Beautiful Days: Lee Byung-hun in 2001 – First Impressions

mysteryI have only begun this drama, Beautiful Days, and I am not sure how much I like Lee Byung-hun’s character, Min-chul. I really really like Ryu Shi-won’s character, Sun-jae.

These two screen shots were within seconds of each other in Ep 6. If this is a contest based on looks, there is no, well, contest.

Beautiful days1But damn, if LBH isn’t a beautiful 31 year old man here.

It’s so unfair to have these two guys going after the same lead girl, Yon-soo, played by a genuine, warm, beautiful 26 year old Choi Ji-woo.


There is a lot of noise and excitement going on all the time. Dancing, singing, killing, crying – lots and lots of crying, fighting, working, jealous sniping.

Lee Jung Hyun plays CJW’s little sister, Sena, who makes most of the noise.


Shin Min-ah, at a very young 17, plays LBH’s little sister and has her share of loud scenes.


It’s all very rough on my nerves. But the moment LBH shows up on screen, silence falls…there is a haze over everything and his look into the camera sears my soul.

It isn’t that  Sun-jae has no chance with the girl. There are wonderful scenes showing that he does affect her.



LBH’s frequent and literal “handling” of his employee, CJW, borders on sexual harassment – if this weren’t a drama and he weren’t this cool. Already we see the man without borders is gaining the innocent girl’s imagination and heart.
inappropWhile RSW gets to be her bestie.

rssssswLBH is just too too this for words.

llbhflaWith all kinds of inappropriate touching and closeness, I should be angry, but I turn to jelly and stop breathing for those moments of aggressive intimacy.


I am not sure what the director told him to do in those scenes, but my guess is:  “YOU are a god. Act like every word you say is sacred, and all whom you touch are your slaves hungering for your presence.”


I have a feeling the kiss is hours and hours away, but I can pretend it’ll happen any second now…Back to watching…Carry on.bdddUpdate:  OMG There is kissing. Awesome-replay-it-a-lot kissing. ☺

Update II: Here’s a goopuddleswooner


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13 Responses to Beautiful Days: Lee Byung-hun in 2001 – First Impressions

  1. trotwood says:

    Oh, Jomo. I laughed out loud at this post and nearly burnt the cookies I am making because the alarm went off while I was reading ““YOU are a god. Act like every word you say is sacred, and all whom you touch are your slaves hungering for your presence.” I remember watching this drama on youtube when I first started watching dramas a couple of years agoand did not know anyone else who watched korean dramas or knew where to find them. At the time, I thought that the cinematographer must have been in love with Lee Byung-hun because it seemed like all the filters were out and angels sang every time he appeared on the screen. His skin is just lustrous, and his lips are perfect, and I even forgive the 90s hair. In fact, I could not really watch properly because I kept fast forwarding to his scenes which played havoc wih my understanding of the plot. I had to slow down and go back several times. It was also the first drama where I learned about a lot of what I found to be traditional kdrama tropes (not saying anything here for risk of spoilers) and learned the effect that fans can have on a plot (something I have to say that for this drama I am thankful for). Lee Byun-hun was the first Korean actor who showed up in my dreams, and it is because of this show. My first kdrama was Boys Over Flowers because of my daughter, but this was the drama that hooked me completely.

    • jomo143 says:

      Really really LOL I can totally see the LBH effect occurring because of this show.
      Am thinking of giving IRIS a look next, and I have never ever ever wanted to do that before.
      I have to admit I did FF a bit here and there, but have been trying to watch most of it.
      Sena and her nemesis fighting got old immediately, so I still skip that…
      Meanwhile, I keep finding more screen shots to add to this post. It’s going to end up being pages and pages long!!

      Only on Ep 7, don’t tell me what happens!!!

      • trotwood says:

        I would never tell you what happens ahead of time. You need to spend time lingering. I know you feel hasty in between Lee Byun-hun scenes as it is; spoilers would do nothing for your heart rate. I love his hair in Iris and the scenes with her girlfriend (I completely forget her name; something that happens to me about his co-stars) are adorable and sexy. I don’t know how she stayed on her feet with him winking at her like that. Have you seen the movie Addicted? I know I am supposed to be conflicted by his character’s moral choices in that movie, but like you say above . . he shows up and I do not really care what he says or does. I just nod “yes.”

  2. kfangurl says:

    Tee hee!! I remember being completely mesmerized by LBH in this drama!! His intense gazes, hard breathing and hot kissing left me in a huge swooned-out puddle. XD

    • trotwood says:

      . . .puddle of goo. puddle of goo. Even these screenshots do it for me. He is beautiful, but I remember thinking that in this drama he must have been THE ‘beautiful” of the title. The camera just loves him in almost obscene ways. That is why I thought the cinematographer must have been in love with him–such lingering care every time he shows up.

    • jomo143 says:

      I would like to dedicate this brief rap to kfangurl, trotwood, rubie, Ddee and ME:

      Puddle of goo puddle of goo
      Who leaves you breathless?
      Lee Byung-HUN!

      Kisses so hot makes me swoon
      Camera loves him, so do I
      Lee Byung-HUN!

  3. glorygirl says:

    I know this post is about LBH but I think young Choi Jiwoo is absolutely gorgeous and beautiful.
    I love watching her falling in love.

    • jomo143 says:

      Yes, I agree. She has beautiful moments all fancied up and dressed down.
      I just BELIEVE every word she says in this. Her reactions to MC are genuine in every respect. How does the girl remember her lines?

      • trotwood says:

        I know that I am wrong, but I remember thinking that all they needed to do was allow her to react to him. I would have fallen apart and begged him to love me, but she is a professional. Since then, I have noticed that she is really good at playing off her costars in everything I have seen her in. Even if the awful A Star’s Lover, she really played those tears off of Yoo Ji-tae and his tears over how poorly his character was written ( I swear this is why he started directing!). She is so beautiful here, but her lighting seems different from LBH’s in their individual shots. Hers are all cool, white gates of heaven and his seem to be lit through light amber stained glass.

  4. trotwood says:

    Can’t seem to reply above, but I want to show my appreciation for your verse, Jomo. LBH is a worthy muse.

  5. trotwood says:

    Just thought to ask now. Have you finished it, Jomo?

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