Reply 1994: Ode to Chil-bongie

Chil-bongie giggles when she speaks, and tries her satoori.

He smiles, then boldly gives a kiss, but Na-jung doesn’t see.

stickkissTying out another tact, our pitcher shows his “skill.”

Na-jung stops and this time stares, drinking in her fill.

skillstareChilbongie spots another chance to prove that he’s the man

Though Na-jung’s doubts start creeping up, they fall just like the can.

the canChilbongie’d trade a look his way for all his baseball fame.

one look

His final pitch, heart in hand, our Chil-bongie’s got game.

gameThe question now – Can he hang on? The journey’s all up hill.

Oppa may have her Na-jung now, but in the end, who will?

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5 Responses to Reply 1994: Ode to Chil-bongie

  1. Fairycutter says:

    He will hang on. He is the man who will not lost before give his best shot, he is the man of winning.

    and he have to hang on, only that way, Najung will see him and see his feeling that open her own…

  2. bogosipeo says:

    just seeing these caps make my poor heart flutter some more.
    trash and chilbong are perfect guys but i’d love to see the “third party” win the girl this time.
    i’d be waiting for that episode where his unrequited love gets noticed by najeong.

  3. DayDreamer says:

    Waitaminute….when did Chilbongie and Na Jung kiss and how did I miss this?? Or is this something from future episodes?

    • jomo143 says:

      Remember they were trying to get YJ and SCP to make up so they played that chopstick game? The last two to kiss were NJ and CB, but she was too drunk to remember.

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