Prison Uniforms: Who Wears it Best?

Those of you watching I Hear Your Voice and Heartless City have probably been wondering about this curious choice of actor for two roles. It seems a uniquely specific incidence of  coinci-casting. Interesting to me is, even if you didn’t read which of the shows the solo screencap is from, you can tell by his expression which role he’s playing.

kbo heartless


kbo voice

Kim Ok-byung has enjoyed a lasting acting career with more films on his resume than dramas. Not just any films, either, the BIG ones.  Among them: The Classic, Old Boy, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, No Mercy for the Rude, I’m a Cyborg, and Quiz King. He usually plays quirky or intense types, stealing scenes in all his appearances.  How can anyone forget his flamboyant director Kim in Fashion King who went from serious critic to sunny cheerleader as the writers lost their minds? (All four of us who watched it remember!)

kbo fashionI expect this simultaneous exposure on one high buzz cable drama, and one mania high ratings drama will lead to even more memorable characters on TV. But, please, get him in some better outfits than all of the above.

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2 Responses to Prison Uniforms: Who Wears it Best?

  1. aoiaheen says:

    Hi Jomo!

    Just the other day I was thinking, “I remember Jomo talking about starting a blog, I wonder what’s the link,” and then I clicked on your name in the squeecaps comments but it didn’t lead me anywhere. I just found this site in the IHYV recap.

    It’s silly really that it took so long to find you, when I could’ve just gone to an old OT and got the link or, you know, just asked…

    Anyway, I prefer Hwang Dal Joon. Not because he’s a nice guy, but because Scale is just too loud for me and his character feels a little inconsistent. One minute he’s killing a man with a golf club and then next he’s taking orders like he’s always been a subordinate.

  2. Urban Girl says:

    Your post is great! I have seen this actor movies Old Boy and New World, but I became her Fan since I watched Fashion King, he is an unforgetable character, he is amazing!… I will watch I’m A Cyborg But That’s Ok too,… Thanks for the post 😀

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