Nine Time Travel: US Remake?


*** Warning! Nine spoilers in post and/or comments! ***

Jomo: Did you see on DB a possible US remake of Nine is being discussed?

EE: If that happens, maybe we could do a recap (or at least a comparison) of the two series?  I think that would be fun

Jomo: YOU ARE SOO RIGHT! I never thought of that. I’m in. We don’t even have to wait for subs…Imagine that.

EE: Now that . . . THAT is just crazy talk lol

Jomo:   How do you think the move over to US would change the story? They need to make sure they bring the kissing. ALL the kissing.


EE:  Yeah.   I immediately thought of the family angle…that wouldn’t necessarily be the same level of taboo in the US.

Jomo: I thought the same thing! We don’t have the same taboo about non blood related uncle/niece.


EE:   Plus Dad’s objection to Hyung marrying a woman with a child… Not unheard of, but again not the same level of taboo.

Jomo: Most parental interference would have to be adjusted.

EE: I would even say there could be more of a case for a class struggle versus just a single mom.  If Dad were something of a big deal in the community – not necessarily affluent, but like maybe small town mayor or owner of a small chain of department stores or even a somewhat politicized medical researcher –  then bringing a “working class” single mom into the family would be a point of contention.

Jomo: How about making him Dad political and Hyung’s girl be from the opposing party?

EE: I like the idea of opposing parties but I don’t know if it would be good to turn the secondary characters into Romeo and Juliet.

Jomo: What about EVIL CHOI? OMG He would have to be toned down.


EE: I think with the right actor he could go devious to the point of mental. To me, and maybe it is just typecasting, but Choi could be British.

Jomo: OK Now I am seeing someone like Alan Rickman as Choi. (Rubs hands with glee.) That would be fun character to screen test for.

EE: Yes, Alan Rickman would be great.

Jomo: Do US shows have the faithful secretaries like Choi’s minion? They are great for the audience to hear evil plans being hatched (And sometimes eye candy.)


EE: I am trying to think of any US shows with secretaries at all . . . Mad Men maybe? Lol  I think stateside he would have to either be like a personal Assistant (I would say Henchman, but that is more the role of the guy Choi hired to do his dirty work.)

Jomo: Which brings up the idea that a henchman would have a gun, and shoot and kill as opposed to plowing over his victim trapped in a phone booth.

EE:  I liked the phone booth – not that it happened, but as a plot device – because there is the ironic connection to time travel (Dr. Who) and just something kinda outdated about phone booths these days and how sad he was, in the rain and all mangled…


Jomo: So tragic. So FINAL.  Maybe we will just see evil henchman lose the gun early on so he has to resort to vehicular manslaughter?

EE: The bromance between American Sun-Woo and his Dr. friend would be important as well.


Jomo: Yes, both the past and current boys were great.

EE: To make it more than one season, it would be Sun-Woo’s 9 chances to fix his family, the next season could be an entirely new character and scenario

Jomo:  That would work. They really can’t stretch the nine incense sticks past one season. Who would care? And they need to keep Whitney’s “And I I I I I I I will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu- ah!”

EE: Ugh, if they take too long bringing this to air they might be stuck with Celine Deon singing My Heart Will Go On

Jomo: Ugh is right!! Pally pally show!


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4 Responses to Nine Time Travel: US Remake?

  1. shelhass says:

    HAHAHA, girls you are right!
    And I still think they made some small changes after teen Dr. Friend’s DUI, remember? So maybe we could get more out of that.

  2. D says:

    i dropped Nine somewhere in the middle and promised myself i will finish it one day for the sake of LJW. i know it’s very shallow of me but i’ve to be honest – i can’t stand her (Bowl Cut Hair).. my colleague tried to persuade me and i did tried but i just can’t.. about O.O – thanks to Nine, he’ll always be an evil elder to me. Not gonna trust him in Heirs (didnot watch YTBLSS)

  3. Caitlyn says:

    I’m so curious to see what things they change. The niece thing won’t work at all; who in America would care if an adult dates his non-blood related adult niece? I hope they do the doctor character right; he was the best character in the show.

  4. nomad says:

    I hope the US version already has a PLAN for an ending, unlike LOST that just conjured the ending from their -youknowwhere-.

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