Reply 1994: It’s Over

The moment where you know,


and finally let go,

heletsgoand let the pain show.

hurtssoTeam Chilbong RIP.

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25 Responses to Reply 1994: It’s Over

  1. glorygirl says:

    I am just so disappointed…

  2. kdramas says:

    oh wowwww! Seeing that screencap hurt like a mofo!! Oh man… T_T

    It’s o.k. that NJ-Trash got together but to do THIS to my beloved is not done!! *sobs*

    • kdramas says:

      I REALLY am in need to that hug from YYS! *continues sobbing*

      • jomo143 says:

        Can you even imagine the sobbing in the crowd in line to hug him?

        Chilbongie may have been the saddest character in Reply 94, but YYS can be very proud of how much he gained from this experience. It’s fun to think it took him ten years to become an overnight success!

  3. glorygirl says:

    Hi Jomo143.

    I have never loved a K-drama character more than Chilbong. I have never rooted for a guy as much as I did for Chilbong. My heart aches for him. I am glad I can find solace here with you all.

    • nomad says:

      Yes to each of your word. I’ve had 2nd lead syndrome many times over, but never once it made me tear up. Not once. CB however, ugh…even thinking about his feeling, just stabs my heart all over again. I wish there was an alternate ending to this series. Not just the end episode, but a rewrite to his story…one where there’s a NJ that is for him and him alone. One that fills his loneliness, friends that would give him surprise birthday parties… 😦

  4. TP says:

    Hey Jomo, I’m new here. I saw your comments while reading AM ’94’s recaps on DB and decided I officially like you. 😀

    Aaack, my heart just died seeing him like this. I will always fondly remember Chilbong as one of my favorite K-Drama characters of all time. I teared up when he was crying at that scene (boy, did he nail it). Anyways, I have to give credit to the drama for introducing me to YYS, and I especially have to thank YOU for making all those posts dedicated to him!!! I really appreciate it. 🙂

  5. birdscout says:

    I’m at work, but I snuck a peek at your post and now I just want to cry…BUT the pain is worth it for all the awesomeness that is Chilbongie ❤

    Thanks again jomo for all your CB posts!

  6. Mashimomo says:

    Awe guys group hug, y’all. YYS is so good at making us connect with what Chilbong went thru, and I will always remember him as the second lead that stole my heart. I really wished we were all in Seoul for his fan event, and thank him for making us fall in love with Chilbong. Thank you as always for your heartfelt posts.

    • jomo143 says:

      You are welcome! I saw some of the video of his hugging event.
      It looked very scary from his point of view; people running at him.
      I loved that there were some male fans in the mix. When one guy approached, YYS’s expression went from “Huh?” to “Well, why not?” before he hugged him. Cute.

  7. AznCowgirl says:

    Hi Jomo. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog for a while now. I enjoy reading all your posts and wanted to thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I’m especially grateful for your recent posts on CBie. I had given up hope of him being the end game when he completely disappeared from our screen in ep 16 and 17. Then he comes back in ep 18 and 19 with some much awesomeness I thought for sure he would be it. I thought there was no way Miss/Mr. Writer would make this awesome character live such a lonely and unloving life if he wasn’t the end game right? No one is that cruel? Well this writer certainly is that cruel. In all my years of watching k-drama and shipping second leads, CBie’s character has got to be one if not the most heartbreaking characters ever written. To not give him an ending that is just was awesome as he is was a disservice to him. That’s why my heart broke. It wasn’t because NJ and T were the end game it was because the writer(s) created a character so deserving of love that in the end when he didn’t get it, I felt cheated for him. Maybe the writers didn’t start out to make him that loving and awesome and it was the actor himself who created that aura, either way CBie got the short end of the stick. They had 21 episodes to create a happy ending for him and in the end he got 5 minuets? This is why I feel cheated.

    Moving on…. YYS nailed it with his performance as CBie. I’m so thankful he already did his military time and will continue to grace our screen with his awesome performances. I will no longer remember him as the jerk from Architect 101 and Wolfboy but as the awesome baseball player who I would marry in a heartbeat if he were mine 🙂

    Sorry for the long post…. This is what happens when you comment for the first time.

    • jomo143 says:

      I know, we saw more sad and lonely CB than anything.
      But now that you mention it, YYS is just AWESOME at conveying those emotions, so maybe they just went with what pulled all the fans in in the first place.
      (I am kinduv lying here, I would not have minded AT ALL if we got to see Jung Yoo-mi entranced with the greatness that is CBie.)

  8. Jazzelm says:

    Oh no! Well there goes my ship..that last screencap kills me 😦
    I knew I should have given up hope because I knew what the end game was but I just couldn’t. I still havent seen the last episode but I just hope hope they gave chilbong a good ending..does he get a special someone or reconcile with his parents? I have never second shipped this hard ever and man is this hard! Hoping to see YYS in more awesome roles and where he will actually gets the girl.

    Thank you so much jomo for your awesome as ever posts! I have been following your blog since the Nine recaps but I didnt have much to say..until now.

    • jomo143 says:

      Ah, the parents…and their MIA-ness.
      Seriously, are there parents of superstars who don’t want to associate with their child to the extent where they leave them alone after surgery?
      Even in the last moments, I was calling for his freaking mother to come and see her poor sad boy. The dad, I wrote off early as some kind of abuser so I am glad he stayed away. They didn’t say that specifically, but I think that is one of the only reasons divorce is approved.

      I am guessing the writers knew someone who had this sad of a story and needed to tell it for him/her. It makes me want to hug my family just for being there.

      • nomad says:

        Good point, Jomo-ssi..maybe it is a tribute for someone the writer knows. If it is, what a tribute that would be. Kinda like saying, “see? you’re awesome like this.”

  9. Bluebelle says:

    Jomo – thank you for your posts. They encapsulated how I felt about this fictional character. Even though I tend to have a mini crush on the lead (or 2nd lead) of any drama I watch, CB was by far my favorite. Maybe because the character portrayal was so familiar. Maybe because he was just so cute. Maybe because his story reminded me too much of my unrequited love during my 20s. I suppose that’s it. Oh, he was just too cute!

    I knew T was likely the end game but hoped that the story would take on a favorable twist since there was so many episodes left, but no.

    The best thing about this drama is that it allowed us to discover the actor, Yoo Yeon Seok. Here’s looking forward to more YYS screen time, playing characters that are given a better and more complete trajectory, whether or not he’s the cutie pie next door or the jerk down the street. I’m off to finally watch the remainder of Gu Family Book. I didn’t get past the first few episodes. Now that I know YYS is in it, I’ll sit through to see him portray another character.

    • jomo143 says:

      I totally agree.
      My one sided crush devastated me. I had to cut myself off from seeing him for months before I could get my equilibrium. That was after four years of knowing it was impossible in the first place. So when I see these second lead guys and girls who are unwilling or unable to stop their crushes, my heart goes out to them. It isn’t as easy as saying, “Feelings be gone!” It takes resolve, an extremely courageous heart, and the willingness to go through major withdrawal symptoms. Yes, you can have physical pain from love!

      I had no intention whatsoever of watching Gu, now I’m thinking, why not? I get to see more of YYS…maybe I’ll find the time to marathon soon.

  10. bogosipeo says:

    and once again, I am crying.

    I wouldn’t lie, I cried because he lost the najeong’s love but now I’m sobbing my heart out because we can’t have more of chilbong.

    thanks for all the wonderful posts you had for CB. ❤

  11. nomad says:

    Your site is my to go site every time I have withdrawal symptoms from missing CB. So here’s the link to the translation of Lee Seung Hwan’s for 1000 days. (Just scroll down til you see it). It just encapsulates CB’s feelings towards NJ so perfectly. *tears*

  12. Just sayin' says:


    Btw…love your header!

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