Reply 1994: It’s Over When Chilbongie Says It’s Over

2It’s ain’t over till it’s over, that’s what Chilbongie claims,

But Oppa holds the last gold medal of the NaJung Games.


She loves Chilbongie not. No doubt. Oppa is her only.

Refusing to see that truth now will surely make him lonely.5555Chilbongie’s plan to not give up is marvelous, I guess.

I admire that the boy’s got grit, but he also needs finesse.


His laser beam attention should be on getter smarter.

Matters of the heart don’t improve if you work harder.

People really can’t be trained to feel something that they don’t.

Najungie can’t be made to love someone that she won’t.

444I wish he’d focus on himself and spend more time on learning.

His college days are flying by; he can’t waste them on yearning.

33333Chilbonga – look around. There’s life beyond your glove,

and Najung’s not the only girl who’s worthy of your love.


It ain’t over till you say it’s over. You decide the end.

Let go and live your life for you. Trust that your heart will mend.

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9 Responses to Reply 1994: It’s Over When Chilbongie Says It’s Over

  1. Mawiie says:

    Aww! I’m Team Chilbong but I agree on everything! You need to define yourself , honey. Be happy and explore the horizons. There a plenty of fishes in the sea, and someone will be sure to reciprocate that pure heart of yours! ❤

    Well written btw! I love it!

  2. Clockwatcher says:

    Awesome, Jomo.

  3. birdscout says:

    With 8 episodes left, there’s still plenty of time for CB to win NJ’s heart. (I hope!). Oppa is awesome, but in a older brother-Oppa-way. Team Chilbongie!

  4. Mashimomo says:

    This is awesome, but you really nailed it on your last 2 lines – love it!

  5. bong-ah says:

    Whoa, so many advises telling Chilbong to let go.
    Being in love isn’t about giving up just because somebody tells you to do so, no matter how well meaning your friends may be. It’s just the most natural thing to do; to hold on and hope that maybe, a change of heart will come soon.
    speaking from experience, back in high school, i developed a deep crush over my cousin’s best friend, whom i’ve been close since we were all 5th grade. We were all classmates through high school, and when i started liking him in junior year, he has someone he liked, who’s also our mutual friend. it sure was hell being able to hear him talk about her and how he courted her and other stuff, but i couldn’t just stop my feelings. we were classmates and close friends… he’s close to all my siblings, so i continued to pin on him, despite everyone saying he’s got somebody he likes who seems to have liked him back… fast forward to college and i was still communicating with him and excitedly meet him on sem breaks and vacations…and then one day, he just realized he liked me too… and he courted me and we became bf/gf…
    our friends could not believe what happened, they were so happy for me to finally have him and they thought it would last forever BUT i don’t know what went wrong… about two years into the relationship, we broke up on mutual decision… because we were far with each and stuff like that…
    it’s been many years, but after that, up to this day, nothing was ever the same. i don’t know, we’re now both married but… dunno…
    so Chilbongie, hwaiting! after many years of hoping, I got my miracle… and hey, maybe Na Jeong would be like me too… after so many years of pinning over a guy, once we got together… although I was so happy, it just didn’t work out… there’s still a chance, Bong-A!

  6. trotwood says:

    I was always on the Oppa ship even though I wanted Chilbongie for myself. However, I have a sinking feeling about this ship. it is TOO early for this to be the happy ending. I think the “it’s not over till it’s over” comment is a warning to us all that Oppa is only Najung’s first love not her last. I think Chilbongie is going to win in the end.

  7. nomad says:

    Bong-ah!! Let go and let live!!! Go beyond and dreams, and define yourself! We’re all rooting for you!

  8. ilikemangos says:

    “It ain’t over till you say it’s over. You decide the end.
    Let go and live your life for you. Trust that your heart will mend.”

    Is the best part!

  9. Cam says:

    Brilliant poem and I agree with the sentiment. I actually think the writers did this on purpose so that he WILL give up his pursuit, of Na Jeong, but not on his feelings, for now so that Na Jeong can experience her first relationship while he goes off by himself to do his own thing…and come back better and stronger than ever. Because up until now we’ve only gotten to know Chilbongie, but not the real Kim ___ Joon. Likewise, Na Jeong still has a lot of maturing to do and will need to figure out who she is as a woman, and it’ll be harder for her to do that if she’s tied down to Oppa, who even though has come to terms with his feelings, is still having trouble coming to terms with the fact that she’s no longer the kid sister anymore. So a separation is best for both Chilbong and Na Jeong for the time being.

    Because once they grow up into the people they were meant to be, if they meet again and and fall in love, it’ll be more mature than the “clumsy” love Na Jeong had with Oppa, and will have the better chance of being more sustainable and long-lasting. So don’t count our boy out yet! After all, “Life starts at the end of the 9th inning, with two outs!”

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