Smile, You: Who Wears it Best?

vlcsnap-2013-06-29-14h32m39s224You all know why I am watching Smile, You (2009.)  Heartless City  has had only 10 hours so far of viewing pleasure with Jung Kyung-ho – obviously not nearly enough for anyone. Smile, You, on the other hand, has 45 episodes! Who said long dramas are too long?

As I watched it, I started tracking which of the players have 2013 dramas. Not the whole cast, but a good number.

So you can shamelessly vote for your favorite show, or actor, I did another meaningless* poll.                                                                                                      *The BEST kind of pollsyvs2013

Oh! By the way, did you know that Jun Hye Jin met her future husband, Lee Chun-hee, while making Smile, You? I love when that happens!


PS: Not in our poll because he is also in Heartless City, but worth mentioning is this cutie. He was in King 2 Hearts, as well.


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6 Responses to Smile, You: Who Wears it Best?

  1. Soori says:

    Chun Hee and Jun Hye Jin also have a daughter~

  2. Arhazivory says:

    Yay for Smile You. Because if Jung Kyung Ho I’ve been missing it like crazy these days.

  3. Jillia says:

    I’m too biased but I’m not ashamed to say I voted for Jung Kyung Ho. 😀 He makes me smile – especially when he gives us his rare smiles in Heartless City. ❤

  4. ladida says:

    Omg, this is so wrong, but the title of the show is “Ugly Alert” and it’s right under his face and I burst out laughing. Smh. I think he’s actually handsome, too! I’m also starting to watch Smile You. I need a happy Jung Kyung Ho to pair with his brooding Heartless City character…

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