In A Good Way: I Love Liu Chuan Because I Breathe ♥


iamjesboyfriendallrigh(Title chosen by trotwood.)

A Taiwanese drama currently airing, In a Good Way, features a lead male who makes watching the episodes a breathless experience each week. Liu Chuan, played by Lego Li or Lego Lee, 李國毅, has been around since 2006. His d-wiki page doesn’t list a lot of dramas, but he has recorded music, and appears often on variety shows to increase his visibility.

LC1I love Liu Chuan because I am a living person who can see and hear and feel.

Why is he so very very awesome?

To start, I will let Bai Xue, one of his admirers on IAGW, describe him for you:

“He’s an outstanding guy. Knows haw to have fun, and studies well.


mathMore outstanding than any other person. But works harder than anyone else. Not arrogant.

helpto finishHe never cared about winning or losing, and enjoys more the discovery process and feeling.gameAlso he is gentle and considerate. When a girl was drenched from the rain with no where to go, he  would open his doors to let her stay for the night.

outfromrainWhen a girl does not know how to dance, he volunteers to practice with her and retake the test with her.

dancetestWhen he drives a girl home, he considerately wipes of the dust on the backseat.”


♥  3  ♥  6  ♥  3  ♥  1  ♥

His character differs from so many male leads because he doesn’t make a lot of noise.  The advice he has offered our Jia En, whom he has helped mature right before our eyes, is about being true to and believing in yourself. He is honest and direct with her (with one exception that he did correct) even when it meant bringing up painful truths.

candyVery often, the most important trait he displays is the willingness to be in the background – sometimes literally.

blendHe is not above being jealous as a result of this, which makes him even more loveable.

breakfAlthough his need for anonymity and independence has forced him to face difficult choices in dealing with people who want to take advantage of him,

noinfluerather than lose a friend, he did give up some privacy and freedom.

truthLiu Chuan could have been a model for this anatomical sketch, that is not the only attractive part of him.

collage absHe plays basketball like a star – there are no photos that aren’t all a blur.

bballMostly I like how his uniform shows off his very skinny, but muscular arms.

armsHe also had an unusual shower scene with his co-star.

vlcsnap-2014-01-11-18h51m50s1081He sings beautifully, of course.

hesingsWhen he gets caught in a lie, he dimples.

lcdimpHe looks good in leather, and somehow, these god-awful jeans, too.

jeansssThe most melt-inducing skill of Lui Chuan is how he looks.


Each searching gaze allows the viewer to see into his heart and mind, as well as the subject of his looks, usually Jia En. It sounds like your typical stare scene, but somehow with this team of actors and creative folks, it transcends the cliché. They let the camera dwell on the subject; there is no rushing the moment, and no need for meaningful dialog. The background music adds even more significance.

Like this:

1look2look3looklook5It may seem I am overdoing the “look” bit here, but even after 9 episodes, it still kills.

4lookAs we head into the second half (NO NOT YET!) of the series, I expect we will get more looks, maybe some more pain, but mostly lots and lots of goodness from Liu Chuan + Jia En. They are the OTP of the year for me and they aren’t even together yet!

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15 Responses to In A Good Way: I Love Liu Chuan Because I Breathe ♥

  1. DDee says:

    EEEEEE! I just started watching this so I haven’t gotten far but man, am I falling hopelessly for this boy!! It’s SO TRUE that he doesn’t make a lot of noise, and it’s that stillness and calmness (of the whole show as well) that I really adore. That and the fact that he reads, and seems to do everything like a boss but never wants to draw attention to himself. *fangirl flail*

  2. Chewywon says:

    “OTP of the year…and they’re not even together yet” (LOL).

  3. jafstar78 says:

    Veryyyyy nice post Jomo! Is there ever a possibility to over-post on Liu Chuan’s “look”? Nahhhh! I love how you broke down his character even with nice descriptive pictures. 😉 Thank you

  4. trotwood says:

    How could I have missed this post when it came out?!?! (Why do I have to work weekends?)
    1.There is no possible way that you could post too many pictures of Liu Chuan’s look.
    2.There is no possible way that we would get tired of that look.
    3.There is no posible way that there could ever be too many pictures of Lego Lee anywhere ever.
    4.There is no possible way that I will stop spazzing out about this OTP (even if the rest of the show does not go the way I want or even gets crazy, I will still have the phone call scene to his dad to remember them by).
    5.There is no possible way that I will get enough of his cute scenes with Momo (thanks for that picture).
    6.There is no possible way you could have too many postings about In a Good Way.

    How about “I love Lui Chuan because I am not in a coma”? I hope the drama world takes note. Viewers do not need self-absorbed, man-children as leads. We actually like nice guys and want to see them win, too.

    • jomo143 says:

      Glad you found us. I was keeping your spot warm.
      We do like nice guys — who are NOT second leads!!
      That is why QIHM, Kim Boong-do was so wonderful, too. The writer wanted to make him the perfect man.

      • Just sayin says:

        Liu Chuan and Kim Boong-do….now that’s a great combo. There is something incredibly attractive about an intelligent well read man 😉

        For myself, college was a chore, I wanted to finish quickly so I could be an adult. IAGW makes me question how many experiences I missed out on.

    • jomo143 says:

      I think I will do a series of IAGW while I love love it.
      A “Why Jia en is Awesome” one as well as a “Magical Moments.”

      As I was looking for screen caps for this post, I kept pausing to rewatch the scenes they came from. It took me all day because of my (very happy) dilly-dallying.
      When you go back you notice things you didn’t the first time out.
      For example, LC was smitten really early on. He just didn’t know what to do with the feelings since he wanted to encourage and respect her need for independence from RW and him.

      • trotwood says:

        How about “Jia En is Awsome because she is the best friend ever?” Or “Jia En is awsome because she is as solid as a rock.” Or “Jia En is Awesome because she define loyalty”? They are not as catchy as the ones I came up for for Liu Chuan, but I like her so much as a character, too. There are so many nuggets of pure gold in this drama that you could go on with mutiple posts–“Bai Xue, redefining second lead” Or “how to give girls best friends in dramas” Because in too many dramas, the female lead does not have a female friend or only one Unless they are over 30 (where did those friends come from, I wonder)? Or even one just called “Reverse”–so many reversals here and not just in the driving lesson scenes! I even like how the Three Musketeers are friends with the Men of Steel even though in traditional dramas they wouldn’t be 9all due to Liu Chuan, natch). So much goodness. I look forward to reading and saving seeing more pictures, Jomo.

  5. Miosotis says:

    I so agree with you. Liu Chan is so mature and I love how Lego Lee has brought this awesome character to life. They way he looks at Jia En it just melts my heart. Fave drama and OTP.

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  7. clauric says:

    hehehe love this post! LC’s character is very rare nowadays in drama world to be the main lead..they are usually the second leads..but guess what LC is out there to represent the NICE GUYS! Lego Lee is playing LC so well! I can never get tired of his electrifying stares..They varies and each stare still gives me the butterflies.Lego really knows how to use his eyes.He is using to convey his feelings as well…

  8. Mizuki says:

    I love Liu Chan because I love Lego Lee!!! Lego Lee is hot!!! How come I never noticed him before? I hope he becomes more popular (and make more dramas/movies) after IAGW.

  9. maureenie says:

    How can you resist looking Leggo Li (Liu Chuan) so untouchable look and serene look he has. His eyes are so catching and if he is serious he looks even more dashing and when he smiles he wears a cheeky look. From the shown of In A Good Way when he looked at Kristen (Jia Ern) the sparks between each other is so electrifying. Both of them are just ideal couple. Hope there will be more shows/dramas on both of them. Their acting is so genuine
    What else can you ask from both of them. I am was hypnotized by Liu Chuan that I have to have his photo in my iMac desk top. Isn’t it cool

  10. SpringRoll54 says:

    I have never been this hooked to a drama like I am on “in a good way”. I have seen a lot-and I mean a lot- of dramas: Korean, Thai, Japanese, Taiwanese, you name it. In a way I kind of jaded and could not get past episode 1 or 2 on most of them. But this one got me from the get go. It was so surprisingly funny and sweet. So unexpected and so refreshing. No hysterics, no weird illness, no evil conniving rivals, no Cinderella in the mix yet it draws you in to the seemingly humdrum college life of seemingly normal kids. It draws you in and
    you’re hooked. Stayed true to character throughout . There are parts that could have used some editing out but overall excellent. Liu Chuan and Jia En will forever have a special place in my heart and I would constantly worry about them, where they are in their quest for freedom and happiness. Ren Wei, you totally stole my heart, I wish you the best but I know you can do whatever you set your heart on. Do take a second look at Bai Xue. She is awesome for you. Bai Xue and the rest of the gang, I hope for all of you to have all your dreams come true. I sincerely wish to see you all in the future happy and fulfilled and,yes, free.

    • maureenie says:

      Well phrased well commented – I have not been hooked by Chinese drama except this – In A Good Way – the role of the two leading stars Liu churn n Jia Ern draws out their genuine characteristic of their role they played. I have never been hooked by any other Chinese drama except this is a stigma to me. I concur your compliments to these two. Kudos to you. Wish them success and to continue to act well. Hope more to come with the entire gang acting together. But to me the this show is not complete until Liu Chuan and Jia Ern find happiness and be together again as in one of the episodes says we can depart but our hearts will always be together. So hope to see then together. Anybody agree?

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