The Hand Towel with a Pearl Earring a.k.a. Obsessed

colwithapearlThe Hand Towel was never simply A Man.

He’s much more; that’s why we’re devoted.

collage11collage22He’s been Art Director, Diplomat, Brain Surgeon, Thug.

Now I hear that he’s been promoted.

cthtHe’s A Colonel Obsessed and soon we’ll be blessed

to view him on a thirty foot screen –

from his brows to his toes and where the vein goes –

A Hand Towel we’ve dreamed of not seen.


Let’s cheer on our Man and wish the film well

(Though I doubt he’ll end up with the girl.)

No matter what happens Colonel Hand Towel,

Song Seung Heon is our own pretty pearl.

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12 Responses to The Hand Towel with a Pearl Earring a.k.a. Obsessed

  1. kfangurl says:

    Eloquently on-point! Bravo!! *standing ovation* ^^

  2. tessieroo says:

    It’s perfect, you’re brilliant! 🙂 Yes, I have been dreaming of him on a 30 foot screen… doing all kinds of nasty-lovely things. *hee*

  3. Pipit says:

    The pictures (the man) speak for themselves why I’m obsessed! Definitely going to watch this one if only to confirm that there’s no towel this time!

  4. may tae lee says:

    OMG!! Those abs!

  5. jreidy17 says:

    I shall forever think of SSH in the shower. I know I went MIA from Kdramaland when I sidestepped into KLearnerland. Where have the past 8 months gone? I miss my Kdrama women friends. Now, my tutor is recommending I watch Korean dramas. So you might see me lurking about KDramaland again, from time to time.

    Thinking of you fondly, Julia.

    • jomo143 says:

      Really that long? You must be pretty damn good by now.
      I do miss your witty and insightful comments. My favorite one you ever did was the silent “Grumble Lips” conversation between Chul-su and Byung-hee.
      My Spring Days! Watch iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! I am recapping at Koala’s.

      • jreidy17 says:

        아니요! No, I know very little. I can still barely say hello, but at least I know how to type hello 안녕하세요 and can tell you the different levels of formality. My progress is slow because I wander off learning how to learn. This self-teaching myself a second language is all new to me. Many places on the internet to explore and goof off … haha.

  6. Eve says:

    This movie was just WOW!!
    I remember at the press conference the director saying the newbie actress “lack depth” in comparison to the other actresses and thinking .. wtf! Really!? I remember her face when he was talking and I could almost see her going ninja on him. Lol
    I thought the movie was beautifully made!! I guess in Korea no one has a 2nd chance at love unless the previous spouse dies. Lol

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