Empress Ki: Armor Love

What gets me salivating with Empress Ki?

Is it this?

bathWelllll, actually yes. That.

And this:

lolVery much that.

But I also love the battle gear. All of it. I can pretend to see lots of leather and studly manly materials, even though it is probably faux.  I love the details that make the KING’s far superior to the underlings.’ I guess as they film into the winter temps the extra layers and weight will be welcome.richLess pretty for the middle class soldiers.

midAnd these poor guys? It is no wonder the guy in yellow did a backflip to avoid a sword and not surprisingly failed.   CLOTH armor’s not going to stop steel.  Maybe he should have borrowed the skin from the brigand?poor

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3 Responses to Empress Ki: Armor Love

  1. tessieroo says:

    I personally believe JCW should never wear clothes.
    OMG, did I say that out loud? *hehehe*

  2. Flore says:

    I don’t care whether he’s undress or not:-Dwhatever it is, he’s damn hot and goreo king:->he’s manly.

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