When A Man…Preps for His Big Date

When A Man preps for his big date, you know it’s going to be first rate.

He rolls his cart and shops for food. A Man’s in a real good mood.

He arranges flowers, but they fall down, and bear the brunt of Hand Towel’s frown.☹

But don’t fret! He bought a vase. Now they’re in a happy place!☺

He tests a pepper, reads a book, holds his meat, and takes a look.*

Moves a sofa, shines a mirror, buffs the glass until it’s clearer.

Picks a vid and makes the bed. Hmmm…wonder what’s in his head?

He works and works till a full stop. Rock-a-bye Tee-tee on a couch top.

*not sure at what



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12 Responses to When A Man…Preps for His Big Date

  1. antoniazc says:

    i’m not watching this drama and i don’t think i would… but lol
    love this post, so funny :))

    • jomo143 says:

      Thank you. You can continue to live vicariously through these posts.
      So you know, I actually like the show, and I love these scenes that seem to be solely to make me happy watching him move about, smile and frown.
      THT in stills is pretty, but THT in motion is heaven.

      • antoniazc says:

        lol, i’ve never watched a THT drama, but i’m sure he looks pretty on pictures, i believe what you say about the motion part 😉

  2. May Tae Lee says:

    Bwahahahaahahaha!!! Oh the Hand Towel!

  3. cass says:

    I’m not feeling this at the moment … I dont like the way either the storyline or Oppa’s character is going, so I may stop with the WATA and wait until I have a few episodes in hand to start watching again. I do reserve the right to change my mind though … depends on any future screencaps that may appear 😉

    • jomo143 says:

      After reading your comment, I got to thinking about THT’s character, especially compared to lead males in other dramas.
      Because of you, Cass, I am actually going to post something relatively serious about WAML. What do you think of that?
      I cannot promise there won’t be a screenshot or two of him and maybe a rhyme… 🙂

      • cass says:

        Oh no …. have I totally killed the mood? I came here just after watching the latest two episodes, so am sorry for being such a party pooper 😦 Screenshots will definitely help (and perhaps a rewatch of My Princess is needed this Bank Holiday weekend?!)

      • jomo143 says:

        Oh, no, not at all. But anytime a character goes to the dark side, I wonder why and how they plan on bringing him back.

  4. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Take a look … for garlic to make his spaghetti recipe. Because I know you are up at night wondering.

  5. Susan says:

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