When A Man…Says “Oppa”

He did it. Finally. Oppa said, “Oppa.” I cried a little and I am not ashamed to admit it.


(Also cried since the election results blocked the lower part of his face. Damn them.)

His approach was perfect – a little pink and tipsy from soju earned him extra points from the American judge. France believed his lips forming the “O” should get him a spot in the Oppa-lium Hall of Fame, and I agree. Taiwan liked the crinkly smile as dismount. The female South Korean judge – pictured last – is the only one who matters. Unfortunately her face tells me he failed, poor thing.

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9 Responses to When A Man…Says “Oppa”

  1. JoAnne says:

    There was much vocalization of various forms, together with sliding around on furniture, in my house. Pink cheeks, Oppa, back hugs…this was a once in a life time Oppatunity for us.

    • jomo143 says:

      OPPATUNITY! I want one. I need one. I ‘d love one with all…my…heart.

      As soon as he started going down that path of nickname, I was shouting OPPAHHHHHHH!

      • JoAnne says:

        His little hopeful smile, his pink cheeks. I wanted to KISS HIM right on his nose. How is such a handsome man SO CUTE? His little pouty face, too.

    • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

      When he started down the path of nicknames, I was rattling off in my head some Korean words, but I hadn’t thought of the obvious one … Oppa. That was the most satisfying, heartfelt Oppa I have ever heard. (tune Let Me Call You Sweetheart plays in my mind)

  2. cass says:

    I have to agree he is sooo cute in this, but I’m not feeling the love for this drama as much as I thought I would. My Princess is still my favourite of all his work. I shall still watch of course, just for the pretty, but prissy missy leaves me cold and I have the feeling that she and Director Lee will ultimately cause Oppa’s downfall 😦

    • jomo143 says:

      I have been waiting for him to be a married man. Didn’t the description of the drama say that? I am hopeful that was just wrong because there is no way he’s gonna marry that other chick. No hu-way.

      They are so going to be unhappy in many episodes soon, but that is fine. I went to sleep smiling thinking about this episode, and still smiling all day at work thinking of his little rosy cheeks.

  3. Enz says:

    I squeed through the episode! But they made him look too much like Santa Claus in that scene. But so much cute 🙂

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