All About My Romance – This is not a Recap ☺ First Impressions

aamr4As you can see from this screen-cap, AAMR is gorgeously photographed. The crew has taken a first opportunity – that of being able to film inside the government buildings – and are using it beautifully.


My draw to this is Shin Ha-kyun.If they use him well, it will be good. Thing is, SHK has so many facets that it is tough to pin him down as an actor. My favorite mood is the one pictured above. Pensive and captivated. You can feel how totally engrossed he is in whatever he’s looking at. He has played everything from psychopaths (Save the Green Planet) to not-all-there-dead-people (Thirst) to high-tension brain surgeons (Brain) and cute rom-com leads(Guns N Talks, Surprise.)   This ability should be a good thing, however, if the PD doesn’t control the volume and tone just right, the character comes off as someone with a split personality.  Within the first couple episodes, Kim Soo-young appears to have settled in and I think I have a handle on which persona they are going with.aamr5Lee Min-jung, I also like. (NB, I am a member of the smallest fanclub ever: People Who Actually Liked Big. 🙂 )  She’s cute, does passionate well, can cry pretty and her pout doesn’t bother me.  Early on in episode 2, I saw sparks fly between her and SHK, so I am confident this on screen couple will work. They started with some pretty heavy duty hijinx! Look! Funny! Aren’t WE? I am hoping

Not to mention, her scenes with niece Bo-ri are lovely.  aamr8I expect/hope/want SHK to eventually share the screen with this tiny actress and make me very happy. He has such a childlike nature IRL, his scenes with children are amazing.

Supporting actors will carry a lot of scenes in this series. We have Park He-soon playing advisor and possible love interest.aamr15 Jin Tae-hyun, who has been around forever in small parts, will be hilarious and honest with his boss, Soo-young.aamr11 Han Chae-ah seems OK, but I already hate hate her character, the jealous and nosy reporter.asef Chun Ho-jin – everybody’s father in every other show – is the man in charge of the Majority party. Kong Hyung-jin, also around forever and ever, gets to be the chief thorn in side of our  hero, and generally steals every scene he is in. aamr17Two other supporting actors we get to spend time with are wonderful, too. A fellow representative in LMJ’s party played by an uglified Kim Jung-nan. kimjungnan I especially enjoy Jang Gwang’s love advice to our hero.janggwang

Politics as back-drop doesn’t interest me any more or any less than corporate shenanigans, but I can see they have decided to go light on the drama and heavy on the silly.  This is NOT Giant, folks, or even City Hunter.


I like the inside jokes the writers are slipping in:aamr10and this is a little more serious considering the news lately that celebrity scandals are metered out to distract the public from real problems in the government.aamr7I have only watched the first two episodes, but plan on catching up this week-end! I recommend to those who were on the fence, but only if you are in the mood for silly.

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4 Responses to All About My Romance – This is not a Recap ☺ First Impressions

  1. Laquita says:

    I was making comments about the show until I read you’ve only seen 2 episodes so then I understand you now lol I won’t post too much on the show since you still have a while to go until you catch up, but it’s a really good show. The supporting characters are very important to the story line & I am happy about that, I’ve seen too many dramas with useless side characters. If you want, you can read this post I made about AAMR.

  2. dramabliss says:

    Thanks for this. Kind of shopping for a drama to watch aside from Nine and WAML.

  3. Omo! I can’t believe it! You are blogging about the 3 dramas I’m currently watching: Nine, WAML e AAMR! I’m reeeeally loving AAMR! The two leads have great chemistry in my opinion.
    I hope you like it!
    I think the politics theme is great, and all the references in it. It really reminds me of the kind of the politics here in my country too.
    Hope to see more posts of AAMR! =)

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