Dear Target: Is Wanting Better than Having?

gu1Dear Target People,

I return this defective product to you with a heavy heart.

About two years ago, I spotted this lovely green umbrella in your store. It wasn’t one of those little cheap ones, either. It had a nice handle, and the price was near $20. It made me think of all the good parts of spring showers and I considered buying it then.

gu2Back home, however, I had a reliable collapsible black umbrella that a guest had forgotten after a party. I never figured out whose it was, and had been using it ever since.

Subsequent trips brought me near the green umbrella, but I passed by it without putting it in my cart. I imagined walking along the Main Street of my town, going up to buy ice cream under my umbrella. 

gu3My daughter needed a slip for her prom dress, my son’s several dozen or so pairs of white socks now grey needed replacing. Nodding in greeting to the green umbrella, I thought of Christopher Robin and his feint to fool the bees in the Hundred Acre Wood. School supplies list purchased. Thanksgiving time and new water glasses. Pictures of romantic kisses under the umbrella as a privacy shield. …Sigh…

gu4Last minute Christmas shopping for my nieces. Travel kits for a trip overseas. How sweet a stroll down the Seine would be with my parapluie verte.  I ignored its liveliness reminding myself I didn’t need it. I stuck with the trusty old one for now. Soon. Soon, I told myself.

gu9Before taking my new college student up to her dorms last summer, we purchased sheets, lamps, towels, pj’s, and toiletries galore. A new start for her, and a new reality for me. This was the time to buy the umbrella I loved. So I did.

gu6Somehow it got lost in the side entranceway, because I had forgotten about it all winter. Polar vortex indeed. We didn’t see above freezing temperatures for months. Finally, the rain arrived and its persistence wore away the piles of snow in my driveway and lawn.

With much anticipation, I took the tags off my green umbrella. Changed my puffy coat for the trench, and stepped outside to greet the milder weather.  With an unsnap and a click on the release button, I headed towards the car. Then, disaster. Before it was even opened, one of the metal thingies snapped. Instead of hope, I held disappointment.

groundThis, you can have back. I learned a lesson. Sometimes it is better to want a thing than to have it. Ultimately the dream of it can’t match the reality, especially if reality is not what I am after. I should treasure the fantasy as a gift itself.



** Update **

I took my umbrella to Target and they replaced it no questions asked. Now all I need’s a plane ticket to Paris!!  🙂

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5 Responses to Dear Target: Is Wanting Better than Having?

  1. tswithnicole says:

    Awww! So crushing when our dreams do not meet our reality. Just keep the dreams alive though, because once those are gone then life loses it’s meaning. Never stop dreaming JoMo! ~ Nicole (aka NoLo)

  2. Aigoo says:

    Awww…this was a really cute post! I’m sorry about the umbrella! But your last paragraph was so insightful! Kudos to you!

  3. may tae lee says:

    OMG… To be honest, I actually laughed… a lot…. glad you got it replaced. ❤

  4. AnotherFan says:

    Awww this is beautiful. I don’t know why but tears filled my eyes when I was at the last paragraph. Keep dreaming, yearning, indeed. That might be the most valuable/lasting thing we can hold on to.

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