Nine: Time Travel – Episode 18 Recap


Recap by EE

Almost without exception, we want our OTP to make it to the altar, get married, and live happily ever after.  And don’t they make the cutest couple in these wedding photos? Sun Woo in the navy blue tuxedo? Swooon.  Never mind the grin on both their faces.  But sometimes when the clock strikes 12, the magic stops and you have to settle back into reality.

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We begin in 1993 at 11:59 AM, just as Jung Woo has left the church/his wedding.  From a distance, Young Hoon watches as the guests cluck and chatter in disbelief about the groom vanishing moments before the ceremony begins.


In the present, Young Hoon anxiously paces his office.  Then the memories of this new timeline start to come to him (and clearly he has been taking facial response classes from Choi).  His office disappears around him (much like Min Young’s surroundings at the end of episode 17) and he finds himself in front of the church with his family. He asks is wife if Min Young and Sun Woo are really getting married.  She looks at him like he is crazy, and says of course they are.


We flash back to the moment Jung Woo walked out of the church, with Shi-Ah calling after him.  The rain has deflated his pompadour; he looks more recognizable to me at this point.


Min Young is at the memorial, and the mourners begin to vanish as the clock turns to noon.  Piece by piece the items vanish, and so does her mother.  A gauzy film covers the scene and we see it is literally her bridal veil.  Min Young is being primped (by bridesmaids? They aren’t dressed as such, but maybe that is a western tradition) on the stairs leading to the church.


We see a sign announcing the wedding of Park Sun Woo and Joo Min Young, and Min Young looks over to see her mother and step-father Joo greeting the guests.  (PS: How weird is it that Min Young is getting married at the SAME church where her mother was left at the altar exactly 20 years ago, right down to the minute? And even if that were not the case, how is Mom happy about her marrying into the Park family? That has to be bizarre no matter what.).  She recognizes him as her step father from Boston, he smiles and gives her a “thumbs up” from across the driveway.

Choi is about to bust the windows out Sun Woo’s car to get that incense stick.  Again, we see his golf club vanish and wooosh! Goodbye Secretary Kim.  Annyeong driver.  Hasta la vista car!  Choi in this new time line may not be in the poor house (like I had hoped) but he’s rocking some Einstein hair and he is  . . . a hoarder?

7Choi runs outside and sees the sign to his shop “Myungse Pharmacy.”   He runs back inside and does a web search for “Myungse Hospital Chief Choi Jin Chul.” The search shows no matches.  He looks in his desk mirror (and this is something I have seen in several dramas. . . do Koreans actually have these huge mirrors at work or is this a drama thing, to manipulate the angle so we can see both the computer screen and his reaction?) He remembers modern day Sun Woo telling him in 1993 about suffering for 20 years being more painful than death.


Choi is livid at how Sun Woo has wronged him.  He goes out to find his car, using the keyless entry clicker . . . and finds he is now the proud owner (leaser?) of a delivery van. Bwah ha ha ha!  Commence tantrum of epic proportions.


We flash back to the moment Jung Woo leaves the church (again?) ( And do you see what I mean about that pompadour?)  We now see Jung Woo in 2013. He is working at a clinic in China.  Jung Woo is getting his flash of the new events.


In 1993, Jung Woo ran into the ER to find Sun Woo with Chul Min.  Jung Woo asks where he is hurt and Chul Min introduces himself as a reporter with CBM (obviously, he has not had a chance to watch the tape yet).  Chul Min starts to talk about who might have attacked Sun Woo but Jung Woo cuts him off.  He tells Chul Min he knows, and he will tell him everything.  He is ready to confess, but maybe not so much in from of Sun Woo.


Back at the (1993) wedding, Yoo Jin is in tears and being consoled by her friends.  She says she regrets giving Jung Woo a second chance, he dumped her once before and she believed in him and took him back.  All she wants now is to leave the country and never think of him again.  We see Yoo Jin and Shi Ah get into a taxi and an airplane takes off.


Chul Min is reporting from the Myungse clinic about the arrest of Choi.  His report also talks about the accidental death of Daddy Park and how Jung Woo was blackmailed.  This leads to a series of arrests, including the corrupt police men.  They even toss Choi into a squad car with Chang Min.  Choi asks him what he was thinking going after Sun Woo, and Chang Min insists Choi told him to.  This is confusing to both parties.

Jung Woo apologizes to his mother while the officers wait to take him in.  We see one tear slide down mom’s cheek.  Sun Woo, who is watching the courtyard from up in his room, is crying too.


Is it more comforting knowing you will eventually understand this tragedy? Or is it more confusing in the moment to think that you will?


Choi and Jung Woo are being sentenced.  Jung Woo suggests that Choi repent, and spend the rest of his life trying to make amends.  Jung Woo plans to do something every day.  Meanwhile, the judge is giving a 4 year sentence to Jung Woo and 6.5 years for blackmail to Choi (including the return of Myungse Hospital  to its rightful owners [the Park family? Stockholders?] because it was a benefit of his blackmail.)  Choi is practically growling at Jung Woo, how this is his fault because Choi was trying to do him a favor.  According to the subtitles, Choi also calls him a bastard which would be pretty ironic all things considered.  The judge is not impressed with Choi’s courtroom behavior.


Sun Woo visits Jung Woo in prison (Jung Woo’s prison # is 2511 or 2+5+1+1= 9).  Sun Woo shows him an acceptance letter (to a University, I presume).  Jung Woo is pleased and happy that Sun Woo came to visit; he did not expect to see him.  Sun Woo reports that Mom is still the same, she doesn’t seem to be aware of his acceptance letter.  He also says he came because “he told me one day I would understand, and I believe in him.”


Jung Woo says, “I don’t understand what you are saying.”  “It’s a secret,” Sun Woo says.

Ending his flashback, we see Jung Woo in the present realizing the secret was the incense and that 1993 Sun Woo must have heard it from 2013 Sun Woo.


News staff shows at the wedding.  Somehow the Hussy got an invite.  The Bride is waiting in the receiving room.


Young Hoon pops in offering congratulations and Min Young seems bewildered “I am not dreaming?”  Min Young thinks back to February 2013, with Sun Woo asleep in her bed.


She wakes him up, asking him for a proposal.  Clearly this is not her first time requesting he put a ring on it.  She says today would be perfect, the weather is beautiful AND it is her birthday.  Sun Woo scoffs, but she insists it is true.  He says, “Do you have birthdays every month?” She admits last month was a lie; she was just trying to pressure him but today really IS her birthday.   Min Young leaves and Sun Woo rolls back into sleep.

23He hears the door open and assumes it is Min Young.  Through closed eyes he jokes with her about only leaving for 30 minutes . . . only it is NOT Min Young.  It is her mother, Yoo Jin.  Accompanied by Min Young’s stepfather.  And Sun Woo is in their daughter’s apartment.  Wearing only his underwear.  He stumbles to get his pants and things into the bathroom and tries to call Min Young.  He hears Yoo Jin shouting through the door “Don’t bother calling my daughter, she left her phone here”.

Min Young comes home, surprised to see her parents.  Her mom says she was surprised too . . . to walk in on a MAN in her daughter’s home.  Apparently, her husband had a business trip in Japan and since it was so close to Min Young’s birthday they decided to pop over to visit.  Sun Woo is furiously brushing his teeth.  Min Young comes in the bathroom.


She apologizes, she had no idea they were coming.  Sun Woo smells a set up.  Min Young insists her mom is furious, but that if she heard they were already engaged it would be okay.  Min Young can say they had planned for an April wedding with spring flowers in bloom . . . and that they hadn’t said anything yet because Sun Woo had not made his official greeting to her parents.   She practically has invitations sent out before she walks out of the bathroom.


Back in the present, Min Young smiles as she remembers the bathroom proposal.  She receives a call from Jung Woo, she answers it nervously.  He introduces himself as “Dad.”  He says he knows he should call her “sister-in-law” but he’d like to keep calling her Min Young, she agrees.  He tells her he is surprised to be alive, and that he is happy.  He is not like he was before.  He asks about her mom and if she is happy.  Min Young says yes.  Yoo Jin walks in and Min Young cuts the conversation short.  Mom asks who was on the phone; Min Young tells her it was Sun Woo’s brother offering congratulations.  Yoo Jin mutters under her breath that he could have come to the wedding; she would not have caused a scene.  Yoo Jin thinks back to meeting Sun Woo for the first time.  Yoo Jin was asking all of those vaguely nosy future in law questions (who is your father, what does he do? Do you live with your mother? Etc.  Sun Woo is honest, his father is gone.  His mother is in a facility because she is not well).  Yoo Jin wants to know what happened and Min Young stops her.


She asks if Sun Woo has any siblings and Step dad gets a call and steps away. Yoo Jin takes the opportunity to ask if his brother is Park Jung Woo.  Sun Woo says “How did you know?” Yoo Jin asks “Do you remember me? I am Shi Ah’s mother.  Didn’t you know Min Young is Shi Ah?”


We see Sun Woo waiting in the phone booth, just as he is about to “depart” from 1993, with less than a minute remaining on his watch.  In 2013, Choi about to break through the window, only to have everything (including Choi this time) vanish.  The incense burns out.  And Sun Woo is still in 1993.  He checks his phone, but apparently his carrier is not as good as Kim Bong Do . . . he has no service.  The clock function still works, it indicates it is 12:02.  He should definitely be back at “home.”  Why did he not leave? A box appears on his passenger seat in 2013 (wedding rings maybe?)  The incense holder and case vanish.  What does this MEAN? Did someone from another point in the time line take it?


Sun Woo uses his phone to record a message to Young Hoon, saying the incense has gotten the best of him again and he is stuck in the past.  Meanwhile Min Young can’t seem to reach him on his cell phone.


Present day Scruffy Choi hops in his delivery van and goes to where Sun Woo left his car (and the incense burning).  The incense is gone, and Choi starts to lose it but strange things are afoot in 1993, which makes Choi do his weirdest face yet (seriously, he looks like he is trying to sell Kool Aid or something wacky.)


1993 Choi is discovered by a security officer, who helps cut the binds.  He immediately dials Chang Min’s car phone, but he does not get an answer because Chang Min is passed out and literally hogtied inside the record store.  Choi drives down there and stops in front, only to see Sun Woo standing in the phone booth (which must be shocking the heck out of 2013 Choi.)


Sun Woo looks up to see Choi barreling down at him.  Sun Woo’s luck with phone booths is about as bad as it gets.

Two ajussi’s in an apartment near the alley hear the crash, one leans out the window but can’t really see what has happened.  There are loud sounds of thunder, perhaps he assumes that was all he heard and they go back to their game.  Choi drives away with a huge dent in the front of his car.  Present day Choi seems elated with this turn of events, but also sits on the ground (to have a heart attack.  I hope).   He mumbles something about being even with Sun Woo.

The last thing we see is bloody and beaten Sun Woo, grasping at the wreckage and passing out.  No guys, really.  He is just a little sleepy and he is going to have a nap while he waits for the paramedics.  He is NOT DEAD.  Or at least not for real dead.  He can be like tumor surgery dead.  Meaning alive in the next episode.   Or maybe they will find him and he will have the DREADED AMNESIA so he ends up in the home with his Mom who finally breaks her catatonic curse to recognize her son.  As the guy who stepped on her glasses, of course.  Not actually her son.


EE’s Summary

Okay, yes, I was waiting for Cinderella’s other glass slipper to drop.  I knew when he didn’t see Sun Woo come back to 1993 that SOMETHING was amiss (although I had no idea he would be *stuck* there and impaled by a phone booth).  This week’s episodes were more action packed than the last two weeks, we kinda felt our hero was getting somewhere and not just whipping himself or wallowing in self pity.  We got some happy ear wiggly couple moments (WHY HAVE WE BEEN DENIED FLASHBACKS ALL THIS TIME?) I could handle the math of an alternate timeline to get more sweetness from these two).  And the end of this episode, our final cliffhanger going into the last week? Unnnfff.  With all the trauma at the end I have to leave with something happier, so here is what I like to think of as Choi doing the Harlem Shake.

misc 2

Jomo’s Comments

So not fair, EE, that I have to look up at THAT as I write. Let’s see what I have in my bag of tricks to fix that right up…

vlcsnap-2013-05-08-05h55m15s183MUCH better!  (You all can keep reading. I’m Parked here.) (Now that I mention it, I would very very much like to be Parked. Park me!!)

From the second we saw Min-young in the white dress, all I wanted was to see Sun-woo tuxed up. The thought of him dressed like that for his woman rode my thoughts all through the episode. Where is he? Where IS he? WHERE IS HE? Did anyone hear my “OH SH^T! OH SH^T! OH SH^T!” when it was obvious Sun-woo was going to be stranded? Sweet mother of all that is! I read someone on some site guessed that would happen, but still, I appreciate the beauty of the problem.

If he’s Monty-Python-and-the-Holy-Grail not dead yet right now, let’s hope he never EVER becomes Monty-Python’s-Flying-Circus parrot dead (You Tube can explain.)

The Min-young as girlfriend to sleepy Sun-woo boyfriend scenes delighted me. Thank you, director/writer.

There are many possibilities, but what if he disappears from the current Present timeline, but grows old as Kid Sun-woo grows up, and watches his whole life unfold again?  Does he meet all the same folks, and end up finding the sticks again? If he does find the sticks again and doesn’t use them, does he disappear from the Past?  I dunno. I don’t want to know quite yet.

I do know it will be dark and horrible next week, but for now at least I have the image of smiling OTP  to keep in my memory when I need to go to my happy place. If not, the header I am making when I finish these words will be there, too.

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46 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 18 Recap

  1. scifiwritir says:

    What a great episode! My feelings about Boong Do’s talisman was kinda neutral but I seriously fear and dislike Sun Woo’s incense stick. Talk about playing with fire; magic is just so untrustworthy and inscrutable! I cannot, cannot, cannot figure out why those damned incense sticks didn’t work. (Apparently, they have something against folks getting married. 😉

    Re: Dr Choi
    Talk about a villain one loves to hate. I have never loved hammy villain over-the-topness so much. Oh my gosh! I totally dislike him and his “disgusting will” but he’ll be one of my favorite villains this year.

    I’m assuming Korean criminal proceedings are totally secret. Family shame etc. I can understand Sun Woo never telling his girlfriend that his brother accidentally killed his father, I can understand folks in America not knowing what really happened when Jung Woo left his wedding. (Although poor Sun Woo will have a lot of explaining to do with his sister-in-law/mother-in-law about why another member of the Park family disappeared from a wedding?) But how does Dr Choi go through that entire court trial and not realize Jung Woo is his son? Did the prosecutor not play the entire tape recording in the courtroom?

    I’m wondering if capital punishment exists for Dr Choi’s crime and if he would get caught somehow in the past. Wouldn’t Dr Choi simply disappear from the timeline if he were to be sentenced to death?

    As for future episodes: so far none of my guesses have worked out. I’m sure there’s something we’re overlooking (as usual) and it’ll help everything out in the past. These writers are sooo good. Thanks so much for the recap.

    • jomo143 says:

      I can’t even talk about Choi my hatred is so strong, but I do have to give the director and actor credit for not holding back on this character. He will live in infamy in our hearts. What must his family say to him? His kids? Oy!

      Do you think if Choi knew Jung-woo is his son that he would act nicer, for lack of a better word, to him? He doesn’t seem to have a spec of humanity in him. He’d prolly still be a jerk.

      As far as the incense stick. It was the LAST one (that he knew of) so maybe the trick is the last one leaves you there. Don’t use it. Except nobody told him that.

      And if there are two (there are two) in Choi’s drawer, do they let him move forward in time? If THEY don’t, then there will be some other talisman that does? Does he have anything of Min-young’s on him? Jewelry? A sock? A handkerchief? All I know is it had better not be a cell phone or beeper that moves him. Been there. Defended that.

      • delicatecloud says:

        there were no rules at all regarding the use of the incense sticks – which is what i like about the drama. Like you know as you go along and not knowing what it holds is the risk you take when using it. Again the issue of trying to alter “fate” – to what cost? can one alter what is “fated”? Will the gods be angry and there is some sort of price to pay? Sun-Woo knows that – he himself mentioned that the unpredictability of the results of his action taken by himself in the past do not always happen the way he has hoped. If we know then the excitement of the unfolding drama would be gone….

    • delicatecloud says:

      I don’t think Choi would have acted differently if he knew that Jung Woo is his son – he will feel even more entitled that his son should have helped him!! and not put him in jail. He is an evil opportunist and a murderer – he did not hesitate to ram into adult Sun-Woo when he spied him in the phone booth!

  2. Jo says:

    Bwahahahahahah The Harlem Shake, how did I not see that myself? Perfect comparison! This episode was so full of cute and funny that I KNEW the end would be terrible…but man, that was a lot of blood. And we just watched him bleed for two minutes. I know because I was tweeting shock at the time. F-ing Choi. I laughed my ASS off at his new reality. Rat Bastard.

    • jomo143 says:

      I was sort of warned about his hair, but I still bellowed with laughs for a good five minutes discovering with him his bold new world. What a lunatic!!

  3. Tehlimau says:

    If present Sun Woo died, kid Sun Woo will grow up with less baggage from having a tumour, being stabbed and now impaled by phone booth? Or will a 58 year old Sun Woo appear at the wedding? Jung Woo came back from the dead TWICE, and Sun Woo ONCE, will there be still be any more death defying manoveurs next week? This is screwing my mind up big time. I just want them married and be making a zillion babies. They have had enough trauma to last NINE life times. LOL.

    • If present Sun Woo dies, yes…kid Sun Woo will probably live a happy life without even trying to challenge Dr Choi. And there’s no law that says he has to repeat what his older self did so he really should be at his wedding. And maybe he is because he never challenged Dr Choi because he knew the secret from the beginning. So he might be alive. Well, yes, he is alive but why didn’t the older Sun Woo remember his brother was going to be married to Min Young’s mother? Even with the name change, it seems a strange thing to forget her name and features. The Sun Woo in that little discussion seemed a bit at a loss. I don’t think he even remembered that he was almost murdered on that day. Wouldn’t he remember such a thing and the persons involved?

      • Ennayra says:

        This is a stretch, but you know how sometimes trauma victims lose their memory? That could have explained why Seon-woo didn’t know his almost-sister-in-law’s face from 20 years ago.

  4. delicatecloud says:

    OMG!!! I was going OMG OMG at the cliff hanging end to the episode! Our hero cannot die right? I predicted that he was “fated” to die young (remember his brain tumour tingy?) and now i don’t want to see this happen.NO and NO. Something has to happen – maybe it is the cellphone again? He left a voice message in this cellphone – that has to come into play somehow. I hope it is NOT the cellphone again – it was used before and having it again would be really unimaginative and lazy writing!
    Young Sun-Woo is still around and perhaps he would have some kind of sixth sense to know that his older self is dying and save himself again????? YES this would be it! Or young Young Hoon will find him as he was looking for him in the church and save him?? YES that would be it. See i am so desperate to have our hero alive!
    Those sweet moments for our OTP were just too few and far between – it looked like he was “set-up” by Min-Young to marry her! Ha ha ha……she was quick to take advantage of the situation and had her own proposal!
    Thanks for the recaps and i loved the screencap of Sun-woo above – drooooooooolllll…….

    • I don’t want him to die like a homeless nameless person in an alley. Heroes may die like that but not k-drama heroes.

      I have no doubt (well, only a 1% doubt) that things won’t end well. I believe all will be well — even to Jung Woo’s former wife understanding and forgiving him. I am THAT optimistic. I just think a good puzzle means all works out well in the end. Or what’s the use of making such a puzzler at all?

      • EE says:

        To keep with your puzzle analogy . . .if it doesn’t end well it would TOTALLY be like finishing a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle with a piece missing. Just hours of work where you are happily going along “woo hoo I got the tree!” or “huzzah I got all of the edges!” only for it to not be finished? I would lose my mind.

      • jomo143 says:

        @EE You are DEAD on with that one. When we (seven children) were kids we often had to “finish” puzzles with missing pieces; that sucked.
        (I read this on my phone without seeing who the commenter name, and I KNEW it was you.)

      • nomad says:

        EE, when I read your saying “finishing 1000 pieces with one piece missing”, I just have to tell you that I have personally finished a 5000 pieces puzzle with one piece missing. And what’s even crazier is, every puzzle that I have bought since then, always have a piece missing. Sometime when I look at my husband, I think to myself, “maybe he’s the personalized version of that one piece I’ve been missing all my life”

      • Ennayra says:

        @nomad – I love your comment. Awwwww.

  5. delicatecloud says:

    PHONE BOOTH! How different this is being used in this drama compared to Queen In-Hyun’s man where we were feasted with beautiful lovey dovey scenes of our OTP. Now it is a place to die???? why? why do you have to replace those wonderful memories???

    • Ennayra says:

      While I was watching this episode, I was thinking that someone on the production team has a thing for phone booths, when you consider that this is the QIHM’s team. Or maybe it’s a thing for superman?

  6. Makoto says:

    I have anticipated worse thing in ep 18 & 19, thanks to QIHM, but still when they finally came, my heart breaks into pieces. 😦
    Similar case with Kim Boong Do who stucked in the past in his (supposed to be) happiest moment in life, while Hee Jin waiting for him, clueless.
    Past Sun Woo visited his brother made me cry… Oh, poor young man. And when he replied “it’s a secret” to his bro, hm… He has habbit about saying something is a secret. =))
    I love how MY and SW back to their old bickering habbit like in the past.
    I love Yoon Shi Ah… Please grant my wish at least once, I want cute moment between young Sun Woo and Yoon Shi Ah!
    Hillarious moment when Mom interrogated SW. =))
    I wish the best for last 2 episode and going to watch Park Hyungshik next project (if any), he leaves strong impression in Sirius and even stronger here in Nine.

  7. antoniazc says:

    as much as i enjoyed cute/hot SW caught in bed, i can’t help thinking all the time “i need to see present SW now”. seconds before he got stuck in the past i thought “oh no he can’t get stuck in the past, please!!!” and when evil Choi tried to kill him (mark my words i use “tried”, he can’t be dead, pleaseeeeee) i was making O.O faces and crying… it was so painful to watch SW smiling at his bad luck at the phone booth, and it was unbelievable to see him all covered in blood… dying (please don’t) yet call me weird it was a beatiful scene…
    i don’t know how i’m supposed to live until next monday. i’m sure hyung getting the sticks or mom will have some screentime next week, i’m hoping young SW or young YH will save SW, i don’t want to think or make guesses, i’m still waiting for a happy ending and a happy wedding between SW and MY, i’m not asking much

  8. antoniazc says:

    i forgot to thanks for the recap, you must forgive me cause i’m still shaking after this episode ending
    and i must thank dear Jomo again and again for the breathtaking header….
    lol EE thanks for that Choi’s Harlem Shake
    i’m trying to distract my thoughts with them

  9. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Thanks for all the recaps. An act of love to share your love for this series with all of us.

  10. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    The camera angle to the side when the world changes I shall always associate with this show. Makes me think of the Titanic hitting an ice burg. Brace yourself, here comes trouble.

    This drama has not disappointed me. Truly a well crafted script. Deserves awards.

    “It’s a secret” would make a great button to go along with “Heromance” for fans of NINE.

    Choi is both evil and comic relief. That hair … is screaming for a caption. Choi is so over the top, I really wonder what the actor was thinking, but it sure is memorable.

    SW in bed with MY … wonderful. We knew it should have been steam roller MY who proposed. SW was never an easy man to catch. Getting caught by the parents … even funnier. SW’s life without incense sticks would still be eventful with MY as his partner.

    • I especially love when it’s poor Dr Han in the skewed sideways camera. I love that doc. HE just suffers so much — vicariously, that is. And what’s with him keeping his wife and icky kids (who are so like their mother) no matter what the timeline? Funny how wifey always shows up when it’s about weddings.

      • Delicatecloud says:

        Yeah I kind of pity him….at times I thought that he kind of hoped that, because some changes have been made by Sun-Woo in the past, his own reality would change in particular his wife!! poor thing – he’s stuck with her in all the different realities!! Hahaha…

      • Ennayra says:

        Am I the only one who doesn’t think his wife is that bad? I feel like we only see her when Dr. Han is dealing with a fresh reality alteration. He’s all shocked and depressed – I doubt he acted like that all the time before the incense sticks. All I’m saying is that if I was his wife, I would wonder how to deal with him freaking out all the time and being very distant. I’m not trying to raise two kids all alone!

        That said, she might be perfectly horrible – all I’m saying is we get such a limited glimpse of her that I can’t judge.

  11. cass says:

    Another GREAT recap. Those swoony moments with SW/MY in bed were worth waiting 18 episodes for … that screencap (those LIPS!!!!!!) may just have to find its way onto my desktop, laptop, i-pad and phone screens!!!! So many feels with this episode …. and still stuck for words on that awful ending, with all that blood!! 😦 I shall be crazy waiting for next week. I can’t seem to say anything more today ………

    • jomo143 says:

      Did I say that last one was a screen cap?
      Oh, no, I took that one with my cell phone this morning after we woke up…

      • antoniazc says:

        you wish!!! and you’re not alone in that wish 😉

      • cass says:

        Im sorry … but it is now mine!!! LoL!!

        I must go back and check but are all the ‘nine’ sticks gone OR was the one that poor dead Jung Woo had in his hand in episode 1 an extra??

        Btw, ‘It’s a secret’ is very apt in my case. Although a patient and forgiving man, My OH totally thinks I have flipped with the whole KDrama thing (I havent yet told him about the branching out into Taiwanese drama yet !!). Believe me I sometimes doubt my own sanity too, because there is literally NO-ONE in my real life that I can discuss my KDrama addiction with. Thank goodness for all the lovely ladies here and a few other places on the net where I CAN join in the discussions and not feel like I’m living in an AU.

      • jomo143 says:

        @cass –
        What’s an AU?

        By the way, there is NOBODY anywhere in my locality that has watched a drama. You are definitely with the right people here, and none of us are alone!

        We don’t know if JW’s was part of the orignal nine or not. Sun-woo used that one all up
        first, when he lit it at home, then, when he lit it at the station, and finally when he went to the inn in Nepal and found the 9 under the mattress.

      • Ennayra says:

        @jomo143 – I love the cell phone comment. I started cracking up when I read it :-). And AU=alternate universe (I used to read fanfiction before I discovered dramas…)

        @cass – I have no one to discuss Kdramas with either! Sometimes I tell people and half the time I get the side-eye and they say “But you’re not Korean.” Lol. And I got addicted in 2007…

  12. sally_b says:

    Hi all…. late to the party.
    JOMO! cell-phone pic from a morning wake-up ~ (ง•̀_•́)ง ohhhh yeah.
    Thanks to both of you for the recaps. (I’ve been reading, with appreciation, despite the late response)

    @Jomo – re: The Sticks
    “…..and if there are two (there are two) in Choi’s drawer, do they let him move forward in time? If THEY don’t, then there will be some other talisman that does? Does he have anything of Min-young’s on him? Jewelry? A sock? A handkerchief? All I know is it had better not be a cell phone or beeper that moves him. Been there. Defended that.”

    Hmmmm- another talisman — I may be one of a handful of people who never had any issue with Queen InHyun’s sudden-cell-phone-resolution. The entire show was HEAVILY laced with phone foreshadowing – and to me the Monk’s calligraphy was simply a text message of the Joseon Era.
    Real time travel is (currently) fantasy ~ so for me….rules about WHAT can transport are not unlike Harry Potter’s muddy-boot *portkey*….. if it gets you there….COOL. 😉

    … the number of remaining sticks is elusive to my recollection — too many crossing timelines.
    I would have to re-watch (marathon) the whole thing at this point to put things in order.
    ….and I’d still only be guessing. (we all know that by now) ….damn sticks.

    …could Young Sun Woo have (flashback) replaced a real stick with a fake one ? The one that evaporated?
    — being young and disbelieving….out of curiosity…. kept one *real* one for himself? intending to test it if Elder Sun Woo never returned?

    again… too many crossing timelines — or maybe catatonic Mom is the portkey??? She has been so enigmatic…and um….catatonic. 😉

    This show causes my Left Ear to twitch )`~ ….subtle shout-out to the SEXYMAN.

    • The sticks seem to keep track of themselves but there has to be one left since Big Bro had a stick when he died on the mountain. What was he trying to repair…if it’s a repair after the fact that closes the loophole or brings time forward? or returns it backward?

      The stick disappeared from Dr Choi because it had been used already in the future. . .even though Dr Choi had gone back to the past to get it. I think. I don’t remember anything in Jung Woo’s diary warning about the sticks. . .but the fact that it was in his hand on the mountain makes me wonder why. If he had the last stick in his hand, why was he in the past? Wouldn’t he have put the stick in the present somewhere and be returning to where the sticks were burning? That’s what Sun Woo does. He always leaves the sticks behind for it to bring him back home to the present. Why was Jung Woo attempting to light a stick in the present to go back to the past if the past was already fixed?

      • jomo143 says:

        When JW tried to light the stick in the mountains to go back to the time the inn was around, he never got the chance. He couldn’t get it lit, and then someone came up to him. We don’t know who that was, but he prolly killed JW, right?

      • sally_b says:

        @Carol – re: ” The sticks seem to keep track of themselves but there has to be one left since Big Bro had a stick when he died on the mountain.”

        I’m glad the sticks keep track of themselves — because I sure can’t ! haha.

        Those sticks are amazingly sturdy. Jung Woo’s body and passport/papers were all decayed, but that fierce lil’ incense stick survived a full year being exposed in the Himalaya. 😉

      • sally_b says:

        @Jomo – “We don’t know who that was, but he prolly killed JW, right?”

        At this point in the game — I’m unsure of which version of Jung Woo we saw in the premiere episode. What if something occurs in the 19th episode that gives the latest version of JW — the one doing the Green Doctors service — the opportunity to save Sun Woo from what appears to be his imminent death in the past.

        The running theme of the brother’s sacrificing their own lives for each other – could play out by Jung Woo recreating his mountain death – BUT this time leaving immense, detailed information about…”how the damned incense sticks work” … unlike the first round of ..”Oh, here’s your dead bro and his weather defying incense.” 😉

        I’m steeling myself for ep. 19 — I have an itchy feeling that the writer will cliff-hang us right up until the last.
        ….will miss this show — I would not be AT ALL adverse to the writers and production crew going for a TRILOGY of time travel tales. If both Queen InHyun and Nine are THIS good — the combination of people making them should stay together – and make ME lots of dramas! hahaha ~

  13. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    @cass – My own sense of KDrama freakishness evaporated the moment I met other live KDrama fans. You are not alone. Intelligent, sassy, funny, wonderful people watch KDramas and I’m proud to be one of them.

    • sally_b says:

      @Julia — PREACH!

      Just yesterday, when I was prompted by my ipod that I was *over-capacity*, I was stunned to discover (when deleting really old playlists) that my Kpop/drama addiction dates from fall of 2009. Back then I was randomly searching for a Japanese anime graphic to use in card making (crafty hobby)….when LO ~ and behold

      …there was a photo of Oh Ji Ho on the image search ‘wall’. (dunno why)
      My instinctual response was , “Damn! That’s a fine looking man. Let’s say hello.”
      clicked the link.

      Found out he was a Korean actor and there was a YouTube link for a subbed episode of *Queen of Housewives* …. dun, dun, dun ~ ♫♪

      The rest is history ~ One drama after another, until I was suddenly a download subscriber….and then — had to purchase an external (spare) hard drive to store my favorites. I now have NO SHAME and will introduce complete strangers to Kdrama if they seem the type to *get it*.

      The most fun I have with it though is at the local (and REALLY good) Korean restaurant. The Matron of the house/head chef is roughly early 50’s and her various children are back and forth from college and work in the restaurant. We talk about — argue and debate — the merits of various currently airing shows.
      I love it when she/Matron uses her ElderSkills to remind us that SHE is working while these shows are going on ~ ಠ_ಠ = elder stank eye.

      But of course – she somehow always knows the characters and plot lines — suspicious!! hahah.

      Proud Member of Kdrama Addiction since 2009.

    • cass says:

      Thanks for that, and of course you are right in how you describe us 😉 My grown-up daughter thinks it could be a menopause thing ….. but I think it’s simply because I havent discovered them until just now!! Now I HAVE, I cannot imagine how I lived without them 🙂

      • nomad says:

        Though I don’t even try to be “in the closet” anymore about my addiction, my 5 year old daughter said this to me the other day, “Ibu (mom), is that in Korean again?” (pointing to some show I was watching). “I’m embarrassed that you don’t watch anything in English anymore.” 😦

  14. antoniazc says:

    my first k-drama experience was in 2002 (All About Eve) it was aired on a Public Channel and it was an accidental watch (so much happened in 2002 in my country that the episodes were always delayed or reaired…) anyway i liked the drama so much that in 2009 i decided to search for it on the web and found it 🙂 … after that i found My Name is Kim Sam Soon and that’s when my addiction started.
    i introduce k-dramas to my sister (highly addicted) and my mom (not addicted) and we use to watch k-dramas together on weekends. Also i have an aunt who watched k-dramas randomly (there’s another public channel that currently airs old k-dramas, but they aren’t popular)
    i try to introduce dramas to some of my close friends but failed… so aside of my mother and sister i don’t have anyone to talk about dramas 😦
    my father and brother hate to see us watching dramas, in fact when my brother is at home we can’t watch dramas (oh how i hate when i’m starting an episode and he arrives… off goes my pc)
    so i understand all of you
    i’m thankful to know i’m not alone
    lets enjoy and embrace the k-drama addiction!!!!

  15. antoniazc says:

    btw everytime i enter here i spent some time drooling over LJW picture…. i seriously need more happy/cute/loving times with him and MY before the drama ends

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