Heartless City: Waiting for Subs

By the way, this is NOT a complaint about the speed of subbers (to whom I will be in debt for ever and ever and to whom I am eternally grateful.) This is poking fun at how incomprehensible we Kdrama fans are to the outside world, how addicted we are, and how very very impatient for the next episode.

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10 Responses to Heartless City: Waiting for Subs

  1. Jo says:

    paaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahaah girl you crazy

  2. julia says:

    The associations YouTube makes as to what video you might want to watch next is sometimes quite humorous. For example, “Waiting for subs” was followed by these suggested videos
    – the human slingshot
    – you can touch if I can touch
    – teens react to Miley Cyrus – We can’t stop
    – Felcia Day, Ryon Day, and A License to Kill
    – Weird Baby Mask
    – Rue – you have to win

    Trust me, your video is WAY better than any of those. Thanks for sharing.

  3. antoniazc says:

    watching and LOVING heartless city!!! haven’t watched this week epis, can’t find the raws even!!!

  4. Delicatecloud says:

    Loved it!! That’s how I feel waiting and waiting for the subs and the recaps! Don’t forget the recaps…..

  5. aoiaheen says:

    ha ha ! I feel your “argh!”

  6. shelhass says:

    Episode 17, were are you? And I mean the raw. *pullshair*

  7. Hahahaha – this is brilliant!!! I am waiting, waiting, waiting for subs. You’d think that with Cyrano done they would arrive faster! So I just go back and look at screencaps T T

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