What’s Up Fox? – Episode 10 Recap

MiscWritten by EE

Attraction is defined as the quality of something or someone that evokes interest.  Sometimes these are evident like choco abs or puppy dog eyes, but sometimes the appeal of a person is much more intangible.  The obvious connection to this idea is the relationship between Joon-hee and Bulldog.  Initially her physical appearance probably drew his eye, and Bulldog has flat out said that Joon-hee’s personality is completely opposite of his departed wife.  If he is going to maintain a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with Joon-hee there has to be more than her looks.  Beyond the surface, we have Byung Hee’s potential attraction to Chul Soo.  Will she be inexplicably drawn to him, in spite of all the reasons NOT to date him? Or does Dr. Bae possess the elusive “it factor”?

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Chul Soo and Byung Hee are at the junk yard, narrowly escaping a toppling pile of cars.  Byung Hee has one arm pinned under Chul Soo’s head, he appears to be out so she calls his name.  His eyes open but he does not speak.

1“Are you okay?” she asks, “Do you know who I am?” He blinks and says nothing.  He grabs her by the back of the head and pulls her in for a kiss.  She pushes away once, and he pulls her in again.  She fights him off with a shove.

As they are walking down the road, away from the junk yard Byung Hee is wondering to herself how her heart can be pounding now.  It’s pounding like when she was with Dr. Bae, but that doesn’t make sense because she only has one heart.  She thinks that she MUST keep him away from her.Chul Soo is chasing a few steps behind her, telling her they need to talk.  Byung Hee insists they have nothing to talk about and basically calls him a sick pervert.  She suggests they forget about this “incident” too, but he says no.  “You can try if you want to,” Chul Soo says, “but I can’t.  Listen to your own heart.  I could feel it started beating when mine did.”

2Byung Hee responds by hitting him and calling him a jerk.  I think she basically admits to having some feelings as she swats at him asking “How could you do this to me?” (ie: make me feel this way).  She declares that Dr. Bae made her feel that way because he is a man, she is sickened by Chul Soo’s actions and she is done.  She doesn’t want him to speak to her ever again.  She marches onto a bus, and Chul Soo takes the seat behind her.  He tells her she doesn’t have a reason to be angry unless he swayed her feelings.  She doesn’t say anything and he follows her up to her gate.

3He blocks her from the buzzer and says her reaction is scaring him.  He asks her to promise she will listen to her heart.  She glares and repeats that he is disgusting and he should leave her alone, she does not like him.

4Once inside, Byung Hee begins violently brushing her teeth.  Unfortunately, Crest does not make a “guilt eliminating” toothpaste.  Her face also gets an aggressive cleaning, her mouth in particular.


At work Byung Hee is distracted by her thoughts.  Her boss notices her spacing out.  She asks him about her “chicken or the egg” scenario where your heart pounds BECAUSE you like someone or you like someone because your heart is pounding.  She suggests it was a harmless mouth-to-mouth situation and not even someone she likes.  Sung-ran says kisses always make your heart flutter regardless of the companion.  Boss Yong-gil laughs, assuming Byung Hee is talking about Dr. Bae.  She is a total player and for some reason she is worked up over a KISS?

At the shop, Kang Tae and Chul Soo are discussing his girl troubles.  Kang Tae says Chul Soo needs to amp up the skinship: just kiss her and she will fall for him.  Chul Soo confesses that he already kissed her.  Kang Tae congratulates him for doing everything right and gets called away to help a customer.  Chul Soo pulls the picture of him and Byung Hee out of his pocket (aww, he keeps in on him).


Busty stops by and wants to chat, so they go for coffee.  She expresses doubt that Chul Soo and The Reporter are in a relationship, she thinks it is probably a one sided crush.  She asks if his sister knows, Chul Soo says she will soon enough.


Byung Hee meets with Dr. Bae to get his medical advice on another reader question.  As he goes over the letter, she can’t help but focus on his lips as he reads.  He promises he will give her a full response later, as an excuse to see her again.  He also gifts Byung Hee the brand of toothpaste he uses, as promised.  He offers to take her out to lunch where they run into Bulldog about to eat with Joon-hee.  As is kdrama tradition, they decide to have one big awkward meal together.


Byung Hee tries to drop hints to Joon-hee that she wants to talk, suggesting they go to the ladies room.  Joon-hee says she just went.  Byung Hee says they should wash their hands before the meal, Joon-hee wipes hers on her napkin.  Bulldog barks “Your sister is trying to talk to you.  Get up.”  And then he releases a little poorly timed flatulence.  Joon-hee says he has a colon issue, Bulldog says maybe he should go to the bathroom.  Joon-hee says he also has urinary issues.  Byung Hee agrees that Bulldog should visit the restroom, and then drags Joon-hee into the ladies to confront her about why she is still dating that weirdo.

Meanwhile, Dr. Bae is giving equal disapproval to Bulldog back at the table.  He says if he marries Byung Hee and Bulldog marries Joon-hee they will be brothers in-law and Dr. Bae will be the senior brother.  It would just be weird.  Bulldog says he is not dating Joon-hee like that, and he also thought Dr. Bae had no interest in marriage.  Dr. Bae says his outlook has changed.


Busty stops by Seung-hye’s video store to pick up her watch that she left at Chul Soo’s apartment.  Seung-hye helps her find it and being the blunt and direct gal that she is, straight up asks Busty if she and Chul Soo are dating or just friends.  This surprises Busty, who realizes she does not know that Chul Soo likes Byung Hee.  Busty asks Seung-hye if she would prefer that Chul Soo date her, Seung-hye just kinda laughs awkwardly and says she doesn’t care who Chul Soo dates.

Driving back, Dr. Bae offers to talk to Joon-hee since he knows Bulldog, too, he might be able to change her mind.  Byung Hee marvels about how sensible he is, and thinks “Okay, it was just the kiss that made my heart pound and not Chul Soo.”  She begins listing off all of Dr. Bae’s credentials in her head.  I think if you need to remind yourself why you like somebody it is probably not love.


Chul Soo pulls into the parking lot and sees the couple chatting with his sister, he is not pleased.  He stomps into his apartment without a word and turns up his music.


When Byung Hee says her goodbyes to Dr. Bae, Chul Soo is waiting in the corridor and wants to know how long she plans on two-timing.  She gestures at Seung-hye’s store and says the street is not the place for this conversation and leads him into his apartment.


Chul Soo quickly corners her and places her own hand on her chest.


He tells her to feel her heart thumping, and not to deny it.  She smiles at him, and he starts to smile back only she has twisted his fingers back in order to remove his hand from her chesticles area.


Dr. Bae gets home and finds he is missing his passenger side mirror, judging by his little grin he seems fully aware of what jealous little grease monkey might have done it.  Inside his apartment, Chul Soo is shaving using his new mirror.

Dr. Bae brings the car to Chul Soo’s shop the following day.  Chul Soo repairs it immediately, never admitting fault and suggesting the doctor not park it in the neighborhood lol.  Dr. Bae tells him he is cute.


Dr. Bae meets Joon-hee to tell her about Bulldog’s wife.  At the same time, Bulldog is visiting her grave with Yong-gil.  Joon-hee admits she knew she looks like Eun-mi, and we find out that Eun-mi is buried next to her boyfriend who also died in the car accident.  Yong-gil marvels at how Bulldog can even take care of the man his wife cheated with, Bulldog insists she did not cheat.  She had told him she was in love.  Yong-gil says Bulldog should stop trying to hold on to something he can’t even touch anymore and move on.  Joon-hee asks Dr. Bae if Bulldog keeps her around for the same reason he has that framed portrait of Eun-mi . . . Is she just a reminder of the woman he still loves? Dr. Bae says he does not know, she should ask Bulldog directly.  Bulldog comes back to his apartment and Joon-hee tries to cheer him up but he isn’t having it.  He yells at her to leave, and she pauses for a moment but walks out.


Byung Hee is running out for her jazz club date with Dr. Bae and Chul Soo is waiting for her.  He wants to take her to dinner since he just got paid.  She already has plans and she is running late.  So Chul Soo rides his motorcycle up next to her and snatches her purse.  She chases him down and her phone rings from inside her purse.  Chul Soo picks up and tells Dr. Bae that Byung Hee is busy.


At this point, Byung Hee is frustrated to the point of tears.  She tells Chul Soo that this is not some silly game for her and that he should stop playing around.  She is not in love with him; she is on her way out to meet the man she loves.  At this point Chul Soo is just lifeless, she takes the bag back from him.  She tries to hail a cab with no luck.  Chul Soo offers to drop her off and mournfully watches as she walks into the club.


Once she walks in, she comes right back out.  “Chul Soo! I just realized my heart was pounding as we rode over here! Why didn’t I notice this before?” But Chul Soo blinks.  This scenario was just his imagination.

Dr. Bae and Byung Hee are slow dancing in the jazz club and he asks her if he is husband material.  She seems a little surprised by the idea of marriage (which is fair, the girl did just start dating).  He tells her he didn’t think he wanted to be married; he dated a string of girls just to avoid the idea of being serious.  Now he wants to settle down, make plans with just one person.


Byung Hee comes home, grinning from ear to ear.  Joon-hee is making tea in the kitchen and Mom is watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Byung Hee sits next to Mom and tells her she is going to get married.  Mom misses the weight of this statement (too engrossed in Audrey Hepburn plucking out Moon River on a ukulele) and agrees “Yes, you should definitely get married one day.  Isn’t Hepburn beautiful here? Of course, she is always lovely.”  Byung Hee explains that Dr. Bae proposed (for the record, that isn’t how I interpreted their conversation but I might be more tied to Western customs like an engagement ring or more formal framing of asking the question: down on one knee or with the help of a flash mob etc.  I do believe couples who are considering marriage should definitely talk about it before the proposal and begin discussions on their expectations of marriage like having children or religious practices or how to manage finances.  To me, Dr. Bae was just starting that kind of conversation).  Both Joon-hee and Mom are very excited.  Byung Hee thinks to herself how it would be to have that person to eat with, wake up to, and raise children with.  Not that Dr. Bae mentioned children, but I guess a girl needs her fantasies.

Byung Hee also tells Seung-hye the good news and invites her to join them for the big feast her mom is putting together tomorrow when Dr. Bae comes over to formally ask permission.  As she is leaving she sees Chul Soo’s motorcycle and decides to stop by his apartment.


He is passed out inside and not answering.  She calls him later, still no answer but she leaves him a message about the proposal.


The following morning, Seung-hye enters his apartment to wake him up and get him to cover the store while she goes to the Go household for the formal proposal.  Chul Soo is still half asleep (half drunk?) and has no reaction to this news.  Seung-hye says it seems like everyone is pairing up, he should find someone too.  She mentions that Busty stopped by (she actually calls her Big Boobs and then corrects herself and uses the poor girl’s name), Chul Soo could date someone like her because she seems nice.  He tells Seung-hye that he will be up in a bit to cover the store.


The hour has arrived, Dr. Bae pulls up with a huge fruit basket and Chul Soo paces the store.  He can’t take it a moment longer and bolts for Byung Hee’s house.

Dr. Bae greets the ladies and does a formal bow to Mom before asking for her permission to marry Byung Hee.  Just as Mom giving her blessing, the door buzzer rings.23

Joon-hee goes to answer it, only there is nobody there.  Chul Soo can’t wait for buzzers and whatnot, he has jumped the fence.


Chul Soo busts through the door and Seung-hye asks why he is here.  Mom says it is fine; of course he is here to welcome his future brother in law.  Mom asks him to sit down but instead he kneels in front of her.  He would like her to let him marry Byung Hee.


The crowd has a variety of reactions.  Seung-hye is furious and begins beating Chul Soo.  Mom is totally perplexed.  Joon-hee is incredulous “You want to be my OLDER BROTHER IN-LAW?” Dr. Bae seems mildly amused.  Chul Soo is dead serious.  Byung Hee? She is mortified.

Byung Hee stands up and says “This has to be a dream!”

Have we been faked out? We will have to wait and see next week.

Misc 2EE Comments

This episode starts with Chul Soo cornering Byung Hee in a junk yard and ends with him trapping her in her own living room.  She came away from the junk yard literally fighting, but his actions did plant that seed of doubt about her own feelings, feelings that she seems to be denying the entire episode.  The moment where Byung Hee is trying to make it to her jazz club date and her eyes start to well up as she tells Chul Soo to stop fooling around, she is serious about that man and Dr. Bae is the man she loves . . .  you can tell that Chul Soo relents not because he doesn’t love her enough to keep chasing her but that he loves her too much to hurt her.  He wants her to recognize her true feelings on her own, but he can’t wait forever for her to get on board.  Maybe part of that is being young, where every little issue seems so dramatic.  Maybe his own inexperience makes it hard to feel like he will recover from “losing” Byung Hee.  I am not saying his feelings aren’t “true” but that his reactions come from a lack of experience and maturity.  I think Byung Hee needs to give his affection some serious consideration and recognize that love comes in more packages than “financially secure” and “mature and responsible.”

Jomo’s Comments

Chul-su’s closecloseness and not kiss in his apartment make my heart – just like Byung-hee’s –  speed up each time. I am not sure that establishing her attraction to him is the only problem here. It is what Byung-hee has been claiming since the git-go, that he isn’t man enough for her to even consider him – but there are so many other obstacles to address. It is a start, however.

I love the quickness of the side-view mirror scene. Bae sees it gone – we see Chul-su shaving. Clearly it is advantage: Chul-su and a reminder on whose turf this battle is being waged. The follow up conversation at the garage highlights both actors’ comedic skills.  The two men are CUTE together!

I struggled accepting Chul-su’s tactics in this episode. He really has been a pain in her a@@ for the last little while. He could have just let her go on the date. I know he is desperate and all. I am even OK with him interrupting the In-law meeting in some childish way, but to drag Byung-hee into the skirmish by proposing marriage wasn’t fair to her. But, with Chul-su, it’s “Go big or stay home,” right? And there was no way he could have stayed away when his woman could go to another man. I admit, that is why I love him.

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6 Responses to What’s Up Fox? – Episode 10 Recap

  1. mystisith says:

    I know they are only secondary characters but I really love Bulldog and Joon Hee. Must be one of the first times in a drama where a girl persistently chasing her beau doesn’t irritate me. Despite her nice body she knows how to use her brain. She’s “love smart”.

    • EE says:

      I like Joon-hee. She is the rare sister that is a bit of a princess without being an obnoxious petulant brat. And even though they are different, I “get” how she and Byung Hee are from the same family, even without much physical resemblance they seem related. Bulldog is too weird for my taste. when I re-watch I usually zip through his parts. I did find him a bit more compelling in this episode, as we got a better sense of what happened to his wife and that he still loves her even though she was no longer in love with him. It’s the sorrow of something that can never be reconciled.

      • nomad says:

        I really, really like Joon-hee too…and Bulldog is just wrong in so many ways, I think he’s sick and needs to see a Psychologist, stat!!

  2. birdscout says:

    I decided to re-watch “What’s Up, Fox?” after reading the recaps by Jomo and ee (Thank you both!). I find I like and dislike this drama for the same reasons the second time around. I find Go Hyun Jung’s acting really natural and believable; I think PIE is adorable but bordering on frustratingly immature at times (grabbing and withholding BH’s purse), yet making sense at the same time about feelings and following your heart; I find Bulldog’s scenes rather stupid and do not enjoy that storyline at all. So now that I’m caught up, I look forward to finishing this series along with the future recaps. 🙂

    • EE says:

      Chul Soo is childish in his tactics to pursue Byung Hee, but I think “fighting for the affections of the girl you like” is definitely an immature act. Even telling Byung Hee to listen to her heart is something that must come from a younger person, or at least not someone who is world-weary and “practical”. I am right there with you on Bulldog: in short spurts he is good for comic relief but I think a full story arc is more than I need from him. Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    “Have you ever seen a woman who can withstand excessive seduction? If you can’t do it in 10 tries, try 100 times.” I never thought persistence was the right approach, but perhaps that is the only way to win over BH.

    “I dare you to do it 100 times” BH spouts. Oh no, you deserve to be tied down and tortured with 100 kisses. (cheers PIE on!)

    Since we’ve danced, why not just get married? That was an awful proposal. My Dad told me that you’ll just marry whomever you happen to be dating at the time in life when you are ready to get married. Sort of explains why my parents divorced. Dr Bae’s proposal struck me like that. Note Dr Bae never answers what it is specifically about her that he likes. Did Dr Bae turn to thoughts of marriage because he met BH? I don’t think so.

    The purse stealing incident annoyed me. It was immature. It just made Dr Bae look good. It felt like CS’s pursuit had crossed the line from interest to petty meddling. It made me doubt whether CS should date BH. If the episode was edited differently, if we didn’t keep going to see CS like a persistent heart beat, Dr Bae’s proposal would have been more powerful.

    BH telling CS in an answering machine message about the proposal seemed wrong. She still has CS on her short list of people she wants to share news with, even if that news is that she is marrying someone else.

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