When A Man…Was Happy in My Princess

I needed a happy Hand Towel fix to balance the misery of poor Tae-sang.

Here is an old fanvid I made during the My Princess fun. Those two were so dang cute! Come on, THT, do a romcom again!

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4 Responses to When A Man…Was Happy in My Princess

  1. cass says:

    Oh thats so lovely. Yes, we need SSH in something feelgood after all the melo in WAML. This reminds me that I havent made any fan vids for more than a year. I totally lost my muse with Uk/US dramas and films. May have to get back into the groove using some of my new fave K dramas. I have an idea about Nine in particular.

    • jomo143 says:

      If you make it, (do it do it do it do it!) can I post it here?
      (do it do it do it do it do it!)

      • cass says:

        ‘corse!!! LOL! I have the inspiration and already toying with songs to use. There are so many that seem pertinent to the Nine story. Particularly want to try and use something from Bodyguard soundtrack (not necessarily IWALY tho). Have NO time to start it until Tuesday due to this darn real life of mine! Will hopefully have something to show by end of the week. Excited to do it now!!

  2. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    I just rewatched “My Princess” after that episode that had TS hugging CH and I needed cheering up. SSH is so much better in comedy, imho.

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