Reply 1994: Trash Oppa or Chilbongie? A Poll

absoffThe choice is not easy, I cannot deny.

I asked ’94, but got no Reply.

2013 was not telling enough,

So I watched and I sorted through all of the stuff.

Our men are both lovely; each has his charms.

(I would not mind at all to be held in those arms.)

But we cannot have both; only ONE makes the cut.

Just go with your heart. Or should I say “gut?”

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25 Responses to Reply 1994: Trash Oppa or Chilbongie? A Poll

  1. Nina says:

    Trash oppa all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!! ❤

    Jung Woo, these days my head is a big mess because of you x_x

    • jomo143 says:

      I keep telling myself Oppa Oppa Oppa, then CB goes and does something fabulous and I think, “Well, Oppa will always be there for her, even if they don’t marry…” and I go to CB. Then, Oppa does something wonderful and I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!!!

      • Nina says:

        Call me biased but perfect Chil Bong has zero effect on me xD …

        and Jung Woo ( and ssereuki!! )…. gosh!!

  2. merlnpau says:


  3. ViB says:

    Oppa-ya!!!! CB done nothing for me so far!

  4. it’s such a difficult decision but in the end i go for Trash oppa, who is someone that I want Najeong to end up with since episode 1 even though at that time I thought they were siblings… Chilbongie does flutter my heart these days. That’s why it’s a difficult choice.

  5. Fairycutter says:

    of course Chilbongie, no matter what.

    got to me from the very first interaction between Najung and him….

  6. DayDreamer says:

    Always and forever, OPPA-YA!!

    Jomo, please don’t waver from Team Oppa. Just seeing that smaller bar in the voting results. saddens me. =P

    • jomo143 says:

      I think that is because he isn’t YET showing he loves her back. Can you imagine how intense it would be if Oppa decides to show how passionate he feels for NJ? We will all be DEAD from the blazing heat!!

      • DayDreamer says:

        Exactly!! Oppa-yah is already awesome but once we get more of him beyond the surface level, then everyone will be clamoring to ship him with NJ…at least that’s what I hope happens, LOL.

      • Gisle says:

        Yes I’m one of the girls that going straight to the floor, I love them Oppa-ya and NJ together, i can’t wait he’s no response for all she feels and for what he feels about her. SORRY my englksh is not so good i hope you can understand what i say.

  7. nomad says:

    I’m actually okay for any, though truly my heart already bleeds for the one unrequited one, which ever that is (between the three of them). Love, love, love this triangle. I’ve never rooted for BOTH men, ever! I chose CB in this poll, but I’m changing my mind a dozen times already…

  8. mary says:

    This poll is unfair.

    • jomo143 says:

      I should include? Both?

      • mary says:

        Just kidding, Jomo. I love your question even if it’s harder to answer than that last Calculus test I took (and failed).

        I guess a BOTH option would be unfair to the guys… But if it’s the end of the world, surely the propagation of our species is more important than monogamy? 😛

  9. jomo143 says:

    No matter what Oppa admits to himself about NJ, he must have considered her April Fool’s Day confession at face value. He is not immune to the flattering aspect of it; so he must have been just a wee bit happy she said those words. Of course, his survival instinct took over immediately, so he pretended to brush it off. But I think he felt she was telling him her heart.

  10. Su55 says:

    Chilbong!!! ❤

    Oppa-ya!me encanta, pero Chil Bong es amor.. ❤

    • nomad says:

      It’s telling how bad my Spanish is when it took me about five minutes to just translate your last sentence in my head..haha! But what a lovely way to put how you feel.

  11. Gisle says:

    Ok Chilbongie is really a handsome guy, but, Trash Oppa,, was the perfect match for her, omg. Just think that she said, that she was in a fight every day with him, that was the phrase, when i think that was the answer to my cuestions, and only Trash Oppa-ya!!!!!!!! Team Trash all the wayyy!!!!

  12. tram says:

    Chil Bong Yi is owning my heart. So, whatever Na Jung chosen is, for me it’s always Chil Bong Yi.
    In a Vietnamese fansite, we fighting for 2 options, Trash-Na and Bong-Na, and I’m fighting so hard on Bong-Na ship. ❤

  13. phingphing says:

    chil bongie…….

  14. kkkk says:

    definitely OPPA-YA!!! no matter how perfect chilbong is, my heart still screams for trash ❤

  15. phingphing says:

    chilbong chilbong chilbong…….forever chilbong

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