Nine: Time Travel – Episode 16 Recap


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The episode opens with Sun-woo’s car parked outside a church.  We see Young-hoon enter and in a reversal, find Sun-woo inside crying in a pew towards the front.

Close up of the cross.  Sun-woo says he has never prayed and is not sure he knows how, hoping He will understand. Young-hoon reports Hyung died half an hour ago.


At the hospital, workers roll Hyung’s body through a set of doors, Min-young and Yoo-jin in tears following. Yoo-jin is saying “Yobo! How did this happen?” as her daughter tries to console her.vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h15m05s110

Sun-woo’s tears stream down his face, and we hear Young-hoon say the death was so sudden he couldn’t call and let him know.  Yoo-jin is in a bad way, and Sun-woo should go see her.

Young-hoon prays in a pew across from the weeping Sun-woo.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h16m19s77Suddenly, after looking at his friend a moment, then at the cross, Sun-woo gets up and walks purposefully towards the exit with Young-hoon calling after him.  Outside, Sun-woo climbs into his car and does a wide U-turn, but Young-hoon blocks him from leaving by jumping in front of the car, then goes to open the passenger door.


“Where are you going?” Young-hoon asks – since the hospital is close enough to walk.  Sun-woo tells him to close the car door. “Where are you going?” Young-hoon asks with insistence.  Sun-woo’s face is black and unreadable, he reaches to close the door. Young-hoon guesses that he’s headed to see Choi and demands to know what he’s going to do.

Calmly, Sun-woo reports that he  is going to kill Choi. (And I am actually for that.) but not to worry. It won’t happen in the present. Getting kicked out for the scandal (with his niece) was one thing, but he doesn’t want to be known for murder.

“Get out of the way!” Sun-woo tells his friend – his expression furious.

They struggle over the door, but Young-hoon doesn’t give up. “Move!” After Sun-woo yells again, Young-hoon grabs Sun-woo by the jacket and slaps him. (Not that hard.)

Young-hoon yells at him. Why did he pray in church all night if he was thinking of murder?

“You crazy jerk!” He grabs the incense sticks from Sun-woo’s coat.

“It’s all because of this!” Young-hoon says backing away; Sun-woo’s fury intensifies.


“Give it back!”

“You have completely lost it over this,” Young-hoon says.

“Give it BACK!” Sun-woo repeats.

Young-hoon replies, “No!” and runs back into the church with Sun-woo right behind him.

(Is Young-hoon going to burn the incense inside? It would be fitting.)

Young-hoon goes up to the altar, kneels, crosses himself. What he says stops Sun-woo in his tracks.vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h25m29s205

If they get rid of it, Choi won’t get a shot at the sticks either. Using the incense has done nothing but destroy Sun-woo’s life. He suggests they grind them into a powder to make them unusable by anyone.

He opens the case and pulls out the last stick. Sun-woo gets closer and says, “Give it back.”

Young-hoon reminds him again that nothing good came from them. Nobody found happiness.  Sure he found Jung-woo, but how well did that end? He killed himself.  Jung-woo could have been happy dying in the Himalayas – ending with hope.  How bad must he have felt as he gave himself the last shot of drugs?

Sun-woo listens intently.

Young-hoo says it isn’t all Choi’s fault, but the incense’s. Getting ride of it in the church makes sense and if it is the devil’s work, god will help.

Young-hoon holds the stick at each end like an offering to the gods. Is he going to break it? The stick EVAPORATES out of his hand!!


WHA? The case also disappears. WHAT?!

Both men are stunned. Young-hoon turns around to face  Sun-woo (who looks very very hot) then starts searching the floor as if he dropped it. They both can’t believe what they saw, and look around for the incense, Young-hoon asking where it went.


Young-hoon looks to the cross..”Surely He didn’t take it?” Sun-woo looks at his friend and then also looks at the cross searching for an explanation from someone.

April 24, 2013, the next day, Choi is driving in his car with Secretary Kim who updates him that Sun-woo stayed at the mortuary all night.

Hyung’s funeral

Secretary Kim’s voice over tells us there will be a mass, while we see Min-young, Yoo-jin and Sun-woo receive mourners’ respects.


Choi and Kim have Sun-woo’s text records (How easy is it to get those in SK?)  While the file is huge, Secretary Kim did find some strange ones from the night of the attack specifically the one where Sun-woo says he will be back in 30 minutes, which was also 30 minutes before the attack.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h37m48s173Camera zooms in on Choi who recalls the “You have a time machine?” conversation. He is puzzling all this information into something he can use.  Sec Kim points out another text from Young-hoon that mentions Choi having strong will —  “Does he know about the incense?”

Choi repeats “Incense?” but neither understand that word’s significance, and Sun-woo didn’t reply to his friend’s text to give more information.

“Why shouldn’t  I know about the incense?” Choi wonders/schemes. We see his evil eyes move in evil time to his evil thoughts.  He needs more clues. What other clues are there? Kim informs him there are a lot of texts and it’ll take time –three days maybe.

Choi shrieks in response and Kim jumps – startled by the ferocity even for Choi — who says he can’t wait. He could die before then. Kim’s all “What the hell is wrong with you, Boss?” (but not out loud)

vlcsnap-2013-05-01-08h18m23s158Kim can’t understand the implications not knowing about the time machine aspect, but Choi does. He breaks out into a cold sweat remembering Sun-woo’s threat to stab him back then, when they wouldn’t find fingernails. Previously that just sounded like words spoken from a crazy man.  Kim keeps asking Choi to clarify, but Choi rambles about how he has until after the funeral, then time’s up for him. He commands Kim to find out today what the hell the incense means, and where it is.

The sad family sits at the funeral – Sun-woo tells Yoo-jin she needs to sleep.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h44m00s48 He asks Min-young to take her mother home. Min-young asks her mom if she wants to rest a while. They leave.

Sun-woo looks at his brother’s happy face in the photograph, as Chul-min comes in to pay his respects.  He asks why Sun-woo is alone and where Min-young went.

vlcsnap-2013-05-01-08h21m15s81Sun-woo tells him she took her mom home.  Chul-min covers his face in resignation, and talks about how surprised he was that they both quit. He asks Sun-woo if he is mad at him. Sun-woo says no. Chul-min fills him in that Choi will be sentenced to about ten years in prison. CBM will cover the story.  He asks if there is anything else he can do for Sun-woo who replies not now, but if in the future, he wouldn’t hesitate to ask. Sun-woo  tells Chul-min some of the other CBM guyes are there, too, if he wants to eat with them.

Young-hoon peeks in and calls Sun-woo over. He asks if the incense came back, and is relieved when the answer is no. He thinks god did take them to prevent any further sins from Sun-woo. That when Hyung left, the incense left. Sun-woo disagrees. He thinks someone took it from him back in 1993.  We see an imagining of hands going through Sun-woo’s closet and pulling out the plastic bag in simul-time with Young-hoon losing them from his hand.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h54m41s60Young-hoon hops in dishappiness. Who took them? Choi?  Sun-woo doesn’t think so cause he thinks he would be dead.  We see the flash back of Choi’s threat to Sun-woo to get rid of a school kid who gets in his way. Sun-woo theorizes that maybe he threw them out while cleaning. Where’s they go? Who has them? He doesn’t know.

Young-hoon adds more height to his angry hops and musses his hair again, insisting HE is right.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-19h50m50s52The sticks are gone with Jung-woo; the fantasy business is over. It is a sign they have to live only in reality now. Trust him.  Sun-woo nods in reluctant agreement.

Min-young prays in front of her step-father’s photo, crying. She remembers the night her dad called her on the phone. He asked about their trip and tells her he has to get ready for his surgery.


The conversation turns more serious when he thanks her for choosing him as her father, and apologizes. He gives a final sounding farewell. After the call, Min-young reflects on her choices and cries.

At the funeral again, Sun-woo walks in and stares at her back. (I wish they could go into a room somewhere and comfort each other properly.) He approaches her and asks about her mother. They chat about Chul-min being there.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h02m49s70She turns to him and confesses she regrets not letting him use the last incense stick to change it all back. We see a mini flashback of Sun-woo’s offer to her. She thought it would be better if she just tried to endure the new reality, not knowing her father would do what he did. Can Sun-woo change it now?

He tells her he can’t and that the incense is gone now. “Jung-woo’s life was full of contradictions.  I wanted to fix that but it didn’t work.  It’s not your fault.” He reassures her.  She walks to a chair and sinks, sobbing. He watches her, and then looks at the picture of Hyung, still searching for answers to get out of this mess.

We are at Choi’s sentencing in the courtroom.


(In order to truly and accurately represent Choi here, I decided to use emoticons instead of his name in some parts. You will understand when you see them.)

Choi stands and listens to the judge read out his crimes, including forcing women to give up eggs.

Past April 24, 1994 10 am

The bad cop gets handed the plastic envelope from Noona who comes out in the rain.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h11m10s216We see a previous conversation of her on the phone with bad cop right before she searched the closet and found the incense.

She asks the cop why he needs them and he says for the investigation. He wants to know when Jung-woo is leaving for the States. She tells him  after graduation, and bad cop offers his congratulations.


The judge continues his litany of accusations. Choi listens. Suddenly O.O remembers being handed the envelope in the past from the cop. His world tilts and his eyes get even bigger than anyone thought possible.



Bad cop cannot figure out how the video tape got recorded, but he did find this envelope.  Young Choi pulls out the bag.

Present O.O makes the most ridiculous shocked faces ever.


Bad cop explains about Sun-woo’s fingerprints being on this case and how strange it really is. Young Choi looks at them puzzled.


O;O (This one has a goatee, see?) Gets all excited realizing what he was handed.


Young Choi opens the bag and reads Sun-woo’s note. (I really enjoy hearing his voice.)

“It has my fingerprint on it. It’s not mine so it must be yours.  I will keep it well for the next 20 years. But why aren’t you coming to see me? If you were me, you would be a man of your word.”  Young Choi cannot for the life of him understand.



O.O understands the implications now. “It means he came from the future.” He tells everyone in the court, shocking them. They buzz, the judge tells him what for. We see Bum-suk’s interest go up. Choi’s lawyer shoots Kim a look who doesn’t know what it means either.  O.O continues contorting his face.


Young Choi puts the bag of incense and note into his desk drawer.


O.O is sooo happy he didn’t throw it away, but can’t remember where he put it. As the judge announces the sentence of 10 years, O.O falls down in a feint faint.


The whole court’s out of order.

Sun-woo gets a cal from Bum-suk who fills him in on Choi passing out. The trial was adjourned.  Sun-woo realizes immediately the faint was a fake. We see Kim go into the ambulance. Even Bum-suk knows it was fake.

Sun-woo takes a long look at Min-young processing thinking thinking…


Back in the ambulance, the workers conveniently leave Choi alone with Kim who is on the phone. Suddenly, Choi pops up and scares the sh^t out of poor Kim. Choi gurgles out the command to get to the archives and find the black envelope while Kim gapes.  We get to see this: O;O vs O.O.


Then falls back again into his fake faint.

Again we see Sun-woo looking at Min-young more thinking…  Flashback to Choi’s threat to find out what Sun-woo’s up to.

Resolutely, Sun-woo puts his phone in his pocket and starts to leave.  Min-young grabs his arm and asks where he is going. He tells her he will be right back smiling a big fake smile long enough to get past her.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h32m46s120When she can’t see him, he drops the façade and we see his game face.

Min-young looks after him, suspecting something.

Kim searches and finds the incense envelope and tells Choi over the phone.

In his car, Sun-woo finds out from Bum-suk which hospital Choi is at. He calls Young-hoon and tells him he’s going to find Choi. Young-hoon protests but Sun-woo explains how he thinks Choi’s collapse has something to do with gaining renewed memories about the incense.

We see Choi fake sleeping while the doctor talks about getting a CT scan. The moment Choi hears Kim’s voice, his eyes pop and he sits up.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h39m13s158 O.O gurgle spit screams to the doc to get out, then grabs the envelope from Kim.

Kim gets kicked out, too, and we see a resentful look at Choi as he leaves. (About time this pretty man starts to question his loyalty to crazy evil O.O.)

We see a small crowd of reporters outside the hospital room in front of the guards.  Kim talks to the doctor and stalls for time, leading him away somewhere.

Choi re-reads the note from Young Sun-woo. Slowly he takes out the holder.

Sun-woo screeches his car into a parking space in the hospital parking ramp, and runs into the hospital.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h44m27s226He rushes to the elevator and gets in. The folks there gossip behind his back. Sun-woo takes a call from Young-hoon who is smart enough to question how many sticks Choi would have, since he took them from the past Sun-woo. Doesn’t that mean there will be two?


Choi opens the case and inspects the sticks. There are two. He carries them over to the sofa table then gets out his lighter and lights one. As the smoke curls and rises, he waits, hopefully.


vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h48m27s63(This never gets old!) What the hell?

When he lights a second,rather than burning down, it breaks into ashes falling onto the table and disappears along with the case. (Maybe Young Sun-woo asked for them back from the cop?) O.O is even more O.O. He looks around the room, back down to the table and holy holy they are back?!!  He lights it again. Smoke curls and rises. He smiles the evil smile.  Then it disappears from his hand.  This time, however, it is because he is in the past. Another patient is his bed.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h53m52s240 We hear the TV announcer announce 1993 things.  An April 1993 calendar is on the wall.  O∗O laughs, then flashes back to his time machine convo.

O.O says “Wow,” and makes more silly faces. He spots the phone and calls pretty nurse receptionist. When he talks, she recognizes his voice right away, and wonders how he isn’t there. O.O asks for a phone number from his desk drawer. She finds it and gives it to him.

Sun-woo runs down the hall to Choi’s room, but the cops stop him. He even flashes his Press badge like he’s from the FBI. They don’t care so it doesn’t work.vlcsnap-2013-04-30-20h59m42s161

Choi dials.

Back in his office, pretty nurse receptionist jumps out of her skin to see Young Choi come back into the room. He ignores her surprise, denies calling her and  and tells his guest to sit down.

Choi calls Park Chang-min, who seems to be camped out in his car. It is filled with food wrappings and empty bottles.  He still can’t find the body, he says. Choi doesn’t want to discuss that. He needs him to “take care of” Park Jung-woo’s little brother, Park Sun-woo.


Sun-woo breaks through the cops with the finesse of a running back. He punches a guard, then takes Kim out, too. Once in the hospital room, he locks the door and spots the burning stick.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-21h06m47s53With his bare fingers he extinguishes it.


Choi is ordering  the hit on Sun-woo  and surprisingly, Chang-min balks at killing a high school kid. He tells Choi he’s nuts. Before O.O can finish the word, “Hurry” he gets his ass pulled back into the present, and falls onto the bed.


Sun-woo methodically takes the last stick, puts it into the case and into his pocket. Sun-woo raises his hands in surrender and the cops take him out of the room. He tells Choi, “Pardon me.”



Chang-min complains but starts his car on the way to his murderous mission.



Smiling Evil Choi understands he set the ball in motion for Young Sun-woo to die, then spurt/screams at Kim to get the incense back from Sun-woo.

Bum-suk watches Sun-woo run through the reporters. He stops him at the elevator to ask what the heck is going on, and Sun-woo offers to tell him later.

In his car, Sun-woo finds his journal, looks for the entry for that day. He finds out Young sun-woo had errands to run before the wedding.

Young-hoon goes to see Min-young at the funeral and asks if she knows where Sun-woo went, but won’t admit to her that something is wrong.

Sun-woo calls him on the phone and tells him Choi used five minutes of the incense. His journal only tells him he ran errands for Hyung’s wedding, but not specifics. Young-hoon doesn’t know either.


In a beautiful, ominous rain shot, we watch Young Sun-woo walking under a pretty green and blue striped umbrella as Chang-min’s car creeps past.

vlcsnap-2013-04-30-21h28m28s13Chang-min fake sweetly asks if he knows who Sun-woo is, and (stupidly!) Sun-woo identifies himself.


Sun-woo screeches to a stop at a red light. He stares down, then for some reason, pulls up his sleeve to reveal a lengthening scar that starts on the back of his hand.

vlcsnap-2013-05-01-08h15m45s106Young-hoon can tell Sun-woo isn’t listening.


Close up of the original wound on Young Sun-woo, blood dripping down onto the piece of paper he was holding.

Chang-min is swearing at the kid for evading the knife, and he comes closer.

vlcsnap-2013-05-01-07h48m32s166Terrified Sun-woo, who is so innocent in this (I suddenly realize and my heart goes out him) backs up asking almost begging, “What is going on?”


Young-hoon calls out Sun-woo’s name out over the phone line.

Sun-woo is experiencing and recalling the event along with his younger self.  “I think I’m about to die. But I don’t know where I’m going to die.”

this one


Jomo’s Comments

Most of what I was going to say, sally_b mentioned below in her comment. (Thanks, sally_b!)  I would like to stop examining O.O’s retinas.  In fact, he was all we did see and hear in this episode.  I feel Sun-woo’s motives are unclear right now, and only I sorta know what Min-young wants.  I expect we will get some OTP love in 17 because that is how they have been push/pulling us all along.

I did appreciate what little humor we had in 16, though, especially with Secretary Kim’s face. I often wonder if PD’s reward their supporting cast members for playing straight man so well to a character like O.O by giving them more screen time. I for one, would love to see more of him. Does anyone know the actor’s name?

What does Mom know?!

My own sleep deprivation is keeping me from even attempting to count the sticks before they were matched, but I will trust EE’s talley. It could be on purpose? Maybe?

Have I mentioned lately that LJW is an incredibly handsome man? Has anyone else picked up on that? I will now make headers so I can stare at him more…

EE’s Comments

Okay I am having trouble with what I will call incense stick #8. I think we have a paradox here. Back in episode 13, we saw present day Sun Woo go back and confront 1993 Jung Woo and tried to get him to confess. Ultimately, he leaves Jung Woo a video tape as proof of Choi’s involvement in the arson. Choi’s henchman (who we now know as Chang Min) is sent after Sun Woo and stabs him in 1993 moments before he is whisked back to the present. We are told this occurred on April 11.
In the late hours of April 23/early hours of April 24 the house ajumma goes digging for the incense sticks at the request of the dirty police man that Choi has in his pocket (he does not ask for the incense at Choi’s direction, Choi asked him to find out how there is a video tape of the crime and I guess the charred incense case seemed odd enough to require another look). Why did the house ajumma rummage through Sun Woo’s things in the middle of the night? Obviously, we know Sun Woo wouldn’t have handed them to her because he senses they are important, so from a story standpoint she has to take them without his knowledge. It just seems odd. And I don’t know why the dirty officer waited almost 2 weeks to follow up with her about the sticks.
SO when Choi in episode 16 receives the case, it has both sticks. And here is the problem: this should mean a timeline change. Because if Sun Woo never used stick #8 (because it was taken from him in 1993, therefore was not in his closet to discover in 2013) he didn’t get stabbed and there was no video cassette given to Jung Woo and ultimately NO REASON FOR THE DIRTY COP TO GET THE INCENSE BACK. There should also be some changes because the stabbing was also the excuse for Sun Woo stepping down (and Seo Joon duking it out with him in the hospital . . .maybe in an alternate timeline he would still confront him but not in front of a literal throng of reporters).
Choi goes to light #8 and it vanishes. Maybe the incense is like a genie granting wishes: just like you don’t get to wish for more wishes, you don’t get to re-use a stick you already burned? I don’t know and it is frustrating. I was also hoping the shock of time travel would give Choi a heart attack. Or a nice fat tumor but frankly that would take too long.
Finally, what kind of neighborhood is 1993 Sun Woo running errands in that a man can stab him in broad daylight and there is nobody around? This episode, I swear. Choi maybe all like O;O but I am all o_O?

Credit to Dramafever for subs

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28 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 16 Recap

  1. may tae says:

    His expressions were so freaking hilarious… but yea… this is why you don’t mess with history….and I really feel for the young sun-woo

    • jomo143 says:

      He was so afraid, I got tears!! Poor thing gets home invasion by his ownself, bashed on the head, had to watch his father die badly…Now this? Let’s all get Chang-min!!

  2. Makoto says:

    Thanks for the recap. I visit here right after visiting soompi forum 😀 Just finished watching ep 16 and I didn’t know where my heart was when evil stabber found young Sun Woo. the preview of ep 17 a bit relieved my tension after the cliffhanger they gave in the end of ep 16. *sigh* why next week still that long?
    btw… evil choi’s expression was so disgusting. Min Young got cuter in her black hanbok, Park sun woo way more and more handsome with his unshaved face. *fangirling*

  3. Luna says:

    Muahhaaaaa ~~~~ Have to say I SUPER DUPER love your O.O =)))))))))) Jung Dong Hwan is now on my top list for *most acting* actor. At least for this year 😀

    Cant wait for next week eps, also the ending. Read that the producers promise a *mind blowing twist*, wonder what it can be ^^

    Thank you so much for the recaps!

  4. sally_b says:

    Thanks for the recap EE.
    Your use of O.O was hilarious! I swear I do not understand why the Director of Nine is guiding the actor for Choi to be so ….over-the-top.
    I mean, it must be the director’s-instruction, because I’ve seen this guy in other things and he’s not usually so blindingly ridiculous. There must have been a moment in the early filming when he went all googly-eyed and everyone on set thought it was a genius interpretation ~so they *went with it*.
    (shrugs shoulders ~ ~ I just don’t know) O.o

    I feel Min Young continues to be under-used, but I’ll forgive a little because Young Hoon is so wonderful — as long as he gets good screen time — I am appeased. When Min Young *is* on screen, she’s given little more to do than staring and tearing-up. (were I the actress, I would be a bit put-out by now)

    In my mind, I would like to see the writer COMPLETELY wrap up Choi’s storyline in the next episode — then spend the last 3 reconstructing the final timeline for our Hero and main cast.
    * more backstory on their lives as children/young adults
    * more backstory on Sun Woo’s bromance with his boss
    * what, when, where of Sun Woo and Min Young’s meeting and blossoming love
    * what the hell happened to Mom? she hasn’t been on screen in so long it’s like she vanished
    * will sweetie-pie Young Hoon get a considerate wife instead of ‘fang-fingers’?
    * will Min Young’s ex-fiancé return of blissful ignorance of the engagement timeline?
    (I never disliked him. He was a bit pushy, but in HIS timeline – he was a man genuinely in love)
    * will Choi’s minion Kim appear again?….just cause he’s purty. heehe
    * will Lee Jin Wook continue to have stubble and mussed hair? ….because I like him like that. 🙂

    Yup……spend the last 3 episodes Choi-Free….and flesh-out the WHOLE story. That would be my wish — someone hand me the incense sticks ~ I’m ready to travel ~

    • jomo143 says:

      Hey! I wrote it. Me me me.
      Thanks for thinking the derp-i-cons are funny. I was giggling keying them in.. 🙂 I just got a little overdosed on Choi this week. We need a break, Writers!!

      • sally_b says:

        (sally_b sends butterfly to Jomo ~ ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ♥ )
        apologies….saw EE’s comments and presumed.
        Honestly…the Choi bit is out of control…Director needs to reign that in.
        While at the same time unleashing Full Rage Sun Woo ~ I like it when Lee Jin Wook’s eyes shoot lasers ~ pew, pew ~

      • jomo143 says:

        Very cool butterfly accepted. I am kidding and I didn’t want you to hold EE to continuing them in her next recap.
        Pew pew LOL Reminds me of that Level Seven Civil Servant drawing someone did! I loved that!

      • EE says:

        It will be hard NOT to think of Choi as O;O from here on out. By next week he may have morphed into 8^ O> (eyeglasses + open mouth + goatee?) And I am honored to be “confused” for Jomo.
        I laughed at the term “fang fingers”
        . . .and I agree Min Young was under-used in the past 3 eps or so. I know she is a softer/wimpier/coddled version of the firecracker we met at the beginning but I wanted to see her “cowgirl up”. And I definitely want to see less looking forlorn and teary eyed. Chicks do more than whimper and cry y’know.

    • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

      If it were Choi-free, would we have 3 really dull episodes? But even for me who has been tolerant of funny-face villain, Choi was over the top in this episode.

  5. sally_b says:

    Oh my goodness ~I got a shout-out from Jomo. (!)
    Thank you very much.
    I so admire anyone/everyone who takes the time to recap the shows. They are a lifeline to the energy that a Great Show gives off ~
    …and it takes a butt-load of time to write. (coherently, that is.)
    …or with an extra scoop of humor (like HeadsNo2 — she’s my comedic recapping Hero)

    I’m really enjoying your (both) little corner of the net. Thanks for making it happen. ((hugs))

  6. nomad says:

    @sally_b: If anyone ever hand you the incense stick, would you share it with me, so I could just stare for a really, really long time at the stubbled SW (I’ll let you be the hero and do all things needed, like getting rid of Choi altogether). Though staring at Jomo’s header is also sufficient for me right now, thanks Jomo!!!

    • sally_b says:

      ah ~ yes…the majesty that is stubbly Lee Jin Wook.

      I remember watching the Strong Heart episode where Jin Wook tells the story of being in Europe on vacation. A beautiful (western) woman ….presumably an acquaintance-of-acquaintance was speaking with him before a fireworks show. His heart was racing – believing that the woman was interested in him …and he was anticipating becoming closer to her….when she gestured for him to come around to another side of the building.

      Thinking…this might be his chance (insinuated skinship of some sort) he stepped away with her only to find that she was inviting him to meet her boyfriend.

      insert sound clip — wahh wahhhhhhh ~ ~ ~

      Can I just give a shout to all my fellow (fickle-hearted) ladies who would have made excuses to the semi-boyfriend…..and then whisked Lee Jin Wook away to their lair ~
      because ….dahum, that man is FINE. I’d give up TWO boyfriends to get next to that. 😉

      • cass says:

        Great episode — great recap too. Many thanks xx

        I am WAY too old to fangirl, but still …….. sigh. Stubbly, black-suited, slighlty mussed (and longer) hair, the 2 day stubble (it bears repeating 😉 …….. Sun Woo IS just divine … sigh …….. The noble idiocy is wearing slightly thin, but I am tolerating it as I have high hopes that the finale with allow the course of our OTP to run smoothly! I need a Wedding!!

        Sad to see Jung Woo’s demise, although I’m assuming he has to die in both timelines in order for the story to pan out to the proper conclusion 😦 Note to Director/Writers – please DO NOT bring back Dr Pushy either.

        I agree with everyone, Pantomine Choi is just OTT … let him be gone asap.

      • sally_b says:

        @cass – RE: * I am WAY too old to fangirl,*

        What is this Blasphemy?!! (heehee….there’s NO SUCH THING as too old to fangirl)
        ❤ ~ ~ ~ (´ε` )
        It’s an inalienable right of being Female.
        In exchange for society having burdened us with imposed body-image issues, limiting medical care/reproductive choices… and other grievances too numerous to mention — WE. GET. TO. FANGIRL. AT. WILL.
        anytime…any age.
        I am woman hear me ROAR…and watch me drool ~ hahah!

        RE: “Sun Woo IS just divine … sigh …….. ”

        True THAT. double sigh.

        RE: “Sad to see Jung Woo’s demise, although I’m assuming he has to die in both timelines in order for the story to pan out to the proper conclusion”

        I found this on a tumblr site– It’s Young/Past Jung Woo — O.O wowsa!
        enjoy ~ 😉

  7. cass says:

    @sally_B … oooer … thanks fo that link. I think I just had an official hot flush!! Oh and if the consensus is that you are never too old to fangirl, then who am I to rock the boat?!? 😉

    • cass says:

      There’s an official 8-pack there btw ….. , but hey, I definitely only watch for the plot !!!

    • Ennayra says:

      Wow. I was not expecting that at all. I’m impressed. He plays his role very well in Nine (as in he made me hate him)- I didn’t even realize that he was in Manny, and Manny was my crack drama for the first 12 or so episodes (no clue why).

  8. antoniazc says:

    thanks for the recap… and the awesomes O.O O;O, lol, now i can’t think of Choi without the O:O
    love this episode as much as i love LJW looks (i’ll never be old enough to fangirl i hope, still i’m not that old to not fangirl about LJW ,he’s younger than me but for a few years, plus he likes older women 😉 )
    younger SW must be safe, poor thing. Hope Choi and Chang Min will be punished soon
    i feel bad for JW, i like him, he suffered so much, just imagine to be O:O’s son! worst thing ever!!!
    i also think MY is underused lately, hope it changes soon too
    only 4 episodes left, and i’m so afraid of the ending, please let it be happy

  9. dear. i love that primary photo above. LJW’s stubbles *throws hearties*

  10. anotheraddict says:

    Dang! I was hoping to do a drive-by, you know: a quick skim, but mainly reading the comments and admiring the pretty– but what with your “feint faint”s and “O.O vs. O;O”s, I had to slow down so I wouldn’t miss the witty!

    sally_b is absolutely right– you’re never too old to fangirl. But I think our song goes “I am woman, hear me RAWR” (by Hellyes, I’mReady).

  11. kdramapedia says:

    To explain the sticks, we are still on the present time line. Until Choi goes to the past, the past can’t change. And we also have to realize that the past is still changing from the last time Sun Woo went back in time. This is why he can’t remember what his younger self is doing/thinking. The past hasn’t finished with its butterfly effects yet.
    Since we’re still on the present time line, the first stick Choi lights has already been used. So it has to disappear upon lighting because it technically doesn’t exist (because we’re still in the present). I’m wondering if that stick will reappear since Choi now went back to the past and started changing things, setting off another wave of butterfly effects…

  12. Ennayra says:

    When the incense sticks disappeared in the church and they looked at the cross, I had to laugh. Of course Jesus didn’t take your incense stick.

    I am growing to hate the actor who plays Choi Jin-chul and the director for telling the actor that those facial expressions were permissible to be captured on film. I just can’t take Choi Jin-chul seriously and I hate when he gets screen time because then I have to look at his face.

    Lee Jin-wook didn’t do much this episode but react. I am going to need our hero to go on the offensive. I find his best friend hilarious because of how squirrely he acts. Have you seen the way he runs? I always crack up. I have no clue how the kid version of him turned into the adult version of him.

    I’m still loving Nine!

  13. Ha Ni says:

    The problem with that theory about the disintegrating stick is that if the reason it disintegrates is because it’s been used before, SW shouldn’t have had 9 sticks then. He used one to get the others. So the one he used should have disintegrated.

    • prettysup says:

      No, the first one he used in the beginning was not among the 9. It was the one his hyung was holding before he died. He found the 9 sticks in the container at that old lodge. So actually there were 10 sticks in this show.

  14. prettysup says:

    Arrgh I dunno why I didnt find this show earlier, its so good and Lee Jin Wook is so dannnnng hot that I gonna sizzle..

    One thing bothering me though, why they keep emphazing on his bleeding (not yet healed) stab wound in the previous episode only to have him miracously recovered after hyung’s funeral?

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