Master’s Sun: Mysterious Photo Poll *Update*

ty holding pixAt the start of Episode 11, Sec “Cupid” Kim hands Tae-yang three photos.

We get to see the diamond necklace and Hee-joo. Tae-yang comments that the photo shows how pretty Hee-joo was when she was alive.

We DON’T, however, get to see the third photo hiding behind Hee-joo’s snapshot.two pix

Why is this? It bothers me a LOT.  It’s one of those tricks writers use to pretend that the information was there right in front of us the whole time but we missed it!

But WE didn’t miss it. THEY did.

I blew it up for you.

Hereblow upAnd hereblow up2Any larger and it gets too blurry. Look:blow up3What or who is in that photo?

If you have any other ideas, please share!!


Boring answer! It’s just Hee-joo again.

I thought it was other people with her because it was landscape. I still maintain that if you look in the greenery, there’s someone EVIL reading Agatha Christie!same thing

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7 Responses to Master’s Sun: Mysterious Photo Poll *Update*

  1. Shukmeister says:

    It’s a photo of Secretary Kim, with his arms around both girls, a martini glass in one hand and the necklace dangling from the other, while Dad smiles from atop a riding mower in the background, and Kang-woo is trimming the shrubbery, shirtless on the left side. That’s my guess anyway. 🙂

  2. maimymlt says:

    LOL – But the actual photo CAN be seen toward the end of episode 7 when Kang Woo goes to retrieve the “Gong Sil” doll. When he drops his hand after looking at the pix – TADA – there’s the mystery photo clearly seen.

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