Reply 1994: The Heart Wants

porlknaThe heart beats and we cannot control it.

Just one look and, look, it’s pounding!

The heart loves fast and we cannot hide it,

Just for you and it’s astounding.


I can survive sickness and hunger and storming

I can live a day or two without sun.

But don’t go away from my side for a moment.

Where you go, I’ll go.  Hell, I’ll run.


I know it sounds corny and seems like I’m crazy,

But loving you now is the reason I’m living.

I don’t really care if you want me or never.

Right now I’m happy to be the one giving.


Gone are the days when I think of you passing.

The time when your smile not did not help me breathe.

Now are the days when you’re in my heart only.

It’s painful but lovely out there on my sleeve.


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4 Responses to Reply 1994: The Heart Wants

  1. bogosipeo says:

    your words, those scenes….. ahhhh my heart fluttered once again.

  2. Laica says:

    I love it! I knew you were gifted with funny poems, but you write serious ones too, and so well. You perfectly captured that all-in, heady feeling of desperate one-sided love that both Na-jung and Bongie are feeling.

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