Master’s Sun – Episode 8 – A Love Letter to Us


Many of the moments in Master’s Sun elicit visceral reactions from me. None more than the harrowing images of the children in Episode 7 which made me gasp in sympathy and horror at the reality outside the fiction.

The scene I want to talk about in this post is Dreaming Ahjumma by the pool.

It hit me so hard, out of nowhere, tears fell out of my eyes instantly.

I had such sympathy for her situation. A person wanting to dwell inside a dream for as long as possible to escape the tension and annoyances of every day life. A mother, daughter, wife asking if she could stay to watch the lovely show of beauty of fireworks, relaxed, dressed in fancy clothes in a setting of luxury she could never afford in real life.

I am that woman. We, fanatics of dramas, are all that woman.

Which makes the other images more touching because right next to us are the creators of that fantasy who seem to understand and appreciate our need for it.

It is with affection that they view the person enjoying herself, ever so briefly, at their side.

certificateYou know what? We deserve our own extra special certificate, too. Even though these fictional shows are not a place we can stay forever, our time inside them makes our non-fictional lives a little easier to face. Thank you, Show, I will be accepting your love letter to me.

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4 Responses to Master’s Sun – Episode 8 – A Love Letter to Us

  1. Shukmeister says:

    Jomo –

    Nice thought! I, too fell a pang for both the ahjumma and Gong-shil, both realizing that they can’t stay in FantasyLand forever. But that’s what makes those tiny moments so exquisite. If you were able to drink champagne and watch fireworks in a beautiful dress everyday, where would the magic be?


  2. shelhass says:

    Jomo, you just made me realize why the episode pulled on my heartstrings.
    I admit I feel a little scared by it, like I never gave much thought about why do I love fiction so much, but then I’m glad I don’t otherwise it might lose the magic.

  3. Julia says:

    I haven’t started Master’s Sun yet, but your post has me intrigued. I look forward to it knowing the show touches your heart.

  4. My2Girls says:


    Just so you know I read this days ago and it still makes me smile. You are a thoughtful writer and I enjoy reading your blog.


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