Reply 1994: Haitai’s Turn

leanonmeafgYou may not have seen me shirtless, but I’m still worth a look.

Please check out my seashell curls! You know how long this took?


OK, I  know. I have no theme song on the OST.

Well, there’s the saying “Best for last.” They’re talking about me.

It’s not that I’m not awesome. Thing is I’m soo cool

I’ll stay out of the spotlight now, so later I will rule.

Najung sees the real me, I have no closer friend.

I‘d confess to her already, but I don’t want this to end.

leanonmeI’ll eat and drink and talk and learn, Chingu at my side.

When things go well or really bad, I’ll have her to confide.

haitai odeIf she and Oppa don’t work out, don’t worry, I’ll be there.

Just like her ideal Lee Jung Jae, only I have better hair.

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8 Responses to Reply 1994: Haitai’s Turn

  1. dramacafe says:

    OMG! I so feel for HaiTai in this episode! I finally see the Joon Hee in him, the one who has this unrequited love towards YoonJae in R97 and the object of his affection not even knowing it. In HaiTai’s case, he’s the only close friend that NJ has right now and I feel so sad for him when he told NJ, “If it were him, he’d date her already, then the song I Can’t Have You plays in the background and lyrics goes like this,”I said the words that I couldn’t say even till the end to myself. There is a person that you can’t have even when you love them. Just look at me, I’m next to
    you but I can’t have you”; then followed by HT’s voice over about one-sided love…It’s like that beer drinking scene with JH & YJ, JH telling YJ he’s the one and YJ brushing it off as a joke…all over again in my mind.

  2. bie81 says:

    Hilarious poem 🙂 I am not on team haitai, but agree he is cute. If he does hv feelings for na jung, i wonder why he’s kept it to himself. Is it cos he knows he cant win?

    • jomo143 says:

      He said something to the effect,”If we hadn’t gotten close like this, I would have asked you out,” safely couching it in hypothetical language. When they first met, HT had his girlfriend back home. They were as platonic as you can be between boys and girls, so they were very comfortable being themselves without the awkwardness of needing to show off or please the other.
      They are both lucky HT didn’t have a chance to hone in on her as a dating subject since he seems to lack romancing skills. LOL.

      So, I think he wants to keep his Chingu-ship strong and he clearly sees how much NJ adores Oppa and assumes he doesn’t have a chance with that competition.
      What will happen when CBie shows his hand? Ay-yai-yai! HT’ll NEVER admit it! Unless something changes and he doesn’t feel they are treating his NJ properly. I can see him step in and be the gentleman.

  3. oozzeee says:

    Bwahaha! The last line phrase! Thank you for making my day a happier one.

  4. nomad says:

    I’m not team Haitai either…but that fleeting longing look, that questioning to oppa that essentially rooting for his friend, NJ, no matter what…he’s the best friend anyone could ask for!

  5. birdscout says:

    Great poem, jomo! About time Haitai gets some love from us fans. I LOVE his friendship with NJ, and I think I prefer it to a loveline between the two. Personally, I’m on Team Chilbongie ❤

  6. nomad says:

    Jomooo, have you seen dpi 13 and what happened to Haitai? :((((((((

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