Reply 1994: Ode to Trash Oppa


he spiesHe spies and she’s aware when he touches how he cares.

Telling on his heart with his hands.

She gives and he denies, so he steals and tells her lies.

Hiding his need –

for her sweetness

for her softness

for something so precious it’s measured out a little each day

Afraid to waste and to lose what cannot be found anywhere else

for her whole heart.

Glances and marshmallows.


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3 Responses to Reply 1994: Ode to Trash Oppa

  1. Mashimomo says:

    Oh Trash Oppa! I SO want it to be you and Na Jung in the end, and I’m enjoying how your eyes are betraying you and feelings that are slowly unraveling especially when Chilbonggie is around her. BUT, I’m also enjoying Chilbonggie and how he wants so much to feel like he belonged to a family which maybe fueling his attraction to Na jung more and more. I am rooting for Trash Oppa but Chilbonggie is definitely giving him a run for his money. This will be a fun ride!

  2. nomad says:

    I’ve never loved BOTH men for the heroine as much I do for this show. Oppa-yaaa!!!! (I just found out, he’s actually younger than me, I thought for once this word would actually be fitting for me to say, hahaha!)

  3. Nina says:

    Oppa yahhh <333 * in Masan dialect *

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