Heartless City: Van Dort?

heartlessvandortAnybody else seeing this?

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16 Responses to Heartless City: Van Dort?

  1. Jo says:

    somehow not getting the menace or despair from Van Dort. Just fear.

    • jomo143 says:

      Exactly. He is afraid because Doctor’s Son stole his wardrobe!

      • Jo says:

        I was not expecting this, but after watching Ep 4 last night and squeeing pretty much non stop over Doctor’s Son…today on twitter I said to the universe: I would not mind squeecapping this. Long story short, Kashi, Shuk, and I have signed up for Round Two. Noona was going to as well but then she actually watched and is icked out by the exceptional violence so she doesn’t want to recap because she won’t watch that kind of thing. I will be prepping an epic squee over the weekend to bring us up to current. Because Pak Sa or whatever it is they’re calling him deserves this, I think.

      • jomo143 says:

        @Jo I’ll be squeeing with you!

  2. snow_white says:

    I’m planning to watch it….is it good??

  3. Julia says:

    I watched Corpse bride today followed by episode 1 of Heartless City and you have corrupted me … I can only see Victor Van Dort as a well dressed gangster.

    When I first heard the description for this show, I was reminded of the TV Show Wise Guy. Vinnie goes undercover to take down Sonny’s mob family, but Vinnie & Sonny become friends. Maybe after When A Man Loves I’m primed to like gangsters. In any event, all the buzz about this show has me excited.

    • jomo143 says:

      I am not alone, then!
      And, It isn’t just the clothes, but how long and stretched Doctor’s Son looks decked out in all black. He’s so – what is that word for you can’t take your eyes off of him? – watchable, fascinating, mesmerizing. There will be poems.

      • delicatecloud says:

        you certainly are not alone!! I am along for the ride – he sure is one smexy dude in black!! He is so brooding HOT!! You just want him to win and get those guys…truly badass…

    • jomo143 says:

      Oh, and you mentioned gangsters…Because of the recent spate of “dark revenge” dramas (because you can’t really have revenge lite, can you?) on the TV, I am going to do a poll of how scary they are…

  4. Enz says:

    Just watched first episode and very slick ( although it seemed too easy to get a top gangster boss like scale for me) and impressive production. Doctor’s son is just toooooo charismatic. I will have to watch despite the violence making me squirm.


    • jomo143 says:

      Yeah, there were more than a few moments where I had to look away. I think this is one of the more realistic portrayals of evil, though. Scale is not at all sympathetic. He’s a psychopath.

      • Enz says:

        Yes, evil like this exists but I can’t bear to witness it most times. For example boogie nights with mark wahlberg was just too much reality for me! Different from this and yet the same

  5. delicatecloud says:

    i loved this Heartless City and was rooting for Doctor”s Son – never imagined that i would do so for a gangster character who kills (although he is killing his own kind). He is oozing charisma – OMG he is so brooooding HOT!!
    @Jo – i am squeeling that you guys are going to do squee caps on him!! can’t wait.
    will be checking for more….
    SPOILERS** – the end of episode 4 – hoping that this knowledge would not lessen the tension of the drama as the first 4 episodes (before the revelation) gave out such a taut tension throughout and i keep wanting to know more of the character Doctor’s Son. Reminds me of the HongKong movie “internal affairs” or the hollywood remake “The Departed”…

  6. Julia says:

    There is a limitation when the hero of the story has to obey the rules while the villains can do whatever they like. Like when a criminal smirks at the police officer because he knows the cop can’t really do excessive violence. Writers can get around that by making a period drama like “Life on Mars” where apparently cops did beat confessions out of suspects in the 1970’s.

    When the lead walks the fine line between good and evil, you aren’t always sure what will happen. Maybe that is why Batman is so popular, with his dark soul.

    Undercover cops walk in that shadowy place where what is right is more murky. They do drugs, because it wouldn’t fit their cover if they don’t do drugs with the rest of the gang. They beat up people. They terrorize. They are scary. That dynamic of someone who is working for the greater good but on a slippery slope is awesome. Will he sleep with the bad girl, because he can get information from her, even tho’ he has a girlfriend back in his real life? How will he deal with it when the mob boss orders him to do a hit? Or when he ends up in a shoot out with cops?

    The most interesting aspect is when friendships are created. Undercover cop needs to get bad guys to trust him so he can get in close enough to gather Intel. But what if you start to actually like each other? Bromance/Romance/Family … even people who do bad things are humans and if you get to know all the aspects of a person from being close, then it isn’t so black and white.

    My hope with Heartless City being a KDrama is that we get deep into the relationships and conflicts that could arise with undercover agents.

    My mind still hasn’t wrapped around the twist at the end of episode 4. Doctor’s Son has used a knife is some pretty terrifying ways that I think means people are dead, so how do I feel about that? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  7. Heartless City is pretty fantastic! I had resolved to stop watching kdrama live because I hate having to wait an entire week. I was doing pretty well and just when I thought I was out, they PULL me back in *end Pacino impression.*

    Like you, I’m all in, even though I am convinced I have to steel myself for a tragic end… *sigh*

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