Nine: Time Travel – Episode 17 Recap


I love this face. You can see the trust it holds – despite being a little afraid and a lot unsure.

Tonight what I would like to see is a little relief for our OTP, but I know this PD likes to torture us more than anything…Can’t they have one stolen moment of happiness, please?!

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April 24, 1993


It is raining on a very bright day. We see people going into a church – Hyung’s wedding.

Hyung comes down the stairs spiffed out in a tux, only, his head is down, shoulders slumped as if he’s heading to his own execution rather than a  happy event.

Young-hoon (Yay! He’s back!!)  comes in and congratulates him. Hyung thanks him, but again doesn’t look all that glad. Young-hoon smiles the brightest smiles ever and goes into the church. He’s looking for Sun-woo. Cute in pink Shi-ah pokes him in the back and says “Hello.”

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h41m05s35He remembers her name, which makes her smile more, and asks if she has seen Sun-woo. When she says no, he grumbles that Sun-woo was the one who told him to come early.

He was sent to locate a passport, but the bride, looking gorgeous, found it on her own and holds it up. (Because you have to have your passport to get married? I guess so…)

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h42m47s25They figured Sun-woo will come back once he realizes it’s not at the apartment. One of her friends has to prompt Hyung to compliment his lovely bride.  He does, but seems preoccupied with something very heavy.  As he walks away, the friends comment that he looks sad, and has lost weight since the previous year. Yoo-jin frowns a little thinking about him.

Hyung goes back out into the hall. Noona rolls Mom in in her wheelchair and she greets Hyung asking cheerfully, “Doesn’t she look better today?”  A moment passes while Hyung regards her – trying not to recall what made Mom like that.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h45m34s164Poor Hyung is suffering a malaise so profound, and on what is supposed to be the happiest of occasions.

A priest comes in asking Hyung where his brother is and informs Hyung that the school called looking for him.  Hyung tell hims he sent him over to the store, and the priest says he will let the school know. (Traitor. ) Ut-oh

We see Chang-min finish his conversation in the car, assuming with Choi, and speaking very politely about “the bride’s record shop” as he drives along.

Sun-woo is at Yoo-jin and Shi-ah’s emptied apartment searching through dresser drawers for the passport that isn’t there.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h48m09s178He goes out through the record store – sheets draped across all the bins of albums.  Taking his umbrella, he locks the door with a set of keys.


Sun-woo in o the phone with Young-hoon. Neither of them can remember what errand Hyung sent him on the day of the wedding.



As in last episode, Chang-min’s car creeps as soothing music plays on the sound track (When it should be the Jaws theme) and he gets out smiling like the creepy man luring in the kiddies with the candy.  Sun-woo innocently identifies himself.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h51m44s24Chang-min wastes no time, pulls out a switch-blade and slashes at the boy, who manages to block a body injury by using his arm.


Adult Sun-woo watches the scar in the same spot emerge from his skin.


Young Sun-woo shaken and bleeding stumbles a little a way from his determined attacker. Chang-min swears, as Sun-woo asks what is going on, and gets push up against a wall.


Sun-woo tells Young-hoon he is about to die, but doesn’t know where.


Chang-min attacks again, and again, Sun-woo avoids the knife’s blow by using the umbrella as shield. But Chang-min manages to thrust the knife through the umbrella into Sun-woo’s shoulder.


Adult Sun-woo drops his phone. He appears to have felt the acute pain as he recalled the event in real time.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h54m06s165He loosens his tie and undoes his shirt to look at the new scar at an angled rear view mirror. Young-hoon keeps calling “Yobosayo!”


Chang-min drives the blade deeper, but the umbrella protects the teen acting as a buffer. Sun-woo falls sideways, and just in his reach, he grabs a beer bottle, bringing down hard on Chang-min’s head.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-19h57m18s41 Arm hanging useless at his side, Sun-woo, then stumbles away from his assailant.  Chang-min wrestles with the umbrella to get his arm and his knife free while Sun-woo puts some distance between them.  Sun-woo gets inside a building near-by and goes up familiar stairs. It’s the record store.  Chang-min follows right behind.  Hands bloodied, Sun-woo fumbles with the keys trying to open the door.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h00m19s57Chang-min getting closer and closer.  Just as Chang-min reaches him, Sun-woo opens the lock, drops the keys and kicks them away, getting inside just in time to turn the lock on the door.  Chang-min shakes the handle in frustration and makes threatening faces.


Poor Sun-woo has no clue whey this man is after him. He backs away, blood is now streaming down his arm.


Sun-woo, remembering the trauma, has stopped the car in the middle of the street.  Young-hoon continues to call his name, begging him to at least say he’s alive!  Sun-woo obliges and speaks into the phone. “Yobosayo.” He fills Young-hoon in that he had been stabbed, but is fine, and that he hid somewhere. But doesn’t know where. (Why doesn’t he know? He has been there before, right?) In his rearview mirrors, Sun-woo spots a few vehicles coming up suddenly. Sun-woo tells Young-hoon he’ll call him back, restarts the car and speeds away. The bad guys stay with him as he maneuvers through busy traffic.

Just as Young-hoon says, “Yobosayo?!” in his worried voice, Min-young appears still in her funeral clothes.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h05m27s59She wants to know what is going on, but Young-hoon won’t say.  Min-young warns him that if something else happens, she would be done for.  Young-hoon tries to assure her, and tells her not to cry. That Sun-woo was only going to get the last incense stick and he found it.

“You said you lost it,” she recalls and he lets her know they found it, only there was a problem. We don’t hear him say what that problem is.

The car chase intensifies, the bad guys hot on Sun-woo’s tail.

vlcsnap-2013-05-07-07h57m35s198He pulls a fast a U-turn, loses them and smiles triumphantly.

Bum-suk, on the phone with Chul-min, reports what happened with Choi at the hospital. But Chul-min tells him he just saw him at the funeral, whatta ya talking about? Bum-suk insists and tells him the press took plenty of pictures. It’ll be on the news soon. We find out Choi made no comment.

Chul-min hangs up and calls Sun-woo, who interrupts a scolding to tell him now, NOW he needs his help. We don’t hear the request, but hear Chul-min say, “What?!”


Sun-woo pulls over on a side street and screeches to a stop.  He opens the glove box and pulls out the video tape and the last incense stick. Watch set at 25 minutes, he holds up and takes a long look at the LAST incense stick.


Yoo-jin arrives at the funeral asking Min-young why she is alone.  Min-young hears her phone buzz in her purse. Caller ID says.  “Samchoon,” she walks away from her mom, looking at the phone. (Answer it! Answer it!)

She does and asks him where he is. With no preamble, he begins: “I’m about to use the last incense stick. I have something to tell you before that.  My life is in danger right now. I have to go back.”

She tries to ask “What are you…” He continues,

“But if I could… There is something else I want to do. It’s to stop my brother’s wedding.”

Min-young thinks what that means,  as he keeps talking.

“It’s his wedding in 30 minutes. There is no going back after the wedding.  This is the last chance to change anything.  It was my fault for changing it in the first place. But I thought that it was all worth it.  But now that I look back, this is a misfortune for everyone.  Jung Woo died. Yoo-jin became a widow again.

And we…”

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h14m04s108He trails off.  Min-young absorbs his words, still silent.

“No one is happy here.  I don’t think I can live this life any longer.  How about you?” He wants her to agree.  She turns back towards her step-father’s photo, and her mother; she still doesn’t respond to him.

“Do you know what I mean? I want you back as Joo Min Young.”  Min-young’s eyes fill with tears and her hand trembles.

“I don’t know how it will turn out.  I told you already. This incense stick has always mocked me.” Sun-woo stares at the very last stick. “  But I still have to try it.  As long as there is still hope.  Do you agree?” No response from Min-young who is being asked to make a colossal choice that affects her mother’s love life as much as her own.

“Huh?” Sun-woo asks. “I want you to agree.”

Finally, we hear her decision. “Yes.” He tells her to wait for him and hangs up.

He immediately lights the incense,

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h16m01s5and places it down in the cup-holder in the car, starts his stop-watch:  25 minutes and disappears out of the car.

Min-young looks over, guiltily? at her mom and the photo of her father,  hands shaking uncontrollably.

In the hospital with Choi (I sigh, and await the return of O.O) Secretary Kim runs in and reports the bad guys lost Sun-woo and are hunting for him.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h18m13s41 When Kim leaves to take a call, Choi blathers “What’s taking him so long. I told him to kill him quickly.”


Chang-min bangs on the door of the record shop.  Wounded Sun-woo runs to the phone to call 119, but realizes the phone has already been disconnected. He looks up, hope gone, at his adversary who makes a slashing motion and disappears from the door.

Sun-woo drops the handset, holding his arm in pain, is terrified – wondering what is going on.


11:30 am 4/24/1993

Young Choi is working at his desk. The pretty nurses peeks in and asks him if he is going to Hyung’s wedding. The bastard says yes. (Really? Like you would be wanted there? Really? What the hell is wrong with you?)

Ten minutes pass. Choi takes out an envelope and writes something. Bursting into the room, wielding a bat, is our HERO,

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h21m17s88looking like he is starring in a Clint Eastwood movie.

O.O asks who he is, while Sun-woo wickedly smiles at him – a glint in both eyes. Choi recognizes him from the photo, there is a dawning and suddenly, O.O is very afraid.


O.O recalling the moment, is also very afraid. OoO

Both Chois lift up their hands in defense as Sun-woo raises the bat and sa-wings through the head.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h22m44s189Present Choi falls back onto the sofa in the hospital room crying in pain. Kim runs in to see what the noise is about. Choi is happy to find himself alive. He checks himself for injuries as Kim watches, perplexed. Choi commands him to get the car ready because he knows where Sun-woo is now.  The two leave the hospital room, breaking through the wall of reporters.


Choi’s head falls back against his office chair. We see Sun-woo has restrained him with green tape at his hands, chest and legs.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h26m12s224 (OMG this is funny.) Sun-woo opens desk drawers and finds Choi’s little black book. He holds it up pointing at one phone number asking, “Park Chang-min, right?”

Choi is in disbelief. Who ARE you? This guy is supposed to be dead. He jumped in the river.

Sun-woo tells Choi to ask where Sun-woo is.

Chang-min retrieves a hammer from his car when he hears the phone ring. He answers. Choi orders him to tell him what happened to Sun-woo and where he is. Chang-min tells him he stabbed him and the kid is hiding in the store of the girl marrying Jung-woo.


We get a mini-flashback of Young Sun-woo taking the keys from Hyung and going off to look for the misplaced passport.

Adult Sun-woo remembers.


Chang-min tells Choi he’ll call back after he finishes off Sun-woo, and gets out of the car with the hammer.

Choi wants to know why this man keeps interfering. Who IS he? Sun-woo tells him to wait 20 years and he’ll find out. Greasy Choi tries to negotiate with his disgusting smiling face (and I want to smash him myself) and offers money. This sends Sun-woo reaching for the bat again and he winds up and swings really really hard. Again, BOTH Chois cry out. Kim, who is in the back seat with Choi calls his name, alarmed.

Sun-woo stops short of his skull, and I bet Choi or two have a panty full of poop.


Sun-woo threatens Choi’s future sense of well-being with these words:

“You will remember this anyway, so let me tell you this now, Mr. Choi.  I thought I should make it clean and just kill you.   But I thought it will be more painful for you to lose 20 years of glory in front of you.  It will be a living hell. I know it from this experience.  Living is not living.”

He smiles, gleefully and sinfully, and leaves Choi trapped in his chair on a weekend, out of reach from his phone. Both Chois fall apart. Present Choi yells at Kim again.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h31m52s44The church is filled with people waiting. Min-young smiles brightly, and Young-hoon wonders where his friend is.

Back at the store, Chang-min picks up the keys with the hammer and walks towards the door.  Sun-woo hesitantly looks out through the glass.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h33m23s181 Chang-min, in an impressive Jack Nicholson impersonation, sends Sun-woo crashing back in horror, by appearing in the door out of nowhere.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h35m38s250He quickly unlocks the door and goes after the petrified Sun-woo. He pleads that he doesn’t have money. What is wrong with him?


Chang-min attacks again and again, with Sun-woo blocking with records, and sheets, dodging the blows over and over. Then, again, he is back up against a wall. Chang-min grabs the kid by the hair, prepares a final blow. Sun-woo covers protects his head with his arms. When, BAM!, Chang-min crumples to the ground from Adult Sun-woo’s bat. YES!

Adult finds Kid Sun-woo under boxes, and asks if he is OK. He looks up at himself with you’remyhero eyes and they smile at each other.


(A moment for the recapper, please, to recover…)

Chang-min awakens and asks, “You? How did you come back alive?”

Adult Sun-woo warns Kid Sun-woo to hide in the back.

The bat and the hammer battle ensues. There’s kicking and Chang-min taunts Sun-woo.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h39m28s250Finally, Chang-min goes down, and Adult goes over to the Kid and starts to administer first aid.


He tells him to take care. Your body is my body.

For the third time, Sun-woo is asked if he is alive and he replies that he was saved by the Kid version of himself.

Young Sun-woo asks what took him so long. He wants to know if he read the journals and saw the writing on the guitar.  He asks who that person is. Why did he try to kill him? How did he find him?  Adult Sun-woo does a time check: 15 minutes and avoids answering, saying he always sooo busy he doesn’t have time to explain.  Instead, he asks if Kid Sun-woo can go somewhere and do him a favor.


Young-hoon calls Sun-woo’s cell. No answer.


11:50 am

Young Young-hoon also calls Sun-woo telling him to hurry up and get to the wedding.

Inside the church, the priest makes an unnecessary announcement. The priest who’s sole purpose is to answer the phone, answers it.  Jung-woo, waiting outside, gets called in to talk to an unidentified person.  Jung-woo asks “Who is this?” Sun-woo tells him “I’m the eyewitness who jumped off the bridge.” LOL That gets his attention.


A cab takes Kid Sun-woo somewhere. The driver asks why he isn’t going to the hospital; Sun-woo asks him to please hurry.


Mini-flashback to Adult Sun-woo giving instructions and the video tape himself, and to tell them it is about the Myungse Hospital’s fire. Young-sun woo asks more questions about his father’s death, the fire…that Adult won’t answer.  The cab is about to pull away when Adult Sun-woo knocks on the window.

He tells him not to hate the killer, that he had no choice, that it wasn’t anyone’s fault. He reassures him that he will have a good life and be happy before sending him on the way.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h44m08s234 As the taxi pulls away, the kid looks back at the adult, who smiles in the rain.

We go back to Young Hyung and Sun-woo’s phone conversation. He tells him to listen up:

“What I say right now will not be a suggestion. I’m just letting you know.  Choi Jin-chul tried to kill your brother. I stopped it for now.  I gave the evidence tape to your brother.

I gave you the chance to turn yourself in, but you hesitated at the last moment.  You lost the chance to decide for yourself now. You will soon be arrested along with Choi Jin-chul. You will pay for your crime.  I want you to know that this is all for your own good.”  Hyung’s face shows shock and dismay, he asks who the hell he is.

Sun-woo informs Hyung it will take time to get the arrest warrant. He gives him to make himself: to get married and run away, or stay and pay for the crime.

He tells him he wants to save his life.

The priest comes to take him to start the service.

Time check: 5 minutes left.  Inside the phone booth, Adult Sun-woo looks up into the sky as the rain pours down.



Choi and Kim spot Sun-woo’s parked car. They pull over and Choi rushes to look inside. He sees the incense and rattles the door handle.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h47m55s195He screams to Kim to break the window and stop the burning. Kim says: What the what?

A couple of layered flashbacks too complicated to describe properly show us that before going back, Sun-woo takes down Chul-min’s 1993 contact information. He explains that the press can help out if law enforcement fails. He adds that Chul-min is the reporter with the most integrity, so he can trust him. (Awwww…)


Young, long-haired, goofy looking Chul-min:

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h48m52s2 is at the police station arguing with a cop about a case. He tells him he isn’t going to let this go.  We see why Sun-woo can trust Reporter Oh to set things to rights.

Young Sun-woo is holding a slip of paper with Oh Chul-mins information. We hear a voice over from Sun-woo, the elder, to trust this guy.  At the police station, Young Chul-min is called over to talk to someone.

Past / Church

The priest begins the wedding. We see Noona primping unresponsive Mom. The bride is gathering her courage,

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h50m15s60her friends take her to start. All rise in the church, and Hyung’s friend tells Hyung to hurry.

The priest calls the groom in, but Hyung hesitates, breathing hard.


Choi grabs a golf club from his trunk.


Young Chul-min meets Young Sun-woo.

vlcsnap-2013-05-07-08h14m16s222Sun-woo holds the video tape tightly. Chul-min notices what a mess he is covered with blood.


Choi raises the club outside the car door to break in. Kim and another guy try to stop him. But the club evaporates in his hands, like the incense did.

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h52m39s221Then poor Kim disappears, (Bye, bye, Pretty Secretary!)

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h53m06s234then the other guy, then Choi’s car. O.O looks.

Past / Church

Again the groom is announced, but he doesn’t show. Everyone worries.


Young-hoon experiences changed memories.

We see in this order:

Shi-ah smiling.

Min-young looking surprised.

Folks running out of the church looking for Jung-woo.

Yoo-jin looking for Jung-woo.

Shi-ah calling after “Ahjussi” who is leaving in the rain. He turns around, but doesn’t answer her. She watches him walk away.


It turns noon in the present. All around Min-young, the funeral guests, her step father’s altar and photo, and finally, her mom disappear. The mourning bow in her hair disappears and we see in its place a pretty hair band.

The scene pulls out from Min-young’s mascara’ed eyes. She is a bride, and looks very beautiful (I start to cry.)

vlcsnap-2013-05-06-20h56m31s238 but stunned. She looks down and her bouquet, and her friends adjust her veil.  Folks go up the stairs to the same church as her mother and Hyung’s wedding at the start.  The sign tells us the happy couple are: Park Sun-woo and Joo Min-young.

(Chills, I tell you!!)

Last shot is the bride – wearing  white and a confused expression.



Jomo’s Comments

My favorite moments in this episode were with Adult and Kid Sun-woo. I can’t categorize their connection.  Does Kid Sun-woo find his future self a father figure? Is it a society of mutual admiration? Whatever, it makes for great emotional beats.

I have to admit enjoying the Choi-boys’ suffering. Like JoAnne suggested in both time lines, he is in pain and terrified. I also like to imagine he was stuck strapped to his chair for at least a day before someone found him.

Those bat/office scenes must have been a hoot to film. You can see a hint of a smile on LJW’s face – probably wanting like the rest of us to take out Choi, the character, from the git-go. I guess that is a nod to the actor’s, Jung Dong Hwan’s, skills, right?

I did not peek at the preview, so please do not discuss here.

EE Comments

I don’t think our present day Sun Woo was connected to or shared memories with 1993 Sun Woo until the point in this episode when Hostage Choi asked Chang Min where he was (with teen Sun Woo). Once 2013 Sun Woo heard him answer that they were at the record store, THEN 2013 Sun Woo remembered Hyung sending him back to the apartment to look for the passport (I think it was Shi-Ah’s, but I am not sure. Either way, it seems like they were packed up to leave for the US straight after the wedding).
I think Sun Woo got this memory from this timeline because the action of saving himself (in this case, getting the information on where he was in 1993) finally connected his fate in a way the alternate timelines had not.
I also liked the dynamic between the two Sun Woo’s. There were two other things I liked about this episode: the first was Choi seeing everything stripped away. No golf clubs, no Secretary Kim, no driver, no car. We don’t know his ultimate fate yet (shoot, we didn’t even see Sun Woo come back from 1993 WHICH IS WORRYSOME) but I really hope the next episode has Choi in a poor house or living in a cardboard box out by the river. The second thing I really really liked was just the *idea* of 1993 Sun Woo bringing the evidence to 1993 Chul-Min. It was like he put himself under Chul-Min’s wing (there must be a word for this father figure thing, like bromance, only daddy love seems wrong). Just the image of the two of them seemed very Batman & Robin.
The wedding . . . I want to be excited about it. I do (haha, see what I did there?). But I don’t foresee three episodes of “la la la, we are so happy”. I am even kind of wishy-washy about the kind of wedding they appear to be having: Why so lavish? I really preferred the idea of a simple civil ceremony in Nepal (at least, I assume that is what happened). And maybe I am biased because I got married in the back yard of the house I grew up in, with about 25 people there. And yes, we did have a large reception because we both had tons of family we wanted to celebrate with. Even if you gave me a blank check, there is not much I would change. So I get that the big “event” wedding automatically clues us in that their union is accepted (and not illicit). And the church? Has all this time travel and family trauma brought Sun Woo the agnostic into Catholicism? Min Young looked worried to, so I think I can guarantee tears before the end of the next episode.

Subs: Credit Dramafever

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33 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 17 Recap

  1. total_newbie_to_k says:

    GREAT episode!

  2. Delicatecloud says:

    What a fantastic episode which made up for the last two episodes! Never in a million years would I have guessed that evil Choi would have gotten his hands on the incense sticks and used it for his own evil deeds! Exciting and nail bitting! love the juxtaposition of the two weddings – what a brilliant way of bringing the past into the present. Can’t wait for episode 18.
    Yes love young Sun -Woo hope he gets more acting roles! He is great in that scene above!

  3. Makoto says:

    I’ve just finished watching ep 17. OMG it was the best episode so far! The last meeting of young and adult Sun Woo was heart breaking (I always have this kind of feeling, that they are just like Hee Jin & Kim Bung Do. See how young Sun Woo waited for his future self, somehow it is so sweet).
    Now I know why SW’s manager loves him so, it must be because SW reminds him of his younger self. ㅋㅋㅋ
    Glad that young YH came back.
    Sad because there’s no young Sun Woo – Yoon Shi Ah’s moment. 😦
    Now, waiting tomorrow to come. Ep 18 with Engsub, please come out soon. 🙂

    • jomo143 says:

      Note how I kept saying, the LAST stick?
      Cause it’s not, I am guessing.
      There still are two more back in ’93 in Choi’s desk drawer. Someone will hide them away for the future.

      • Ennayra says:

        Hmm. But even if they are hidden away for the future, will they work when lit since the first stick Choi tried to use disintegrated?

  4. antoniazc says:

    OMG this episode was so great, i was at the edge of my seat!!!! and while reading this too!!! great recap!!
    i love how Dr Choi is getting what he deserves and really enjoy all the O:O!!!
    the scenes between young and older SW were the best!!! finally our young SW got to see his older self, sadly they didn’t speak much. btw that hammer scenes made me so nervous, i was like pleaseeee take the hammer out of Chang Min hands!!! what if he wakes up again!!! so nervous…
    love to think about SW and MY wedding, but also a little worried because we have 3 epis left… so much can and must happen

  5. Karla Giraldéz says:

    Thank you, thank you for your speedy recap! I watched it RAW last night because I couldn’t wait, but you just filled in some blanks for me. 🙂 You Rock!

  6. cass says:

    OOOOh a GREAT episode. I too had chills, hot flushes and a wee tear, plus I nearly wet myself at the beginning when the subs on the episode said the wedding was Park Sun Woo and Kim Yoo Jin, but I realise it was a typo and they meant Park JUNG Woo!!! Love the young and older SW interaction too. Present day SW looked simply LUSH, especially in the car interior scenes I thought … ?!?

    I also have not peeked at the preview either for once, because I dont want to kill the mood, but with only three more episodes to go (including tonight’s) I am still a nervous nelly about the ending ……. It’s about 4.30pm here in the Uk, so I reckon I have about 4 hours or so before I can get to see the Raw version, then subbed in the morning.

    • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

      I went back and paused the episode on the signboard at the church, and even if I could believe the s and j letters got switched, the n and ng Hanguel letters are distinctly different. Therefore, I conclude that the Groom is Park Sun Woo not Park Jung Woo. You had me scared!

  7. cass says:

    oops forgot to say many thanks for the recap too ……

  8. Jo says:

    At Min Young in the bride’s outfit I gasped out loud and my eyes immediately filled with tears and I clasped my hands together and said out loud ‘Oh please, oh please, oh please.’….and when we saw the sign, I began to cry. Mostly relief, but happiness too – and then I remembered there are 3 more episodes, and said out loud: “Oh no, Oh no, Oh no!”

  9. jomo143 says:

    What about that BAT BURST? It was awesome! I cheered. Hero is my HERO!

    • Delicatecloud says:

      It was the BEST! I shielded my eyes when Chang Min went for the fatal blow to he head (and kept screaming where are you adult Sun Woo!!!??? Hurry save your younger self) . Then WHAM!! That was so satisfying…..

  10. scifiwritir says:

    I am so in love with young Sun Woo and yes, the connection between older and younger Sun Woo…so sweet, with definitely a touch of the father figure. I am so so so so waiting for you to blog episode 18 because I — like a fool– did not wait for the Eng Sub. And right now I am in WTF-territory. I simply need to have folks discussing it or I’ll be a wreck. Although I totally didn’t expect anything good at the end of episode 17 — cause with 3 episodes to go and with ramifications, consequences, and Dr Choi’s “disgusting will”, I knew sumpin’ bad was coming…but wow. So woman, get to episode 18 so my heart can be comforted by hearing everyone’s opinion of what exactly went wrong (trying to figure out that cursed incense stick is driving me crazy.)

  11. nomad says:

    Oo! Time to watch nine again! I stopped on epi 15 cause my heart couldn’t take it anymore, but I peek through your recap (I speed read so I don’t spoil everything to myself, teehee) on epi 16 and epi 17…and it seems that this episode finally let people like me coming out with somewhat hopeful smile at the end. Thank you for recapping!!!

  12. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Reading the recaps and comments here has just made me aware of things that I missed and now I AM worried. Oh please don’t have MY marrying JW. Don’t let Choi use the 2 sticks in his desk. Do have Choi present day safely locked in jail. Do let Chul-Min reveal the corruption without getting hurt.

    I admit that I was ready to let SW kill both Choi and knife guy in the past. I’m not usually vindictive, but I really convinced myself the world would be a better place without these men. I know HEROS aren’t suppose to be murderers, but I was willing to make an exception to RIGHT WHAT ONCE WENT WRONG.

  13. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Anyone else waiting for us to finally loop back to know how JW found out about the incense sticks in the original timeline? And for Mom to be something more than a pet rock?

    • delicatecloud says:

      I am more curious about how JW got onto the incense sticks and can be used as the medium for time travel rather than seeing the development of Mom. Knowing the how about the incense sticks would provide a “completeness” to the story.

    • Jo says:

      I just watched 18. WTF-ery abounds, in the best possible way. Let’s just say I’m waiting for a LOT of things right now, Julia.

      • total_newbie_to_k says:

        (Edited for spoilers)
        I just watched it and yelled at my laptop: ‘This writer is soooooo goooooood!’

        FANTASTIC episode. Wow. Just wow. Maybe later I’ll be able to put my thoughts into words.

    • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

      I am pulling my hair out so that I now have Choi’s hairstyle. OMG.

    • scifiwritir says:

      I am totally waiting for everything to come round to total happy completion and perfection. And I trust these writers sooooo much!

    • EE says:

      I have long held a suspicion that mom’s catatonia is related to time travel. Like maybe she was fragile from the whole telling her son about the truth of his origins and then he kills the man that raised him . . . and THEN something happens that she realizes Sun Woo is her grown son. Or maybe she had an incense stick and in one timeline there is NO Jung Woo (and this makes her feel horrible as a mother, therefore the “checked out” state. Obviously, a subsequent trip would have to make him be born but it doesn’t erase the guilt over “undoing” your son). I would let the details of the origin of the sticks with Jung Woo slide versus an interesting twist with Mom.

      • Jo says:

        Oh absolutely. Otherwise what is the point of making her a point and also making a point of not letting us know how it happened? They do NOTHING without a point. I love this team. LOVE THEM AND WANT TO HAVE THEIR BABIES.

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