled yet. Regardless of her decision, he WILL use that final stick.”
    correct me if i’m wrong, but i understood that SW in the end gave in and decided not to use the stick. (though i’m sure he will)

    i’m so nervous about this drama’s ending. i need a happy ending. SW deserves to be happy. MY and JW too!!!

    • EE says:

      I guess the thing about using the final stick is somewhat vague and subject to interpretation. He tells Min Young he intends to use the stick, she tells him it is not is choice to make, he asked her to chose and this is her choice. He pauses (and I think) deliberately says he will agree with her decision (as I interpret it, the niece part but not *necessarily* the incense part).
      I am always confused when someone finds out their boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating and then attacks the other man/other woman. Obviously, we know that Min Young really did nothing wrong but she should be the one Seo Joon is angry with. Yes, Sun Woo lied about it. And yes, he is the older of the two so he should not have plucked fruit from the family tree. And okay, Seo Joon was drunk and emotional. But why didn’t he yell at her face to face vs jumping off to the hospital? And I should also say, I mean be ANGRY with her. I don’t mean he should have started punching Min Young either.

      • antoniazc says:

        agree!!!! his relathionship was with MY not with SW! SJ and SW barely know each other, so from SJ’s point of view is MY who betrayed him and is MY who he has to be angry with!
        i don’t like violence, specially against a weak person, so SJ must have not attacked SW (who is wounded) and of course not MY (who is a woman and is sick)… but in this case may i accept some violence against Dr Choi. i would like to see him punched 😛

    • I think his brother’s gonna use the last stick.

      • cass says:

        It looks like that to me too.

      • jomo143 says:

        He has to do something. After all, he started this whole thing!!

      • delicatecloud says:

        Me too – i think it will be JW who will use it as they were his to begin with. JW searched for them and HE wanted to put everything back to the beginning when they were happy as a family with mom and dad……

  5. cass says:

    Thanks so much for the recap. The first time I was anxiously awaiting it!!
    Urgh …. so much to say. Firstly my addicition has shot up a few levels over this drama. I first watched the episode RAW, and wept; then rewatched with subs and frankly sobbed, more or less from the start (even getting up an hour earlier to watch in peace before the rest of the house stirred)!!. Heartbreaking, but puzzling. Where is Jung Woo in all this? Yes I know he’s there in the background, and time has passed so he knows how/why this trip back went wrong, so why isnt he sticking up for his donsaeng? He knows all about SW and MY, so why not step in to protect them instead of leaving it up to MY herself?

    Other points … oh yes, Choi MUST die!! Soon!!! Then it’s Good Riddance to the not-so-subtle plot devices that were the Hussy and Dr Pushy (I always thought he was too nice to be true) . My thinking on the final incense stick is that JW, or even MY, could use it and go back rather than SW?? My money is on JW. Otherwise SW went back and fixed his Hyung’s life, only to lose everything himself in the process. Oh and one more thing, did I imagine that the epic playground kiss was longer this episode? Definitely edited slightly differently I feel.

    Off to rewatch after dinner (also need to check on latest WAML ep too ;))

  6. This drama is stressing me so much I actually sit there every week pondering if I can deal with how stressed the poor characters. Oh my gosh, the tears! I was sooooo weepy myself.

    What I love about this is that the plotting is so organic (okay a few bad coincidences here and there but that doesn’t matter) that ramifications of each choice actually MATTERS! The writers never let a loose plot thread drop. Well, kinda. Still wondering why we didn’t see him hold his head; where’s the nagging tumorless headache?

    Dr Choi is soo evil. I didn’t think we’d need an artificial villain cause those incense sticks are cursed enough but yeah…adding the villain amps it up to a whole new level. What is he planning to do? In the present and in the past??? Will Younger Jung Woo tell Older Sun Woo? I’m hoping so.

    Since KimYoomi’s post on DB about incest taboos, I’m pondering. I can see how in this drama folks would get all weirded out at adopted uncle and niece being lovers…but yet in another drama like Gu Family, folks can grow up as (unrelated) kids together and be in love from youth to adulthood.

    I’ve always thought Dr Han’s wife was a nag but never really disliked her, but! seeing her true colors! No wonder Dr Han doesn’t like her much. I’m wondering how things will turn out for him in the end. He’d miss his daughters, I’m sure. I’m kinda thinking the writers have a surprise waiting for us and him. And as long as it all works out logically for us viewers, I’ll be happy.

    Right now I’m thinking of the old adage, “What if you lost everything you now had and gained it all back? Wouldn’t you consider yourself the richest person in the world?” I so want everyone — at least the good guys– to wind up happy and alive. BUT if things got back to the way they were at the beginning, I’d be jumping for joy at him having those blessed blissful 3 months of happiness.

    • cass says:

      Im off to search for the post re incest, as I do wonder why it seems such a taboo, especially as they are not blood relatives in any way.

    • EE says:

      First, thanks for reading and commenting! (That really goes for everyone involved in the discussion too, I am not very good at expressing gratitude but I genuinely appreciate all of the comments and the number of readers who have been visiting the blog. Special thanks to Jomo, of course). You bring up several interesting points Carole. I too had a nagging feeling that something was up with Young Hoon and his wife, especially since their first meeting was tied (albeit indirectly) to Daddy Park’s death. I tend to believe everything happens for a reason: without the bad you can’t appreciate the good. Or say you get dumped (which is awful) but it teaches you something about yourself and you are more prepared in your next relationship. So in that sense, I think Young Hoon needs his wife.
      I agree to that there are some loose ends at the moment: what happened with the tumor/not-a-tumor? What’s the deal with mom? Why doesn’t Jung Woo have alternate time line memories? What happened to Min Young’s biological father? Who is Jung Woo’s biological father? But I do trust the writers to resolve some of these questions in the remaining episodes. I will even say they don’t need to resolve ALL of them, but I am assuming the choice to leave them unanswered for now is deliberate.

      • I’m still wondering about WHY Sun Woo gave up his girlfriend that he was so in love with. Even Dr Han asked the question. And since Dr Han asked it…and since these writers have written such a tight script with no inch left for a loophole, I’m still wondering how old girlfriend figured in this and why Sun Woo and she broke up. Will have to see if it was some kind of red herring tossed in to mess with our minds…or if she was the one Sun Woo was originally married to in the beginning before the beginning. Will see. Thanks so much for recapping this.

      • EE says:

        @Carole: I assumed that something happened (and maybe that “something” was just her being stood up for their NYE 1992 date . . . but I would think future Mrs. Dr. Han would give her the skinny on WHY Sun Woo didn’t show) that broke them up. The next assumption I made was that whatever happened broke teen Sun Woo’s heart to where he never dated anyone after and probably got laser-like focused in on school and then work. Working as a broadcast journalist is probably best for young single people. Lots of travel or being “on call” for when a big story breaks, no suitable for dating or raising a family. I imagine Sun Woo went into that field with the same kind of dedication we see him use with the time travel, totally blind to everything else.

    • jomo143 says:

      Thanks for your thoughts on this one!!!
      As far as the incest, I am interested that there is no distinction of “Step” Uncle here. It’s all related no matter what! I do understand that if someone brings you up as a father figure, it would be taboo to turn that into a sexual relationship.
      Thing is, we never really saw any of that. All we have seen so far is lovers and wanna be lovers…

    • Sara says:

      I think you make a great point here about being happy for things just as they were before the incense sticks. After all of the trials SW has with time travel, the life that he use to have, even with only three months left to live, doesn’t look so bad now when he feels like he has nothing to look forward to at all.

    • Tammy says:

      It will not be incest if SW and MY are married but even though they are not related but just imaging when they have kids, their kids would call MY’s mom “grandma” but on SW’s side they would call her “Auntie”…a generation younger….that will make it very awkward. That is one of the reasons why we Asian people are very careful when come to who we are marrying…especially relatives through marriage.

      • delicatecloud says:

        it’s true that the relationship between family members including how one address each other will be complicated. As they are not blood-related i don’t see how this could be incest. It will be socially unacceptable but not necessarily forbidden. In a very popular TWdrama “Devil besides you” it also explored the socially unacceptable relationship between two persons who found themselves to be siblings through the marriage of their single parent. It is not unsurmontable if you are willing to accept the scorn, being ostracized and ex-communicated and like SW offered to go away where no one knows them. I guess MY was not willing to take that route.

    • delicatecloud says:

      Hi Carol, fancy seeing you here. I guess we all have pondered on if only i have the chance to redo what i have done – i.e. undo the past. Would you if you have the chance?i would too like SW in all good intentions never realizing, until it is too late, that even a kind hearted act would have such gigantic ramifications in his own life. He did change his own life and the lives of his brother – what would the future hold now? Is he still fated to die young? At first when SW was stabbed I thought “there you go – he”s going to die young” but wait a minute he is the hero of the drama and he cannot die now. I have the nagging thought that he will not get over this barrier.

      • jomo143 says:

        We still haven’t had anyone with knowledge of the sticks weigh in…At least in QIHM we had a monk or two around to explain that TT device and purpose.

        Who made them? Did that person or persons leave instructions?
        Why do the sticks exist? Are they evil or are they good?
        Were there only ten or are there hundreds?
        Has anyone else out there in the world TT with them and have advice?
        Is there a perfect or pure use of the power that is acceptable to Whoever-Is-Running-This-Time-Travel-Ship?


      • JoAnne says:

        I don’t need answers. I need Sun Woo healthy, with a girlfriend named Min Young, a non-comatose mother, a happily married Awesome Dr. Han, and a dead Dr. Choi. I don’t really care how you get me there at this point, as long as it doesn’t involve a gummy brain fetus.

      • antoniazc says:

        lol. i couldn’t agree with you more!!!

      • jomo143 says:

        Listen, Ladies, I agree on ALL that big time, except, I would take a brain gummy at this point.

  7. delicatecloud says:

    i have found my new crack drama following the end of Incarnation of Money and am glad to see some familiar names on this site. Thanks for doing the recaps Jomo!
    The opening was a twist!! Did not expect that nothing has changed since his last visit back to the past!! What a disappointment. Like SW said there are too many variables and unknown, the most crucial which is the intention of the people involved e.g. Mr Choi. Moreover, all the best laid plans of men and mice – never work out the way you intended.Such a sad sad ending scene!!
    I also vote for Jung Woo to use the last incense stick – he will (more like obligated to) right the past.
    This is so engrossing and can’t wait to see what happens next.

  8. total_newbie_to_k says:

    Just read this ep’s recap, because so many ppl seemed to dislike this part and yet I loved it. It hurt so good.

    I saw your wonderment about having a mobile phone plus a landline. In Germany, where I live, it is still standard, most ppl got both, too. Most likely because a landline can’t be lost and personally I prefer to talk via landline as the transmission quality is far better than using a mobile.

    Btw I totally support JoAnne’s demands how this show has got to end. But I fear, they’ll give us the fate is incorruptible version and kill SW off, because he’d be dead in his first reality. 😦

    • jomo143 says:

      I also have a landline for the same reason. Cell to cell sounds horrible.

      The fact that SW was going to die bothered me at first, but then we got the sticks…so I stopped worrying. I guess I should return to worry mode.

  9. Ennayra says:

    I’m so behind on this drama – afraid to Open Thread on dramabeans in case I get spoiled, so I’m so happy to read everyone’s comments here.

    This episode was all kinds of depressing, but aside from fiance discovering the truth, not much actually happened compared with the last episode. I mean, yeah my hatred of Choi Jin-chul continued to develop nicely, although it’s tempered by comparing him to the evil of the Choi Jin-Chul in “Can You Hear My Heart.” Hyung is just so weak that at this point I’m far more frustrated with him for being such a pushover. The actor who plays Young Hyung is doing an excellent job making me hate him.

    For the next episode, I’m hoping some action happens in the past to change the present. And I hope that adult hyung goes back to the past and kills Choi Jin-chul! Just someone kill him! I must be drama desensitized, because I didn’t come close to crying, lol. I was too frustrated.

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