When A Man…Tries and Tries

sadthtShe flies, then falls. No recall?  She lies.

He sees, won’t trust. She fears. He sighs.

He sees she hugs not him. He cries.

She walks, won’t tell. He sees from hell.

Hyung fights, slips, dies.

He’ll be blamed, I surmise.

Blood on his hands, blood in his eyes.

A Man can’t win, even when he tries.

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3 Responses to When A Man…Tries and Tries

  1. Aigoo says:

    Haha! This is hilarious! I haven’t been following this show – I bailed on episode 4 or something when I figured I really didn’t like this girl. I’m slightly aware of what’s going on – which just makes me more grateful that I bailed when I did! There’s only so much pain I can watch a man go through!

  2. Julia says:

    When A Man Wishes For Time-Traveling Incense Sticks

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