Dramas: Reality Need Not Apply

(My son playing my favorite falling in love tune ever.)

secLonely rich boy with Mommy and/or Daddy issues with a LOT of time on his hands

heirs meets/has a run in with/observes hardworking, poor girl.

ptbAs his world is devoid of meaning, with little to occupy his thoughts, he begins to obsess over this ONE person.

sgBad or good, doesn’t matter – her very presence rankles.

baliHer importance grows in relationship to the amount of mental energy he spends thinking of/loving/hating her.


Like sun and rain on baby plants.baby plants

Give that man a real job with actual responsibilities, however, and **POOF**  the obsession cannot take root. These rich boys don’t have the same consequences as Mike, for example, the New Hire in the cube next to you.  Mike doesn’t have an assistant doing his dirty work and driving his ass all over town to stalk a girl.

gsHis boss wants him to stay late; customers call and complain; co-workers annoy him constantly with extra reporting. He barely has time to gulp down his ramen lunch let alone stare endlessly at pics on his cell or talk to stuffed animals.

Thinking about the difference between Rich Boy and Poor Girl has helped me see why Poor Girl is always reluctant to fall for him. Not just the gap in income and status.  Not just because he’s an jerk. She just doesn’t have time.

How could she care about Rich Boy’s asinine behavior, or be touched that his attention to her? She needs to make a living, since she has to make car payments/eat food/afford shelter/pay off her college loans.


I think this is why the aforementioned drama reality is popular and I will forgive Dramas for using the same tropes since they work to make the story happen.

We real folks may have a run in with somebody at a drug store across town and spill ketchup on a Handsome Boy, but the odds of seeing him again? Pretty low. And if Handsome Working Boy has friends, watches sports, plays video games, goes to movies, and attends family functions, he won’t have the mind space to remember me, as much of a Pretty Poor Girl that I am.

If only Handsome Working Busy Boy and Pretty Poor Busy Girl could accidentally meet again, yes, two weeks later and end up in an elevator that stalls for hours between floors, and Boy somehow gets fabric destroying paint on his clothes so he must go to Girl’s nearby apartment to change. Girl could lend him her Old Boyfriend’s jeans which sets up the next meeting whereby Girl finds out that the new job she just got today? It’s at the same company where Boy works. Over the cube wall beside hers for 11 hour days 5 days a week.

Wall peek

And so the romance begins…Who needs reality?

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6 Responses to Dramas: Reality Need Not Apply

  1. DDee says:

    HAH! But, some of us real folks do have some shades of drama reality in our real reality–I first met the hubs in an elevator. And he did eventually end up in the cubicle next to mine. Unfortunately, he wasn’t an heir to some empire 😦

    • jomo143 says:

      OMG I love your story! ☺
      You must have been MFEO for those coincidences to happen for you. Thanks for sharing. ♥

      • DDee says:

        Nah, it’s a lot more mundane than it sounds, really. The elevator meet was more awkward than cute ;). But yeah, of all the elevators in the world, he had to walk into mine…HAH.

  2. MJP says:

    LOL! Jomo, I always love your way of thinking about things!

    • jomo143 says:

      Oh m’ gosh! Look who stopped in to say hey! You should have seen how excited I was to see your initials appear before my eyes.
      How the heck are you? Hope all is well.
      Thanks for saying nice things! I wish I had time to do another recap, but my reality stops me! 🙂

  3. oh my! you cracked me up!

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