Heartless City: Undercover Moat

moatWe learned a lot about Sponsored Product Placement (PPL) from Ansony in King of Dramas. That is why although I was initially puzzled by Scale’s mansion’s moat, I did a little research and discovered some interesting stuff.

The “moat” is actually PPL for some of the show’s sponsors.

pplI’ll bet you are glad you clicked on this. 😉

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7 Responses to Heartless City: Undercover Moat

  1. ladida says:

    I feel like there’s some PPL for phones and cars and clothes, too…

  2. pinkblossom says:

    hahahaha LOVE it!!!

  3. palilsan says:

    The inside decor of Scale’s mansion doesn’t match the outside achitectural style, Vegas Rococo Gangster interior vs. Modernist exterior. Not to mention, at this time of year in Korea, the moat is just a breeding ground for mosquitoes like you wouldn’t believe. I hope they have a lot of DEET. ㄲㄲㄲ

  4. aoiaheen says:

    ha ha. Very informative.

    I’m guessing this is what you’ve been keeping yourself busy with while waiting for the next episode. We all cope in different ways.

  5. This is actually really interesting. I have noticed that they have been a lot more subtle with the PPL in this drama, which I am a big fan of! The clothing though, I WANT!!! And let’s be honest, I just want Jung Kyung Ho 😉

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