Goddess Of Marriage: First Impressions Score Card (This is not a Recap)

gleadRaise your hand if you are watching this for Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Sang-woo. Yeah, me, too. Really. That is the only reason I even looked at the first episodes. All that pretty has to be watched. It’s a law.

Most of the other characters, however, I hated. Only, not in the same flavor of dislike for Joo-won’s mom in Secret Garden, or Jun-pyo’s mom in BOF. While those omanis behaved badly, I admired their chutzpa, and enjoyed their show-downs with the good guys.

As I watched the families, friends, bosses and co-workers introduced to us over the first couple of episodes of GOM, I couldn’t help but wonder “Why do the writers KEEP presenting the same horrible personalities from show to show? Are there really mother-in-laws who treat their sons’ wives like slaves? Are there really daughters who put up with it?”

vlcsnap-2013-07-02-07h43m19s182I realized, too, that the writers know damn well who audiences will love and hate in this drama. What will happen, hopefully, over the 34 episodes, is a transformation for some of them, but not before we seize the opportunity to despise them blamelessly. It seems some drama characters serve the sole purpose of being voodoo dolls for our misplaced aggression.

I want to track my feelings for some of the people in GOM as we go. It will be very scientific. It will be very measurable. I am, after all, Six Sigma certified so I know the Importance of Creating a Baseline and Understanding Improvements. Numbers don’t lie, not like cheating husbands, financés and all the other lovelies in GOM. How can ALL of these characters be so detestable?

gom1gom2gom3gom5gom6I am going to watch this week-end’s episodes with an analytical heart. Maybe I should buy one of the heart-rate monitors like that kid has in Cyrano Dating Agency and see which of the HATED characters gets my heart pumping the most. It will be worth it, right? It’s science.


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5 Responses to Goddess Of Marriage: First Impressions Score Card (This is not a Recap)

  1. Hahaha I love the score cards! You really made my day with this one 😀 Some of the characters are really getting on my nerves while a few of them are likeable. Hoping to see more of the characters to see whether they deserve the hate or love.
    I try so hard to like Tae-wook but I can’t. Hummm….

    • jomo143 says:

      Oooh! I am glad you are watching, too!
      We can throw things at them and call them bad names and watch them turn into humans over the next few months.
      Tae-wook has far to go to earn our love, but I know in my heart he can do it!!

  2. Makoto says:

    i feel pity to lee sang woo. i love him but not his drama.

  3. cass says:

    I am ONLY watching for the pretty, thus far, AND have switched allegiance from LeeSangWoo to KimJiHoon (since I just watched THREE KJH dramas back to back and have a crush). Out of the two I think he will be the more interesting AND ultimately be redeemed by love. Just hope they dont turn LSW character into either a weak puppy pining for his love OR a creep stalker guy. LOVE the frownometer – genius!!!

  4. Ivoire says:

    Hello Jomo! It is my 1st time commenting on your blog, though I have read it before. I like your sense of humor, and I loved this, “All that pretty has to be watched. It’s a law.” If it’s the law, then I have to oblige :-).
    I love the actor who plays Noh Jang-Soo as well. I have loved him in everything I have seen him in, so far. He was sooo good in MNIKSS, and I loved him in KoDs. I know he was in Lie to Me, but I didn’t watch the whole show. And I know he was in Winter Sonata, and I haven’t gotten past the 1st 20mns of the first ep. I have read that he was really cute in it.
    I am on team LSW, and yes his character was a little aggressive in the 1st ep. I do want to see him as a puppy in love, but not a weak one. I love his relationship with his mom (ep. 4) and I love the actress who plays his mom. I have seen her in 5 dramas so far (though I actually watched 3 of them).
    It seems to me that the growth will/might occur most with the women, KHJ’s character and Song Ji-hye. I am not so sure about LSW’s character, I guess I will find out, as I watch the show. I do hope that KHW/LSW will get and keep the girl (at least in the end), but I am not so sure about that either.

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