When A Man…Loves and Other Stuff

heloveshehatesHE LOVES HAIRshehatesDon’t you love how all these people in this show are really quirky?

And just when I think one’s good, she goes and acts a lotta jerky.

I keep watching, changing sides. From LOVE to HATE from “Aww!” to “Ewww!”

As long as Oppa ends up happy – until then, Show, I can’t quit you.

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16 Responses to When A Man…Loves and Other Stuff

  1. cass says:

    LOL!!! Actually the only word I can use to describe my feelings about this show at the moment is ………….meh!!

    I cannot find any redeeming or attractive qualities in ANY of the characters … even Oppa sadly … any more! The only two things that I like about this show are Lee Chang Hee – and his true love for Han Tae Sang – and seeing that ring on Oppa’s finger. I love to see a man’s commitment, even if in his case it is doomed!!

    I shall watch episode 14 to see if anything changes, but if not, then I shall have to give this up as a lost cause. I’m feeling SO bereft after the ending of Nine that I was looking to WAML for comfort. Sadly none to be had here at all ………. 😦

    • enz says:

      i loved oppa in episode 14. he finally gains some clarity of the situation and acts on that. sadly, the situation looks about to change again by end of episode! i am enjoying the drama and all that dramatic music that is going with it. and SSH is doing a convincing job of the role

      • cass says:

        Yes Episode 14 has upped the ante a little I agree, but I’m still not feeling the warmth from any of the characters. Tae Sang is obviously still a little boy emotionally (and not surprising given his dreadful past) so that does excuse his behaviour somewhat, but I find Miss Prissy so unlikeable a heroine that it’s hard to swallow how she can inspire such devotion … in one man, never mind two. The most (unintentionally I’m sure) hilarious thing in the show at the moment for me is Miss Goodbody!! What IS the plot device with her stretching herself on the rack in almost any scene? πŸ˜‰

      • enz says:

        cass, everytime i see a contraption, i break into a laugh. its a welcome break from the angst. i cant believe her body is not better toned from all that exercising. yes, its hard to swallow that mi do inspires that much love esp from tae san coz really i was getting so annoyed at his continued devotion in the face of her surliness and resentful manner of speaking. but thats the case for a lot of other kdramas too. i mean, there are many times when i cant buy the love one character stubbornly feels for another in a drama. just have to roll with the story iguess!

      • jomo143 says:

        As far as The-one-who-doesn’t-deserve-Oppa, there was a moment of meta, unintentional, I think when the two rivals are talking about Mido. JH ask something like “Why do you love her so much?” and TS says something like “She’s so loveable.” I choked on my shock!

      • Enz says:

        Jomo, twice they mentioned this point about liking her! Once, the little brother asked him why he would like his sister who has a spicy character and doesn’t cook (?) and then another time , I think oppa said that he can understand why chubs loves her too coz she is so lovable, which elicited a huge snaugh ( snort and laugh) from me!

  2. this is HILARIOUS love it!!!!

  3. cass says:

    @enz … it is SOO frustrating though. πŸ˜‰

  4. total_newbie_to_k says:

    Amnesia? Really show? WAML – I love to hate it. So many things going wrong. Tae Sang is an inhibited stalker, if he wouldn’t look like he looks everybody would be screaming ‘pervert’, Mi Do is boring, unappealing, bland, you name it, Tae Hee is manipulative, Chang Hee got an ocd, we got a bitch with an instrument of torture, a birth secret and surely someone will develop a brain tumor soon.
    It is so bad you just got to love it. πŸ˜›

    • jomo143 says:

      EXACTLY! Nothing boring about it, even though you can’t find a character to like (outside of Oppa – I am deep into adoration territory with him now.)

      • cass says:

        I did think the whole tyre-blowing incident would leave Oppa with amnesia … he would forget Miss Prissy, marry MissGoodbody and then Miss Prissy would be left with Second Best (Jae Hee) and realise she really wanted Oppa in the first place. I cannot see the point of that scene otherwise.

        The thing about this show is that even though I keep getting frustrated and say I’m going to stop watching, it keeps throwing in a twist to keep me interested. I need a proper love story with really loveable characters to soothe me after the ending of Nine though …..

      • jomo143 says:

        @cass –
        EE and I may have just the thing for you. I am going to post it today. We decided that to keep writing – something anything – so we can improve. We will be recapping What’s Up Fox? over the next few weeks as if it were a live Mon-Tues show.
        First Impressions will be up today, and Ep 1 will be up Monday evening.
        If you have seen it, I would love for you to re-watch along with us. If you haven’t, oh boy, it is both of our favorites. Hardest part, we are finding, is not gushing about how meaningful everything in the earlier episodes end up being in retrospect.
        Very excited to do this if if NOBODY reads it!!

  5. cass says:

    Ive certainly dipped into it – beginning and ending episodes – but didnt fancy watching it all. I WILL give it a try if you are going to recap it though.

    Im just about to start watching Someday as I badly need a Lee Jin Wook fix. Ive watched I Need Romance SO many times and just marathoned Nine (which made me finally understand all the twists and turns; fall in love with the show AND LJW all over again). I now fancy seeing his younger self in something.

  6. Julia says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the tire blowing was an attempt on Oppa’s life? I see some murder plot coming.

    • jomo143 says:

      I thought something along those lines…At first his minion found a problem with the tire, and pulled over. We never see what happened after that. Was there sabotage or just negligience?

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