Empress Ki: Age vs. Abs – A Poll

When it comes right down to it, Empress Ki is a showdown of sexy older manly vs sexy younger manly. I call this Age vs. Abs.  Let’s see where you readers stand on this issue.

Here is your choice. You’re welcome.


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11 Responses to Empress Ki: Age vs. Abs – A Poll

  1. may tae lee says:


  2. Voted for Joo Jin Mo. Sexy king FTW! 😉

  3. Mawiie says:

    Damn! It’s almost 50-50! It’s King for me!

  4. Soori says:

    Dalja’s grandmother (from Dalja’s Spring) said that younger guys are always the best, so I’m taking the younger one (ahemmm although the supposed younger one is older than me XD)

  5. Sung Yong-Mi says:

    The king is so ugly, I don’t like him….I love the prince 🙂

  6. cherkell says:

    I’m sorry… did you say something? I momentarily lost all cognitive thought processes while voting……. ABS FOR THE WIN!!! 😀

  7. JoAnne says:

    King! King! King! Joo Jin Mo! Joo Jin Mo! The prince always looks like he’s going to cry or shit when I see pictures. Not exactly arousing. But then, I haven’t started the drama yet either.

  8. tessieroo says:

    It’s pretty much always going to be the younger guy for me. *sigh* Yea, I have a thing…

  9. Wangnyang says:

    Joo Jin Mo is one of the most talented actors in the world and probably the best Korean actor.

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