When a Man…Thinks: A Haiku

Screen caps from Episode 4 – When a Man Lovesthtthing

When Rodin’s man thinks

it’s art; but When a Man thinks

it’s pure Love, baby.




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5 Responses to When a Man…Thinks: A Haiku

  1. sally_b says:

    Think, BABY, THINK!!! (mahgawd you can actually see the wheels turning ~ ~ ~)
    He’s the embodiment of Forgive-Him-Because-He’s-So-Fine. ~ ❤
    p.s. random comments on this show say he’s actually doing a pretty good job of carrying the story. Good on him. 🙂

    • jomo143 says:

      I think he is doing OK. He had some BiG eyes moments, but my sympathies are definitely with him. I want him to get the girl sooo bad.

      • Enz says:

        I haven’t fangirled this hard since gong yoo! And I want him happy in this drama. Come on, pissy face, give a little

  2. dramabliss says:

    Love this haiku, jomo! Looking forward to more “When a Man. . .” haiku / poems / whatever done in your own inimitable way.
    I agree with many comments that Hand Towel is doing fine in this drama and redeeming himself from the Dr. Jin debacle.

  3. Hahaha Loved the haiku! I’m happy that you mentioned “When a man loves”. I hope that he can have the girl in the end. He deserves it! =) I want more of this, please!

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