In a Good Way: Prelude to a Kiss


This scene may deceive the casual observer into believing that these two are concentrating on their studies, but In a Good Way junkies know that every nerve on Liu Chuan’s body is attuned to every movement Jia En makes. The need for her drove this man across campus through the rain just so he could breathe the same air. He is that besotted, and I love him for it.

relief In a Good Way is taking its sweet sweet, and I do mean sweet, time in hooking up our OTP, awesome Liu Chuan and awesome Jia En.  We get a lot of pre-kiss interaction which I am a complete sucker for.   I am not talking about all the swoon worthy thoughtful discussions they have had teaching each other about life. Not Liu Chuan’s admission of how important Jia En to his happiness, either.

confessssssssI’m just talking about the accidental touching moments.

Mostly it is our manly hero reaching out for the girl he is falling in love with since we girls would NEVER initiate skinship, right?  (She did dress his wound and blow on it, though, making Liu Chuan jump out of his skin, poor thing, but I suppose it was all innocent on her part.)

nurese(And without realizing it, Jia En has already made her tacit confession.  They showed Liu Chuan accept the red tea she offered, but we didn’t see him drink it, did we? How very cruel of them!)

redteaIn addition to those, the creative team brings us the requisite scenes that hit all the right romance-inducing buttons.

The Ut-oh-I-am-sorry-I-have-to-undress-in-order-to-hide-from-that-lady-and-now-we are-stuck-in-a-shower-stall-scene:


The I-was-up-on-this-library-step-and-last-I-knew-you-were-at-a-table-but-when-I-slipped-somehow-you-caught-me-in-your-arms scene:


The take-my-hand-to-go-into-this-concert-because-it-is-really-dangerous-and-someone-may-kidnap-you-in-the-ten-meters-to-the-door scene:


The I’m not-wiping-your-sweat-because-I-need-to-touch-you-it’s-just-that-umm-I-don’t-actually-have-a-good-explanation-as-to-why-I-just-did-that scene:


The we-finished-the-dance-test-but-now-I-am-staring-contentedly-in-your-eyes-forgetting-where-I-am-in-time-and-space scene:

dancewithThe let-me-just-tie-this-bracelet-around-your-wrist-oops-it’s-taking-me-while-because-I-have-to-do-it-right-and-I-won’t-notice-you-are-adoring-me scene:

wishThe look-your-hairclip-fell-off-and-I’ll-take-it-and-guard-it-with-my-life-geez-I-didn’t-mean-to-graze-your-soft-soft-skin-with-the-back-of-my-hand scene:


The you-have-something-on-your-face-I’ll-get-it-this-is-not-at-all-because-I-can’t-keep-my-hands-off-you scene:


To this point, the feelings are as unspoken as they are palpable.

Luckily, we have Momo around as Liu Chuan’s sounding board.   From the beginning, Momo heard the interest in his master’s voice where Jia En is concerned.

momomomomoCan Momo be Best Man Dog at the wedding?

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35 Responses to In a Good Way: Prelude to a Kiss

  1. trotwood says:

    I am just sighing throughout this post. I cannot even think of anything to add. there really so much tension built up. Liu Chan is as taut as a violin string around Jia En but at the same time more relaxed with her than anyone else. he recognizes that somehow he just breathes better when she is around. We know it. He knows it. She just thinks he is a great friend and mentor. In another heorine, this would make me crazy, but Jia En is so exactly what Liu Chan needs–completely loyal and straitforward to a fault, no games–that I forgive her even like her for it. He is also exactly what she needs. She would not react well to a guy acting around her the way Ren Wei acts around Bai Xue or Ah Quing acts around Tracy. She needs the slow smolder, and I am SOOOO thankful for that.

    • jomo143 says:

      Slow smolder, sigh, yes.
      As impulsive as her actions are, JE is sensitive, and a careful thinker, needing time to process her impressions of the world. Throw in her hesitancy to hurt her BFF, and we do not have a girl ready for love…yet.
      LC seems to know this, and is managing to hold back the rising tide of his feelings for now. I hope a storm’s a coming bringing in more passion that either can handle. If his levees fail, well, it’ll be a flood of feels JE won’t be able to stop with a look.
      RW’s moving toward JE romantically could do it. We know he isn’t a credible threat, but LC knows JE did crush on RW before. I liked when Momo stole LC’s “couple” horn and LC complained how he liked it then stared at it longingly. He will need to make a move to protect the shiny things he loves.

      It is taking me longer than I expected to come up with a post about JE that nobody else has written about. I want to do the character justice.

    • Hahaha I love your description. Slow smolder just describes Liu Chuan SO PERFECTLY. Gah. I don’t actually think she’s as oblivious as that. She was before, but for the past couple of episodes at least I think she’s been aware of Liu Chuan’s feelings. Those little moments of awkwardness between them (that hot springs conversation, anyone?) kind of proved that for me. I think she is not ready yet to confront those feelings and what they mean for a possible change in their relationship. Plus, there’s the added complication of Bai Xue, an older friend/mentor figure that she loves and respects, liking him as well. I think she’s choosing to avoid things for now but we’ll see how further episodes shake things up! I’m super excited for the development of their relationship!! =D

  2. clauric says:

    hehehe love this post! hahaha every episode, IAGW gives us bits of JE-LC interaction with some skinship! They really know how to keep us on our toes..Wanting us for more! Hahaha I think it’s going to be crazy when JE-LC finally kiss and hug romantically.And I am also looking forward to see Lego and RongRong’s interactions on BTS when they have to do “couple moments”…i know some people want them to get together already..but 10 episodes have run and in tw dramaland it’s normal when leads are not yet together especially when the drama might last up to 20+…I am hoping that the future episodes, we will get more LC-JE moments and I want to see JE’s side of finally opening up on the possibility of love..I am all for girl power and friendship, but JE needs some love to balance her life hehehe..

    • jomo143 says:

      You hit on what we are missing so far: What DOES JE think of LC? Of his attentions?
      I’ll buy that she doesn’t have experience in being loved and may not recognize the official signals LC is sending out, but she isn’t made of stone, right?

      Any guy keeps saying things LC says about being sad without her, and needing to be near her to relax, has to give her the flutterbies. She has to feel the intensity coming off him ALL THE TIME.

      I really can’t wait for the big FLASHBACK moment followed by the epiphany. Tracy may make a comment like, “I know when a guy likes me when he…” and says all the things LC has said or done for JE. It’ll be epic and make me cry. Hopefully this is before the kiss, so she is primed and not shocked.

  3. DDee says:

    Harrh! Also, the let-me-just-tie-this-bracelet-around-your-wrist-oops-it’s-taking-me-while-coz-I-hv-to-do-it-right scene. Sigh, all that longing, all on HIS. FACE. Clear as day. I love that he has a physical response to her, and she’s just oblivious.

  4. clauric says:

    JE may be ignoring the signs that LE likes her because she is not ready for change.It’s not easy especially when it’s been comfortable..And i think there is still that lil old JE on her who is still hesitant about certain things.And i think she might not want to “assume” that LC likes her and get all worked up about it especially LC hasn’t really confessed.LC is nice to everyone so it will take words and actions to be sure for a girl to believe..And let’s face it…love in the treasure club has not be successful-no one has hooked up yet.JE has witnessed two broken hearts (RW and BX) and probably too scared to think about love because it distracts you from freedom…
    But i think with all these gradual JE-LC solo interactions will soon shake JE’s feelings and thoughts.She may deny and pretend there is nothing-but the more she surpress she will eventually want it.hahaha I say have a JE carbon copy to guest star to get JE threaten what she has not been appreciating consciously…

    and plus JE made a freaking bracelet for LC..and when BX asked her if the person who she gave it to, JE was smiling ear to ear that the person did like it..She could have given in to any of her friends or heck for everyone but she thought of LC..because come on LC has to be that special to get the bracelet! JE-LC really need more solo moments and less group activities to get their ship moving.

    • jomo143 says:

      Right now, we are waiting for the “All clear” from BX to let JE absorb all the love LC’s been sending her way. Hopefully BX will go out of her way to let JE know it’s all right, that she is getting over her one sided crush, and she doesn’t want to block anyone else’s happiness – in no uncertain terms. But I don’t want smooth sailing for the OTP yet.

      Even if JE likes LC, I want her to be awkward and shy about it. I just love when LC has to be one to make her at ease and HE’s also nervous. It’s so authentic.

      • clauric says:

        I have a strong feeling that BX might help JE and LC get together as a couple…Make them realize to take a chance on love especially when 2 people both have mutual feelings…BX knows it herself that both JE-LC both connect even before her and JE got close.JE and LC have not deceived BX in any way so I hope BX will play cupid for the OTP…

        and please please.I want to see a jealous JE…hahaha want to see her give extra attention to LC! calling all LC fangirls!

    • If we were to think about it, Bai Xue with her emotional outburst was already instrumental in cracking that LC-likes-me door for Jia En. However, it also strengthen an almost indestructible wall of girl loyalty in an already loyal JE. So, loyalty + mental strength= consciously dense JE; purposely trying not think or acknowledge IT. Hopefully soon BX can open the gates of that wall.

      And I am already flailing just imagining a jealous JE, and then LC, of course would sense it, and we get to see his playful smile and teasing JE if she’s jealous.

      • jomo143 says:

        I KNOW! The idea of jealous JE is pretty cute.
        It just doesn’t seem to be part of her, so far. She was hurt by RW’s lack of attention, but never showed any outward jealousy. Hmmmm…we will have to wait and see.

  5. So lovely. In A Good Way reminded me of those tender feelings of falling in love back in college. I adore this couple.

    • jomo143 says:

      The library scene really got me. There’s nothing wrong with combining your love life with your intellectual one. Especially if being with your love gets you better grades.
      I remember staring across the florescent lit room at some cute guy, sending brain waves for him to please look my way! I don’t think it ever worked. LOL.

  6. jafstar78 says:

    Thank you for saying everything I had been feeling regarding the OTP and couldn’t express in words.
    I had a thought re:JE giving red tea-doesn’t she remember what it stands for? Have to wonder if cup three will be LC giving it to JE on campus…

    • jomo143 says:

      I think she knows he likes it, as he has ordered it in front of her before, but did not consciously give it to him as a confession.

      It is HER family’s restaurant that sponsors the Red Tea Confession Event, so there is a strong suspicion in me that sub-concsiously she has always wanted to give THAT drink on purpose.

  7. may tae lee says:

    I can only be thankful that this is a TW drama and I know that when the Kiss happens, my screen will be ablaze. Seriously!



    • jomo143 says:

      I know! (Fans self thinking of My Queen and Ethan Ruan)
      Luckily, they don’t play the “nice girls don’t do that” game that recent K-dramas do…at least the ones not on cable.
      It’ll be really cool if LC leads JE in kissing like he did with studying, dancing, treasure hunting, eating, EVERYTHING…imagining imagining imagining…

  8. trotwood says:

    Anybody up for a group hug since there will be no In a Good Way this week?

    • jomo143 says:

      Me, me! What are we supposed to do?

      I looked for Lego’s other dramas but couldn’t find them with subs.

      • trotwood says:

        I did to, and literally shook my fist at my computer screen. My daughter asked me what I was doing and said I looked like and old person. What do you think that means?

      • nomad says:

        What’s its schedule, btw? You see, I marathoned the show after reading so much about it on DB’s OT… Is it every Monday? Twice a week or once a week? Until how many episodes, does anyone know?

    • jomo143 says:

      @nomad – Fridays only. Good thing is the episodes are almost 1.5 hours.
      The eps are up on viki raw as early as 1PM EST Fridays; subs at 100% usually by Saturday am.

  9. bogosipeo says:

    it’s been years since I last saw a TW drama. is this one worth the watch?
    i purposely skipped through the entire post in case I’ll get spoiled. teehee.

    • nomad says:

      If you like slice of life dramas, this drama is definitely for you. If not, then it’ll probably be too slow of a pace for you.

    • jomo143 says:

      Like nomad says, the best part is the slow and real pace of the show.
      There aren’t any snappy dialog scenes. Action is minimal. People are very thoughtful of what they are saying.
      I hate to make this sound like watching paint dry!! There are LOL funny scenes and characters, too.
      It isn’t that there is nothing going on, it is that it is subtle. Even so, there are moments that can take your breath away. If you can get through the first two, you will fall in love.

    • bogosipeo says:

      I usually go for quirky, fast paced rom-coms but I think I should give this a try. (can’t wait for vacation time!!)

  10. trotwood says:

    A new verb–“being chuanned’
    I am reposting something I posted to a friend who just finished watching the last episode of In a Good Way. “I know I have said this before, but I am ready to risk concussion if it would assure me that Liu Chuan would check my head like that. Although, I would probably pass out and then they would really think I had been concussed. I would wake up in the hospital, and they would say, ‘what happened?’ And I would say, ‘Nothing. I have just been Chuanned.'”
    Thus, whenever we are gasping for breath after one his stares? We have been chuanned. When Jia En gets flustered and does not know why? She’s been Chuanned. The reason Bai Xue has taken so long to move on from her first crush? She has been Chuanned (for years, people, for YEARS). The reason I am counting down the days until Friday? I have been chuanned.

    • jomo143 says:

      Ahhhhh, yes…
      Hello. My name is Jomo W. and I have been chuanned, too.
      I watched all of the all chinese New Years show when the cast was playing games.
      It was sooooo cute.

      • nomad says:

        @Jomo: Where did you watch it? And @trotwood…what a smart new word, being Chuanned. I loveee that simple scene. And the reaction of his friends, it was so real! The jokes, the flustered faces! Though I have to admit, I fast forwarded most of the scenes about that professor, it created such a rise out of me, it was unhealthy. Just. Have. To. Choke. Him.

    • jomo143 says:

      @nomad Here is the link. I don’t think it’ll embed – meaning you will have to watch it on YT.

  11. trotwood says:

    It’s Friday! It’s Friday! It’s Friday!! I am ready to be Chuanned!!! Who’s with me?

    • jomo143 says:

      I can watch it most of it unsubbed at lunch! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
      I like Big LC on my computer better than tiny LC on my phone, but I’ll take what I can get when I can get it.

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