When A Man’s…Heart’s in Chains

whenamansinchainswhenamansinchains2whenamansinchains32whenamansinchains42As we go into the final week, I find it mildly amusing that none of the main characters, the ones whose antics we have been following closely over the last two months, will take part in saving our Hero.  Salvation will come from a pair outsiders.

This show doesn’t seem to care about growth and forgiveness and all the lovely stuff.  Maybe it is more realistic in that respect? We have learned that the poisonous people in your life thwart your earnest intentions. No matter how badly you want happiness, it will always be outside your reach. If you are lucky enough, however, strangers will appear and offer you the love and warmth you missed growing up.

I am looking forward to the deus ex Hong Konga to come!

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5 Responses to When A Man’s…Heart’s in Chains

  1. JoAnne says:

    I was SO HAPPY to see that Chang Appa and Chang Lite are good people with ulterior motives SUPPORTING Oppa. He so deserves some love. Plus this guy playing Roy…he hasn’t been acting long but I have some respect: his face is very expressive and he’s managing to convey truth while speaking lies very well.

    • jomo143 says:

      I know, seriously. The way Taemin/Roy looked at TS when they were sweating to the hot foods was heart-rendering. He really does love his long lost hyung!
      What else has he been in?

    • Ethlenn says:

      He lit up the latest eps of When A Man Loves To Live Miserably.
      Except for Hazel Eyes Oppa.

      To answer questions regarding Kim Seo-Kyung (Taemin, oh I like that), it’s his first drama apart from few roles in movies. He’s fairly a newbie.

  2. enz says:

    they really picked well coz roy does have very similar facial bone structure to tae san. i am looking forward to next week too. epi 18 was very satisfying to me. that glimmer of possible happiness and family for tae san. i cling to it 🙂

  3. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    I wouldn’t mind Roy acting with SSH in another drama.

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