Dramabeans Meet-up: Toronto Edition

dbtoI talked my driver* into taking me all the way over the border from Buffalo to Toronto, Ontario to meet these lovely ladies – frequent commenters from Dramabean and lurkers who promised to come in out of the cold.  We ate and did soju like champs. How many bottles do you think this group put away? Well, it was an entire HALF of one bottle. Impressive, I know.

There really isn’t anything like finding your people, eating good food, chatting non-stop, smiling and laughing like we have been hanging out for years…oh, yeah, we actually have been hanging out for years…

Thank you Aigoo for getting us all in one place at the same time! Thank you friends for proving to my family that you exist other than inside my head.

We are clockwise: Laica, Liz, Jomo, Aigoo (LOVE that name!), Lurker, friend of Lurker, Birdscout (owner of Kim Ji-hoon.)

*Very nice husband


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10 Responses to Dramabeans Meet-up: Toronto Edition

  1. snow_white says:

    That’s simply great!! 😀

  2. Jo says:

    Haha, did everyone call her Aigooooooooo? Great name indeed! But seriously, you bunch of light weights…we put away three at a dinner that had 3 people….

    • jomo143 says:

      I certainly did – several times – (which leads me to believe that you and I are the same person.)
      The big difference between this group and ours was everyone had to drive last night where we had taxis to do that for us!

  3. nomad says:

    I love that *Aigoo* name! I’m glad you guys had fun, and thank you for sharing the pics! It’s nice to put DB commenters to the faces.

  4. Hinata says:

    Friend of Lurker – you gals rock!

  5. birdscout says:

    Thanks for posting this pic, jomo. (I really have to learn how to smile properly! I was having fun, I swear!) So nice to enjoy a simple Korean meal and half (?!?) a bottle of soju with kdrama friends who “get” you. jomo, you are so lucky that your husband, who may not remember your favourite dramas, still chauffeurs you all the way to Toronto from Buffalo.

    And thank you for pointing out that I MINE!d KJH way back when 🙂

  6. Julia says:

    So happy for you. Always nice to see smiling drama people. We are the passionate ones 🙂

  7. lurker_liz says:

    Thanks for posting the pic too. My excuse for not drinking (other than I am allergic to alcohol) is that there was no one to piggyback me home that night!

  8. Aigoo says:

    Thanks for the pic Jomo! LOL! And for the record – I drank! I had a grand total of one shot!

    It was great to meet everyone so thanks a lot for crossing the border for us! We need to meet again so I can improve on my one-shot record!

  9. may tae says:

    Awesome.. somewhat jealous… will make it to the next meet-up 😛

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