Nine: Time Travel – Episode 19 Recap

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h50m54s145❂ ❁ ❃ ✿ ✸ ❈ ✵ ✺ ✾ ❀ ✾ ✺ ✵ ❈ ✸ ✿ ❃ ❁ ❂

Young-hoon holds his cell phone almost fearfully – selecting messages to listen to with trembling hands.  After a lot of hesitation, he picks one. It is Sun-woo’s voice:

“April 24, 2013.  My first message to my friend Han Young Hoon. I don’t know how my life will end up. I’m leaving a message just in case.”

Flashback to Sun-woo standing in the phone booth looking out at the rain “Young Hoon. The incense stick is mocking me until the end. I’m stuck in the past.”


(Is Sun-woo able to call the future from his phone? Do we have a QIHM situation here?)

Present Young-hoon selects the second message:

“April 24, 2013. Second message. It has been 30 minutes. I’m still stuck in the past.”

Flashback to Sun-woo in the rain again. “I wonder how it has changed over there.  Is my brother alive? Did Choi Jin Cheol pay for his crime? Is Min Young back as Joo Min Young?”


Min-young, lovely bride, smiles at her reflection in the mirror holding her pale flowered bouquet.  She likes what she sees. Through a door, Chul-min peeks in, and then comes in to give her the thumbs up. As the first couple from the station, he wishes her well and warns her not to fight with Sun-woo, then gives a beatific smile.

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-07h17m15s195He is soooo happy for them.  His phone call takes his attention and him back out of the room.

At that moment, her girlfriends show up to congratulate her and take cell pictures.


Sun-woo’s voice continues with the message “Did we become happier than before?“


Sun-woo, in the phone booth, hangs up his phone. He looks at his watch and up at the rain, without hope, without options. Suddenly, Choi’s car comes barreling in at him and strikes the phone booth hard.


Choi looks shocked.  Sun-woo looks severely injured bleeding from a head and chest injuries.  He drops the phone, cracked in a couple places, which we then see in present Young-hoon’s hand –same cracks.  (How does it get there?) It wasn’t voice mail messages, but recordings.

Young-hoon is inconsolable.


Church Inside the church, just as with Jung-woo’s wedding, people are impatient that the groom didn’t show.


The CBM workers sit together complaining. Bum-suk comes in and informs them they can’t find Sun-woo anywhere. They searched ER’s in case there was an accident. He isn’t answering his phone, and the GPS appears to be off.  Chul-min is worried.  The group goes out of the church.

Young-hoon is traveling by taxi. He gets a call from Min-young.  He lets her know he is going to where Sun-woo’s car probably is – near the former Myungse hospital site. Sun-woo mentioned he was going after Choi.  Young-hoon lets her know his guess is the only reason Sun-woo didn’t show up was because he is injured – just like last time. (I like how gentle he is with her, how understanding of her feelings.) Min-young takes the news and crumbles.vlcsnap-2013-05-14-07h58m02s91

Young-hoon’s taxi arrives at Sun-woo’s parked car, and he runs over. He shakes the handle and looks in, then calls his friend’s name.  He notices crazy Choi sitting on the curb in front of the car. A memory of the successful man from the TV flashes and he looks at him quizzically. Choi looks back, but somehow doesn’t register anything, then gets into his funny little van and drives away with Young-hoon staring after him.


Smashed phone booth.


Blood spatters getting washed away by the rain. Sun-woo opens his eyes and looks at his watch. His arms are covered with blood, and by the way he is moving, he seems to have several broken limbs. He picks up his phone and we hear his third message.

“April 24, 2013 Third message. I’m really hurt. I still have no way of getting back. But I still want to believe that this is not how my life is going to end. I have to live. I have to think of a way to get back.” He tries to lift the pieces of the phone booth off of him, but can’t. He is too injured and it is too heavy. In frustration, he breaks through one of the panes of glass with his elbow.


Min-young’s father comes in and tells her it is time to go home. It is too late and she should change. Min-young thinks about what all this could mean.

Young-hoon sits on the street near Sun-woo’s car. The police have arrived on the scene with the CBM workers. They opened the door and are towing the car away. Bum-suk walks over and hands Young-hoon the jewelry box we saw on the passenger seat.


He asks him to take care of it, and suggest Young-hoon go home.  But Young-hoon tells him not to worry and waves him away. They get into the police car and Young-hoon is left alone. He finds the wedding rings in the box.  As he sits, time passes, he is deep in thought and in sadness. Tears fill his eyes.  What a great friend this guy is. Through all of the time travel shenanigans and brain tumor business, he has done his best to give good advice, and be a voice of reason. He just wants his friend there and alive.

“Where the in the world are you?” he asks and puts his face in his hands. The phone rings. Jung-woo just arrived from overseas. They talk about how the police are looking for Sun-woo, but Young-hoon can’t tell them his real worries. Jung-woo wonders how he could be gone still if the incense has burned. Young-hoon informs him it has been six hours already.  Young-hoon mentions he saw Choi, and wishes he had stopped him because he looked suspicious.  Jung-woo offers to go find him, he knows where he works.

Choi is in his rat hole doing shots of soju when Jung-woo arrives. He screams, “Get out!” He tells him how surprised he is to see a dead person and asks why he would come to see him – it’s not like he is some famous TV personality. Choi laments his current circumstances to the NOBODY who cares.  He calls the brothers “sons of bitches.”  Jung-woo asks where Sun-woo is, and Choi says, “He’s dead. I killed him,” with far too much evil glee.  He gloats that nobody will be able to pin it on him as it happened 20 years ago.


Choi, appearing unsettled, picks up the phone and calls Chang-min’s car phone, which keeps ringing. Cut to Chang-min hog-tied and on the floor of the record shop, struggling and swearing in his binds.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h29m20s6 Choi slams the phone down and wonders, “Is he (Sun-woo) dead? He couldn’t have survived that.” He tells himself he did a good thing and smiles that it was for the best.

Present Choi continues his bragging about pulling off the perfect crime, even describing Sun-woo as an idiot who just stood there when “POW!” Choi hit him with the car. Jung-woo burns holes of hate into the man’s head as he listens.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h30m47s105Choi cackles and tells him if he doesn’t believe to go check with the police. There has to be a record of the car crash that day at that scene.

Choi goes on and enforces in how horrible a human being he is. Jung-woo asks why he has to be such a bad man. He tells him that he has prayed for him for the last 2o years.  In response to Choi’s disdainful “Who are you to me?” Jung-woo tells him he is his father – tearfully. Choi is shocked.   Jung-woo finds the bitter irony in their situation. “Is there another father-and-son like us? I killed my father. And you killed his son. We will be in Hell together. I don’t know who will get there first. I will see you there anyway. I won’t look for you in this life again.” He walks out to silent Choi’s O.O,

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h33m32s217who then gets up to follow his son out. As Jung-woo gets into a taxi, Choi watches speechless.  Hyung cries as the cab drives away.

Choi goes back into his den, disbelieving Jung-woo’s story. He flashes back to his talk with Mom before the rape at the Inn. This compels him to drive, drunkenly, away somewhere.

Young-hoon runs up the stairs at a police station where he finds Hyung.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h36m07s234They believe Choi’s story, and are waiting for the cops to find the case files.  Hyung asks about Min-young, and Young-hoon says he couldn’t bring himself to tell her anything.

Choi loudly shows up at Mom’s nursing home. The nurses run to get the security guards and leave the crazy man with the patient? (Wrong choice!) Flashback to Choi going to Mom’s house, seeing her pregnant, and questioning whose baby she was carrying.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h38m26s89He knew then it was his. Present Choi asks a nonresponsive Mom – Why did she lie? He sobs and grieves as the guards pull him away, and I just don’t care about him at all.

Mom remains statue still.

A cop lets Hyung and Young-hoon into a tiny file room. Hyung reads the notes on the case and we hear a cop narrating as the scene plays out.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h40m47s211 Witnesses heard the crash but it was in the middle of a thunderstorm. One man looked out the window he saw a car backing out, but couldn’t identify it.

The voice over continues as we see Sun-woo passed out and bleeding at the scene. “The victim (WHAT?) was found at 8:00, and the police got there at 8:30.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h41m29s122We see the sheet being pulled over Sun-woo’s head. (NOT THE SHEET again!) But he was already dead.

Young-hoon sinks to the ground against the shelves. Hyung starts to cry.

The cops found the CBM ID tag, but concluded it was fake after investigating.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h42m15s72They closed the case in July of that year, and cremated the body. Hyung looks over the horrible accident scene photos. Young-hoon looks miserable.

Min-young, at home with her mother, sits amid her pretty bouquet, photos and mom’s hanbok.  Yoo-jin complains that history is repeating itself. Min-young covers her ears.

At the police station, the friend and the brother remain silent. Hyung walks out of the room as his phone rings. It is Choi, who begs Hyung to see him again. That he never knew he had a son. Hyung is resolute in refusing.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h44m13s231Choi cries that he doesn’t want to wait to Hell to see his son. Hyung hangs up and Choi, finally finally finally gets run off the road by a truck, his car flipping several times, and he dies dies dies dies, I hope, dies.

Hyung sobs at the police station overcome with way too much sadness.

We see the truck driver look over the ravine to the crashed van, and Choi’s dead dead dead dead body.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h47m29s139(Did anyone get the driver’s license plate? We need to send him flowers!)

Past Choi wrings his hands in his office when the phone rings. Hyung is calling him from the hospital. Choi criticizes him and threatens that he had better leave town or else. Hyung lies that he is at the airport now.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h48m25s186Choi tells him good job, never look back, and hangs up the phone, smiling, happy that it is finally over. Flash to dead dead dead Choi, and we AGREE!

Young-hoon turns the light on in his office and sits.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h49m44s209He has a manila envelope. His body language tells us he is exhausted mentally and physically. He takes papers and a plastic baggie out, and we have a mini – one hour ago – flashback. The cop pulls out the victim’s “effects,” among them something listed as “an unidentified object” – a modern cell phone – there as well. He thinks there must have been a mistake, but Young-hoon must have convinced him to let him have the phone anyway.

It is the same cracked phone he held at the opening. From his pocket, Young-hoon removes his own cell phone. It is the same model, so he is able to swap out the dead battery for his. (Critics of QIHM pay attention.)  We now have a replay of the opening scene of him hesitantly playing the messages. Now we see they are from his dead friend.

Young-hoon’s eyes well up with tears as he listens to the one about Sun-woo being hurt and that he has to find a way back.

His hand shakes and he plays a message we haven’t heard. “April 24, 2013. Fourth message…” Flashback to Sun-woo sitting helplessly at the crash site.  He tries to draw attention to himself by banging the broken handset against the metal wreckage of the phone booth, but to no avail. “I can’t lose again. I’m going to win.  I’m going to survive. I’m going to go back. I won’t lose.”

Present Young-hoon covers his mouth to stop the sobs.


Still raining, Sun-woo bleeding his life out on the pavement, reaches for his cell and records another message

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h54m04s245“Fifth message. I think I know why I can’t go back…” Young-hoon listens from his office as we intercut with shots of Sun-woo in the past. “The incense stick was me…“ All the events from the time travel flash before us. “I said that the incense stick was mocking my fate.  But it was I who was the incense stick. The moment I lit up the incense stick, I became the Fruit of Knowledge for others’ lives.”


Hyung goes into Sun-woo’s bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed. He gets a call. A cop at the scene where Choi (dead dead dead) died tell him that he was last person he called.

Hyung admits to being his son.

Sun-woo’s voice over from the fifth message continues as we pan over Choi’s dead body. “It was an opportunity and a curse at the same time.  It could be a salvation or destruction.” Sun-woo almost completely emptied of life keeps recording his theory, “It was me. I used all the incense sticks. My role is over. I won’t ever be able to go back. I finally realized that now. Knowing that, it’s not even that depressing that I’m dying. I won’t even feel guilty for playing God.” The camera pans back from him against the wall, and we flash to present Young-hoon listening to his friend.   “It was never in my power but His. So I’m even thankful. For the people who have kept their roles in my life. For those who chose that fate. For being a true friend to me every time for every life.” Young-hoon sobs out loud. “To you, I’m thankful,” as looks closer at the cell’s screen.

Sun-woo’s face crumbles. “And…And Min Youngie…” he trails off and passes out? Dies?!  Rain falling falling falling.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h01m43s228Present Min-young waits for the phone call. Her mother voices everyone’s biggest fear. “He must have died somewhere,” then asks for a glass of water, and Min-young complies.  As she is about to pour, she has a realigned memory flash, and her world tilts.


A shocked, wide-eyed Kid Min-young stares at the destroyed phone booth, the blood and the man trapped, his shirt reddened with blood.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h03m39s114Present Min-young drops the glass and it shatters, getting her mother’s attention.

Kid Min-young yells “Ahjussi!” And Sun-woo wakes up.

She asks if he is hurt and should she call 119. He tells her he’s fine. She remembers him as the man who took mom to the hospital. He asks why she is there.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h04m10s163Present Min-young simul-remembers the event.

Kid tells him she is there because she forgot her teddy bear.

Surprisingly, Sun-woo tells her he is glad. He asks her to come closer, and brave Kid does.  When she gets close, he says, “Remember my face. Don’t ever forget it.” Both Min-youngs look at his face.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h04m42s230She asks why.

“When you see a man that looks just like me…don’t get close to him.” Sun-woo has that heart-breaking half smile he used during his “Secret” conversation, and this one is killing me the same way.

smiinnng He’s looking at her like his life depends on telling her this. “Don’t try to warm up to him. Don’t even take interest. He is going to ruin your life. Just stay away from him. Okay?” Present Min-young sobs. “Promise me.” He lifts he blood covered hand towards her, promise pinkie extended.

Present Min-young cries out loud.

Kid Min-young hesitates touching this strange and bloody man. Sun-woo insists. “Now.  I don’t have much time.” Present Min-young watches, cries, and covers her mouth

Kid Min-young reaches her pinkie towards him and they grip.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h08m41s58Tears filling his eyes, he smiles that excruciatingly sad and happy smile he has, taking in the sight of the girl who will become the woman he loves.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h08m54s187 His hand drops from hers, his eyes close and his head falls.

Kid cries out “Ahjussi!” Min-young breaks down.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-20h08m50s146As Adult Min-young  sobs and sobs and so do I. It hurts so much.

Jomo’s Comments

If they really want Sun-woo to die, and we find satisfaction in the fact he was able to fix things: make Choi suffer, bring his brother back, clear Min-young’s name, and even say “good-bye” sort of before he passed, fine.

No no no no!!! Not fine. This is what 49 Days did to me, and I hated that.

Sun-woo and Min-young did not have more than moments of happiness together. Yes, he would have died anyway. Min-young, however, was supposed be his happy place while he said his farewells to the world in his last months of life. They should have traveled, eaten lots of ice cream, and generally felt the warmth of each others’ presence and caring.  To die, cold, in pain and miserable in the rain, giving his future wife a warning to stay away from him, is horrid, and unacceptable as an outcome.

Show, you have one episode to redeem yourself.

EE’s Comments

First, props again to Young Hoon (character and the actor who plays him) for being more than the goofy foible. When he was listening to the voice recordings it was heartbreaking. As an actor, he is basically just sitting in a room. I was blubbering about as hard as Young Hoon when Sun Woo thanked him for consistently being a good friend.
There must be a ripple to telling Shi-Ah (and I use that because young Min Young sounds weird to me) to avoid him. Sure, with or without Min Young, Sun Woo might have burned the incense sticks. But if not for the “she’s my wife/she’s my niece” trauma that started in episode 4 he might have left it there. And if he had not kept futzing about in the past, then he would not be in the phone booth and therefore might have lived. STRINGS of hope, wispy though they may be. I believe in this show, I believe these writers would rather give us the warm fuzzies as an ending. And for what it is worth I was fine with 49 Days and how it ended. It was consistent with the tone of that show, to me.
And Choi . . . I cheered a little when he veered into the truck (no drinking and driving while not using a hands free device for your phone kids!) but I am not going to lie, I actually felt a little bad for him. I am in no way excusing the rape, but it seems like maybe it was more of a date rape thing and perhaps the scene wasn’t written well. In 1968, it wouldn’t be considered a rape by definition. It would have been interesting to see it play out slightly differently, as Choi remembered it. The way things are shaping up, if there is more time travel left in the show a trip to 1968 is in order. There is a Korean saying about buttoning wrongly . . . once the top button of the shirt is askew the rest can’t fall into place. I get the feeling the rape was that first button for Choi. So many thoughts . . . but I will wait until we have our final episode to go into the woulda coulda shoulda.

vlcsnap-2013-05-13-19h24m27s147Credit Dramafever subtitles

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15 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 19 Recap

  1. Tehlimau says:

    I cried like HELL. Heart felt torn out in the last scene. Reminded me of Kim Boong Do’s letter to Hee Jin in QIHM Ep 15 (his phone messages to YH were equally heartbreaking). Totally ripped out and wrenched dry.This better had a good ending tonight!!!

  2. total_newbie_to_k says:

    I’m 100% sure now, that we’ll have our happy ending. NO doubt in my mind.

    Again a great episode!

  3. antoniazc says:

    I cried like HELL too!!! last night while watching the episode and today while reading this recap. i don’t know why writers decided to punish us with such a heartbreaking episode… i don’t know how i could stand so much pain… i can’t believe SW spent more than 6 hours agonizing.. yet he was so brave: “But I still want to believe that this is not how my life is going to end. I have to live. I have to think of a way to get back.”…“I can’t lose again. I’m going to win. I’m going to survive. I’m going to go back. I won’t lose.” those words keep haunting me and his final words to his friend… and the last scene with Shi Ah… that smile…
    as @total_newbie_to_k said i wanna believe we’ll have our happy ending… but i’m so heartbroken that i’m not sure about it anymore
    Also i’m not sure what to think about Choi. when the truck was going to crash with Choi’s van i was kind of happy yet i felt that feeling that way was wrong… maybe if Choi knew that JW was his son he would’ve been different, remember SW once said that it was the events of the night when his father died that made Choi a monster. Maybe SW musn’t have tried to save his father but help Choi.. i don’t know anymore
    i’m afraid of today’s episode… let’s pray for the best
    so far the writers are doing an awesome job… so they must find a way to give us a happy and logical ending

    • scifiwritir says:

      I felt the same way about Choi as well. I’m even hoping that when the NEW timeline comes around, Choi and the bros will be best of pals, Dr Han will be married to a loving woman (either a new wife or old wife will have gone through some serious changes), Jung Woo and Sun Woo will both be married to their true loves, Mom will be sane and talking, and the hospital will once more exist. Not gonna even think about why young Sun Woo broke up with his previous girlfriend. Not even gonna think about the Himalayas. I wish I were ass confident about happy endings in my life as I am about a happy ending in this drama. Screenwriter-Nim, do NOT disappoint me.

  4. hrtbrkgrl says:

    Thanks for the recap… Can’t wait for the finale….
    Hope it will be a happy ending…. 😉

  5. cass says:

    “As Adult Min-young sobs and sobs and so do I. It hurts so much.”

    Yep. Me too. It was just awful ………I don’t know what to expect for the finale now 😦

  6. scifiwritir says:

    That was the most unexpected redemption arc ever…and yet, totally believable. If only…if only…. What would life have been life if there had been a rape but no birth secret? What if Mom had spoken up and told the truth some time after the wedding? I like Jung Woo[‘s existence. I kinda suspected there’d be a redemption for Choi when he found out the truth because I figure these Korean screenwriters have a soft spot for redeeming the villain or bringing some enlightenment/repentance eye-opening moment to help us and the villain understand how life can twist a person. But wow. I didn’t think he’d be that broken up about it. He probably spent his entire life wanting to punish Sun Woo’s dad for taking something from him. HE probably could’ve married someone else but in this drama it just seems that people love only one person forever.

    I DID NOT want Min Young to do the pinkie promise. Pinkie Promises are powerful. Now I’m wondering if she will avoid our hero in the present because she’s set her heart to keep that annoying promise. Luckily, 99% of my guesses for this story have turned out totally wrong. So I’m hoping everyone ends up happy.

  7. I’m really heartbroken with this episode. I don’t know what will happen, but I’m hoping with all my forces that a happy ending will come. Please writers I wanna see Sun Woo alive and happy with Min Young and brother.

    And I’m also heartbroken that Nine is coming to an end. It was a pleasure to watch and cheer for our heroes. I’ll probably rewatch it in the next months.

    And Jomo, thanks for the recaps! It’s really a great job!

  8. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Putting my tears aside for the moment, I’m going to try to explain a thought I had when I heard “The incense stick was me…“

    (And I know this ISN’T what the writers meant, but I had the thought and I just wanted to express it)

    “The incense stick was me…“ OK. If Sun-Woo is the incense stick, then Sun-Woo isn’t a real character. He becomes a symbol in the story, a false construct. Does that mean in the original timeline, there was only one brother Jung-Woo, who lights the incense stick? (Think of Dawn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy was originally an only child then suddenly Dawn appears as her kid sister).

    My brain spun a bit further with what if Sun-Woo isn’t real and what the implications to the entire drama are if that was true, but MADNESS lies in that train of thought. We love Sun-Woo and Sun-Woo’s relationships with other characters too much to even go there in episode 19.

    Yet part of me can see a logic to Sun-Woo as a splinter created when Jung-Woo lit the incense stick. After all, SW is too good to be true. He is heroic. He is able to do the right things when JW would be cowardly or indecisive. SW is trying to complete what his brother JW started, even to the point where SW continues to use the incense sticks when JW is dead. SW becomes a spawned process running to complete it’s original programming and when done can be eliminated (Now I’m thinking of Tron).

    But this it completely unacceptable to me as a viewer who loves SW. So I reject my evil thought and whatever the writers come up with, it has to be better than SW is the incense stick. At this point, I would accept it was all a dream and we get a new season a la Dallas.

    Funny how I was all ready to accept a tragic ending early in the show, but now I am pouty at the thought of SW ending his life crushed by a phone booth. Fingers crossed that episode 20 is a happy ending,

    • EE says:

      I initially thought the same thing when Sun Woo said “the incense stick is me”, I had to pause and go back like 45 seconds to make sure I didn’t miss something. Obviously, he IS a fictional character on a tv series but I didn’t want him to be a fictional character/mass of time travel flotsam in HIS world. And I was glad I was not understanding it correctly.

  9. Summer says:

    thank u 4 the recap

  10. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    What questions do you still need answers for in ep 20? For me, I hope the logic of how incense sticks really work is explained. I don’t understand why Sun-Woo doesn’t return after the last incense stick.

    My brain is trying to wrap around what it means if SW doesn’t return. Young versions SW, YW, and Choi know about time travel. Young MY knows about the mysterious man who dies. MY goes to America and gets the great step-Dad to offset emotional ex-singer Mom. Choi and JW go to jail. SW takes on an adult role early shouldering the care for Mom and the anger of a brother who accidentally killed Dad. SW grows up without the knowledge that older self has been killed by Choi. Yet as a bonus SW gets the Reporter as a father figure in his life earlier than before. Forgiveness happens and brother hyung atones for his sins.

    So I guess it is like getting a fresh time line, because SW will grow up differently just because of the experiences he has had as a young man but with the assurance of his older self that everything will be OK and he should live a happy life.

    So in my mind, episode 20 should finally explain the loose ends about the incense sticks and show us how young SW grows up into his new older self. Will it appease me after the tears ep 19 gave me at the tragic death? I hope so. It has to, because I want to leave NINE on a sweet note.

    • Ennayra says:

      I can live with episode 20 being about how SW grows into his older self. It’ll be sad though, because the SW we’ve been with for the whole drama will have died in that phonebooth. That ending kind of reminds me of the ending to Arang and the Magistrate – the characters were reborn, but Lee Jun-ki’s character didn’t remember his past, so he wasn’t the same person. Shin Mina’s character did remember, so she was the same. I don’t know – that ending left me feeling dissatisfied.

  11. Ennayra says:

    The whole time I was watching I had such faith in a happy ending, that I didn’t even tear up. But then in the last scene when Min-Young remembered their meeting at the phone booth and started crying, I started crying. Respect for Jo Yoon-hee as an actress going out. I still believe in a happy ending! I’m going to wait for the subs 🙂

  12. I’m sorry, but wut? “ seems like maybe it was more of a date rape thing and perhaps the scene wasn’t written well.”

    First of all, are we scaling date rape down as a “kinda rape” instead of an “actual rape”? Also, what part of him dragging her down an alleyway by her arm seemed in ANY way consensual?

    Been enjoying your recaps but this comment took a fierce turn into crazytown. I get that this post is old, but it’s really worth a re-read, some self reflection, and (hopefully) an edit.

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