Nine: Time Travel – Murphy’s Law at Work…and Oz

oz9Jomo: Here we have Hero, who has screwed everything up so many times. The fact that he is actually using the sticks again in hopes he can fix things is quite ballsy.

“Hey, Sun-woo – You used seven sticks, lost your wife, discovered your Dad’s a jerk, witnessed your father physically abuse your mother and saw your brother murder him, what else could possibly go wrong?”

EE:  What are the worst possible turns of events this week? How about Min-young is now Sun-woo’s sister because daddy had a past?

Jomo:  EVERYONE is actually dead.

EE: Sun-woo has been dreaming all of the events so far and Sun-woo and The Hussy get married.

Jomo:  Min-young had the power all along; she just didn’t know it. All she had to do was click the two incense sticks together and say “There’s no place like NOT 1992. There’s no place like NOT 1992. There’s no place like NOT 1992.”

EE:  Young-hoon is TOTALLY the Cowardly Lion.

Jomo: Or Young-hoon IS Keyser Sose.

EE: Sun-woo is the Scarecrow “If I only didn’t have a tumor in my brain!”

Jomo:  LOL!  Who are the munchkins?

EE:  The interns at the news station.

Jomo:  His boss is the Mayor of Munchkin city. The HUSSY IS THE WICKED WITCH!!

EE:  Obviously! Hoobae Seo-joon is the Tin Man in need of a heart.

Jomo: I am starting to feel bad for him. Maybe there’s a girl out there who has an oil can with his name on it.

EE:  Hyung is the Great and Powerful Oz.  He doesn’t know how it works!

Jomo:  His balloon was supposed to take him to Nepal and it ended up — ?

EE:  His balloon was supposed to take him to before Dad’s death . . . but he died.

Jomo:   Total fail!   Seriously, there are 8 more episodes. BAD things have to keep happening. I don’t think my little heart can take it.

EE:  They just have to follow the yellow brick road, stay clear of winged monkeys, be careful through the poppy field, and have some water handy for the Wicked Hussy of the Far East.

Jomo:  Sounds like a plan.

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7 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Murphy’s Law at Work…and Oz

  1. sally_b says:

    heehee! Loved this exchange.
    I’d like an alternate time line where the Director of 9 News (the funny, older man, who keeps skin-shipping…and whom I find kinda hot) …turns out to be Sun Woo’s Uncle – or adoptive Dad…
    …or something. anything.
    I just like the guy and he gets no screen-time-love.

    random aside: “Oh my puppy-eyed Hoobae Dr. ~ ❤. You are such an endearing lil’ McNugget — I want to dip you in sauce. But alas, this is not your story, so unless the writer takes pity on you and assigns you an *alternate timeline sweetie* … you will not be getting any girls.”

    Thanks Ladies for the giggles. I am SO chomping at the bit for a new episode.
    I’ve placated myself with re-watching the first two episodes of J-doroma *The Last Cinderella*.
    …got a girl-crush on the female lead. She’s hilarious and brash — I luff her.
    She’s got the physical comedy of Choi Kang-hee, but without the bug-eyes and glassy circle lenses that distract me so.
    p.s did I mention both male leads are Smokin’HOT ? …cause they are. 😉

    • jomo143 says:

      Mysti was tweeting about that TLC. Where are you watching it?

      • sally_b says:

        oooo side drama ~ I was getting my info from Couch Kimchi – But just-now went to the link and it says they’ve been suspended. ( ! ) I wonder if they got hit with the same bull-shittery that Dramabeans did for posting recaps pics? gasp. (I really like Couch Kimchi)

        In any case…this link should be ok:

        p.s. I wish I could see you face when this one scene appears in episode 1.
        It’s a potent reminder that you’re NOT watching a K-drama…snicker. 😉

  2. nomad says:

    After the last episode, I kept on thinking to myself…why couldn’t JW go back instead of SW and told his younger self, “You know young’un, just turn yourself in. You’ll be happier that way.” Or something to that effect. Or at least, at least, come up with plan B in case things go wrong. I mean SW should’ve known by now that Murphy’s Law is pretty much unavoidable (LAW, I’m telling you, NOT theory!!). Something like…in case you smell something fishy, then go to this such and such room, blow on the stick, and bring me back!! I mean, he’s a smart guy, ain’t he? *why can’t I have a simple happy ending, if all turns out dead, I’m seriously stop watching Kdrama for a week, I promise!* (that’s all this addict can handle, after all…a week)

  3. sally_b says:

    RE: (that’s all this addict can handle, after all…a week)”
    heehee…right there with ya sistah.

    I can’t count on both hands the number of Kdramas I’ve said, “YOU!…no more. You’ve failed me for 4 episodes now and there are 12 more to go …I’m erasing you from my links!”

    week later: “Oh, the subs for awful-drama-insert-name should be out.. ~ ”

    Thankfully…. THIS ONE is an awesome drama. I’ve issued no fist waiving threats at it. 😉

    • nomad says:

      Awesome drama, it certainly IS! But this heart…oh, I don’t know how much longer this heart can handle that much sadness… Btw, I checked out the Last Cinderella b/c you guys mentioned it above. I really, really like the spunkiness of that heroine!

  4. Ennayra says:

    This is awesome! I love this conversation. 🙂

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